The Value of a Conspiracy Theory

The Value of a Conspiracy Theory

Americans love a good conspiracy.  It’s in our nature.  For decades, people have debated aliens at Roswell, bullet trajectories at Dealey Plaza, and why those pesky aliens only seem to like abducting people below the Mason-Dixon line.  We love a good mystery, especially if there’s a chance that They(tm) had something to do with it.  Who’s “they,” you ask?  Why, the government, of course.  Are those intricate circles in the cornfields just Uncle Jethro with too much moonshine and time on his hands late at night, or are they intelligent messages from another species that the government won’t let us know exist?  Did the CIA murder Marilyn Monroe?  What about JFK?  Yes, there’s nothing we love quite like conspiracies.

The problem with them is simple: Often, those who spend a great deal of time on conspiracies resemble Mel Gibson in the movie Conspiracy Theory more than they resemble intelligent, articulate people with hard evidence–or at least, they’re portrayed like it, thanks to ranting tinfoil lovers like Alex Jones.  We all want to believe, claimed The X Files, and certainly the truth is out there, but then we run into another problem: Would we recognize truth if we saw it?  More importantly, would we care?  Obviously not every theory is true, but by the same math, not every theory is hogwash.  The trick is knowing what the difference is–and as Americans, it’s pretty important that we take the time to investigate things, prove or disprove them, and make our own informed decisions about the evidence we see, hear, and take in.  If every joke begins with a kernel of truth, then every conspiracy theory begins with a piece of evidence that doesn’t fit the official story.  Granted, sometimes these aberrations can be explained easily, but what if they can’t?  Should you simply dismiss it?  Should you condemn those looking for the whole story?  Or should you be responsible enough–should you care about the truth enough–to do the work and find out for yourself?

Sandy Hook is the latest in a long string of government conspiracy theories.  It’s a particularly important one, because it is the impetus for the greatest push in history toward dismantling of the 2nd Amendment.  There are those who argue that it is “insensitive” or “disgraceful” to insinuate the idea that the government had anything to do with Sandy Hook.  Even die hard conservatives have engaged in some pretty strong language to denigrate those who have the gall to ask the hard questions.  Unfortunately,  evidence is mounting that at least calls for asking those questions.  It may not matter in the grand scheme of things whether aliens make crop circles, but it absolutely matters whether the federal government staged a school shooting for the purposes of ramming gun control measures down our throats under the guise of “public safety.”

This article will not be offering or debunking the various theories out there.  There are literally hundreds of sites doing that already, and the onus falls on the individual to perform their own research and come to their own conclusion.  My point is simply this: To automatically dismiss any notion of government involvement in Sandy Hook (or Aurora, for that matter) is just as irresponsible as blindly following every conspiracy theory out there.  We owe it to the future of the Second Amendment to do the research, investigate the evidence, and make an informed decision, because Sandy Hook has become the battle cry of the anti-gun liberal, and they’re playing for keeps.

One last thought: The federal government has already, just in the last year, been caught providing guns to cartels and felons for the purpose of inflating gun violence statistics in an effort to bolster their gun control lobby.  In addition, they’ve left Americans to die at a CIA safehouse in Benghazi to cover up the existence of operations there.  This administration includes a corrupt, ineffective, and outright unconstitutional Congress that currently has a 14% approval rate, and the President is enacting sweeping Executive Orders to push his gun control will upon a largely unwilling populace who has made it clear they will not comply.

Do you really think that the same administration who is on record as saying people shouldn’t have guns, who is actively working to confiscate, buy back, and limit gun ownership of everyone–not just felons–suddenly cares about your safety?  Do you really think for one second that in the grand scheme of things, they would find a few dead children to be too high a price to pay for the implementation of their endgame?  Are you willing to bet the future of your liberty on that?

If a conspiracy theory forces people to go find the truth, then it has value.  If that truth ends up being something innocent, great–it can join the oft-debunked stories about the supposed “fake” moon landing.  If that truth is more sinister, however, then we must expose it, deal with it, and end whatever evil is behind it–before we no longer have the means to do so.


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  • LD Jackson says:

    I have started watching a couple of different videos about Sandy Hook, but could finish neither of them. The “proof” they were providing seemed more than a little far-fetched for my taste. That’s not saying the government couldn’t have orchestrated something on this scale, but I would like to believe killing 20 children would be something even the worst of any agents they might employ would balk at. That’s just my opinion.

    • Kit says:

      Obviously, a sane person would look at a government killing children and think that’s beyond the scope of even a corrupt government. But then again, is it? It’s pretty far-fetched and unthinkable that our government would set up a gun running operation to put guns in the hands of the drug cartels to make it look like we need gun control legislation. And yet, now that the truth is out, we see that’s exactly what happened. We would never have thought a sitting American president–even one as pathetic as Obama–would allow American citizens to wait hopelessly for hours in a CIA safehouse to be slaughtered, praying against odds for help that never came. And yet, that’s what happened. We owe it to ourselves and our nation to ask the questions.

  • Dana says:

    Well, first of all, the aliens only abduct people from south of the Mason-Dixon Line because they are looking for the more intelligent members of our species. I may be in Pennsyltucky right now, but I grew up in the Bluegrass State!

    Kit wrote:

    To automatically dismiss any notion of government involvement in Sandy Hook (or Aurora, for that matter) is just as irresponsible as blindly following every conspiracy theory out there. We owe it to the future of the Second Amendment to do the research, investigate the evidence, and make an informed decision, because Sandy Hook has become the battle cry of the anti-gun liberal, and they’re playing for keeps.

    We should never simply dismiss the possibility of government involvement, but we should also not give much credence to theories which require impossible things, and I can conceive of no way in which the government could have controlled and used someone with clear mental health problems like Mr Lanza to do what he did, without getting into science fiction ideas of implanted control chips and the like. Nor could such a conspiracy, if it were real, have ever involved just one or two people; there would have to be a dozen or so involved to make that work, and the people with the technical expertise (in a science fiction way) involved aren’t going to be your hard-core gun grabber types.

    On my old site — not the one linked to my name here — I had a barking moonbat conspiracy theorist, who still insists that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolitions, to the extent that, when I set up my new site, I placed that topic out of bounds; I wasn’t going to let threads get laden down with wild-eyes conspiracy theories. The moonbat is gone, but she still sends me similar stuff — her latest being on how George Bush was involved in supporting the Nazis, and how his grandfather led a failed coup d’etat against the United States government in 1933 — on Facebook.

    • Kit says:

      No one here is advocating that MKULTRA-style mind control was responsible for Adam Lanza’s meltdown. Bush and the Nazis, chemtrails, skulls and bones and Bilderbergs and little green men with anal probes…obviously there’s a line here. People have debated Roswell for many decades to no avail. But considering Sandy Hook is new, and the government is using it as a tool to shove through some of the most restrictive gun control legislation in this country since 1775, YES we need to ask the questions and dig through it. Of course it’s painful. Of course it’s uncomfortable. Doing what is right is sometimes painful. It’s uncomfortable. It’s still necessary.

  • rb325th says:

    All the conspiracy theories regarding Sandy Hook have been based in poor reporting by the media, and regurgitation of previous conspiracy theories with names changed. Nothing that was brought up as a “possibility” took more than 20 minutes online or a modicum of common sense to debunk.
    Yet for some reason people want to give them some added credence by saying that it is possible that maybe someone might go ahead and do something untoward….. while I know full and well of what you refer to in order to prove that, I see no real proof that the reasons you give are valid. Those are also theoretical. At least those have some basis in possibility and reality compared to the sick bottom dwellers who promote things like “spare change” and the Sandy Hook garbage!
    It’s the “jews”, it’s the “Illuminati” , it’s Obama… but that guy cannot keep a secret to sve his own ass.

    • Kit says:

      So you admit that it is possible that the government did show misconduct in Fast and Furious and in Benghazi, and you think “those have some basis in possibility and reality.” Let’s break this logic down that you offer.

      Your assertions:
      – It is possible that the government did something wrong in FAF and Benghazi.
      – Those who think that same government, for the same reasons and in support of the same endgame, engaged in wrongdoing in Sandy Hook, are “sick bottom dwellers.”

      Where’s the logic there?

  • Blue says:

    Our government allows 22 year old kids who grew up playing video games in their basements to perfect their skills by flying drones over Afghanistan and Pakistan from control centers in the US. They kill children all over those countries every week with those drones. (But that’s OK because they aren’t American children.)

    Yes, Fast and Furious was (is) real. Yes Americans and innocent Mexicans lost their lives because of it. More will be killed in the future with rounds fired from the F&F guns that obama’s subordinates sold to Mexican drug cartels in order to make a stronger case for gun control here.

    Yes, courageous Americans were killed in Benghazi while the illustrious obama and his staff watched and did nothing.

    Our government is corrupt. The mantra of the current corrupt administration is “the end justifies the means”. They believe that. obama’s followers believe that.

    Thanks for allowing my rant. 🙂

    Have a nice day.

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