The Truth of Priorities

The Truth of Priorities

Absolute truth is a funny thing.  People like to deny its existence, choosing instead to use buzzphrases like “Everyone is ok,” or “Each person’s truth is different.”  Unfortunately for those who live in the gray of supposed relative morality, there is black and white, and there is truth that remains absolute.  These truths often get passed down from generation to generation in little sayings and references.  If a person is talking about bad influences, for instance, and says, “You know what they say about one bad apple,”  you do know.

Priorities have sayings too.  “People make time for what’s important to them.”  This is an absolute.  People don’t like to admit that it is because that single sentence has the power to lay dishonesty wide open, and expose us all for what we really are.  Your husband never has time to make it to your child’s sporting events, but never misses a race at the horse track.  Your girlfriend never seems to have enough money for rent but frequently has new shoes or clothes.  Your kid has crappy grades, but wins every Call of Duty match he plays.  Actions show priorities, and once you realize what someone’s priorities are, you know how they are motivated–and suddenly their words mean a lot less.

Why does this matter? Simple.  Watch.

What’s news right now?  Jodi Arias.  The media can’t get enough of her.  Just the facts of the murder alone are enough to pique the average person’s interest. This psycho had sex with someone literally minutes before slitting his throat, stabbing him 27 times and shooting him in the face…and don’t forget, she took photos of it all.  Who DOES that?  That simple question is sufficient to interest many.  Once you add in the explicit details of their sex life, the photos, the phone sex, the stories of abuse and lies and all the rest, it’s a train wreck–and we all know about train wrecks, right? You do know!  We love them.

This trial is being broadcast all over the internet and TV, because people are riveted.  They can’t stop watching.  Every day thousands tune in to see what Jodi Arias said or how she was dressed and how that makes her look or what some talking head says about what she said about what someone told her.  Confusing, right?  And the sad part is, she’s guilty.  It takes a sane, logical person about two seconds to see that.  She deserves her day in court, absolutely, but does it need to be a national spectacle?

While the nation is staring at a psychopath, wondering if they’ll get to hear more details about her sex life, our Secretary of Defense is admitting that the President was “absent” while Americans were dying in Benghazi.  Oh, I’m sorry.  Were you sick of hearing about that?  Am I interrupting your Jodi time?  While Americans are glued to the TV, watching a defense designed to humiliate a man who died in a bloody pile in his own shower at the hands of a woman he just got done having sex with, the government is moving forward with initiatives and plans that you will not like.  The Department of Homeland Security, an internal agency, is buying another 20 million rounds of ammo.  Who, pray tell, are they going to use this ammo on?  Someone tried to tell me the other day that they would probably just train with it.  The next logical question is…what are they training for?  And again, who are they planning to shoot?  While Jodi Arias talks about things in open court that I wouldn’t discuss with anyone but my husband, cops are shooting people driving “vehicles they thought were similar” to a vehicle they’re looking for.  Really?

Our economy is beyond saving.  Our government is out of control.  The American Constitution is under attack from multiple fronts.  We are being physically invaded by illegal aliens who have no interest in assimilation or contribution to society.  We are being eaten alive by the Left’s insidious agenda, forced down our throats whether we like it or not.  In the face of all of this, Jodi Arias is what people are watching.  Actions speak, and while there are a lot of us trying desperately to stop our nation from becoming the nightmare we see coming, the large majority of the US is just waiting for the trial to come back on.  They’re going to parties, too worried about their social life to care about what’s going on.  They’re bragging about themselves, promoting their own interests at all costs, focused only on their own undeserved fame.  They’re playing video games, never dreaming that there is a day coming soon when Call of Duty will be in front of their house.

People make time for what’s important to them.  What are you making time for?

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  • Dana says:

    Kit wrote:

    She deserves her day in court, absolutely, but does it need to be a national spectacle?

    It’s a national spectacle only because we choose to make it one, but it’s hardly new. CNN became the “All OJ, all the time” network for a while, and we’ve had the succession of Casey Anthonys and Natalee Holloways in the news, and the common denominator is the Cute White Girl. The Jerry Sandusky trial provided a slight change, but that’s about it.

  • LD Jackson says:

    Trials such as this have joined the trash that passes for entertainment in America. That is a sad, but true fact of our society.

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