The Toxic Tears of AOC’s Femininity UPDATED

The Toxic Tears of AOC’s Femininity UPDATED

The Toxic Tears of AOC’s Femininity UPDATED

Congress’ own third-rate Kardashian, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is as hooked on celeb face time as any Hollywood actress-cum-barista. And nothing says attention me! like breathless little tales of fear, danger and noble victimhood, accompanied by squeezing out a few tears for the camera. Jussie Smollett couldn’t do better.

Victory Girls Toni Williams wrote about AOC’s highly manipulative Instagram post yesterday, including posting the whole 90 minutes of strum und drang. Go ahead and dip a toe into AOC’s practiced voice cracks and eye wipes. She’s a woman in her thirties acting with all the angst of a fifteen year old who believes the world is coming to an end because she didn’t get a Camry for her 16th birthday. Toni writes

In an overly dramatic bit of emotional manipulation, AOC apologizes to family and friends if they learn things about her that they never knew. She claims she was sexually assaulted in the past. I am not going to pass judgement about the veracity of that claim.

Well, I am certainly going to pass judgement.

Bovine excrement. She is shoveling so much so fast she could corner the fertilizer market in Iowa for 2021. I don’t buy for one moment Occasional-Cortex’s #metoo moment. This is Lena Dunham’s I waz raped by a Republican! foray to sell books – something so ham-fisted she later had to recant and apologize. This is Hillary’s being Under Sniper Fire, in service of garnering votes.

And this is Blasey-Fraud’s lies about Brett Kavanaugh and the usual Democrat playbook that anyone un-woke isn’t entitled to justice. We are to Believe.All.Left.Women.

Like the Blasey-Fraud’s little girl emoting, AOC’s sniffling gets results.

Even in face of AOC’s proven track record of Crying for Clicks.

additional pictures surfaced showing her group was in fact in front of a gate with no children in sight, only slightly bewildered Border Patrol agents that appear to be wondering about the photo op that was occurring.

Dear Lord in Heaven … how the hell did we get to this place where every claim of victimhood, regardless of veracity, is accepted as Gospel Truth? Add a few tears and suddenly a great mantle of inviolability settles on the shoulders of the Politically-Acceptable Victim, protecting them from every criticism.

For way too long, women have been allowed to get away with Toxic Femininity. As a society, we’ve gone over the top in dealing with toxic masculinity to to point where even normative masculine traits and behaviors are looked at askance (note: only if they are exhibited by natal males). But I have yet to see even the inkling of a movement to teach girls to get hold of the more poisonous aspects of their nature.

And that’s emotionality — especially the use of tears as weapons of mass manipulation. Little boys have a tendency to hit and/or break things when they are upset. As responsible parents, we are to teach them other strategies to deal with overwhelming floods of emotion. We should be doing the same thing with little girls who bust out in copious tears when things don’t go their way. I raised four daughters and even they remember my saying when I heard yet another round of tears being employed to get their way … “With that much crying, there’d better be bleeding going on.”

And society – from family and friends to the larger community of mere witness — we should never accept tales of victimhood just because they are recalled with sniffles.

Let me be clear. I do not buy the claim that if we don’t #BelieveAllWomen that somehow makes other women not share their stories. In fact, I would say the demand for promiscuous acceptance does more to discourage people because their story – even if accompanied by evidence – will be viewed with skepticism.

It’s like the highly publicized stories of Hate Crime Victims that are later revealed as hoaxes. My default position is it is a hoax until proven otherwise

Women, of course share your experiences with family and friends. Report criminal acts as soon as they happen. But if you expect to go 20-30-40 years before “oh by the way, let me tell you something I never told anyone else …

Shut The F*** Up Unless you have a notarized confession from the person you’re accusing or other actual evidence, I not only won’t believe you, I’ll start exploring what you hope to gain from the timing of your public confessional.

Any wonder that marriage rates have fallen? Who wants to even try to be in a relationship with woman who has all the self-control and morals of a spoiled toddler.


AOC’s brave little tale of fear and trauma under sniper fire LARPer assault is as fake as her tears

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), whose office is two doors down from Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, noted that “insurrectionists” never made it to their hall when the U.S. Capitol building was breached on Jan. 6. Mace made the note while hitting the media for their attempts to “fan fictitious news flames” about the breach.

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  • John says:

    Sorry “Donkey Jaw” but you aren’t that good an actress. You are still incompetent, incoherent and stupid beyond understanding even for a liberal socialist you are right near the bottom of the slug barrel.

  • American Human says:

    Ms Click,
    Thanks for this. If I would have said something of this sort (I’m a male) I would have been cancelled immediately even though no one knows who I am (I aim to keep it that way too). Things such as this are so predictable it’s pathetic. She was probably referring to someone gazing at her rear-end while she was serving coffee. If AOC has a college degree from Boston U. then a college degree from Boston U. doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  • Wfjag says:

    So, now we learn that she wasn’t there and it didn’t happen. She’ll probably be the first witness called by House Impeachment Manager, Eric Fartwell.

  • Robin H says:

    If we’re to “believeallwomen than how in the hell can they all support Biden? What happened to believing Tara Reade? Oh, right! He’s a democrat so he gets a pass! Maybe AOC’s assaulter was also a democrat so he should get that same pass.

  • Ampleforth says:

    Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a lying liar that lies about lying. That makes her the perfect communist. The illustration for this piece is right on.

    There is nothing substantive about her. She dwells — permanently — in the realm of image and emotion. Like her white master — President Joseph R. Biden — she is an empty wagon. I live near the Southern Railroad and near an old L&N line. I know the empty trains by the amount of noise.

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  • the Bruce says:

    Typical of Representatives and Senators that make decisions based on emotions rather than pragmatics. As ‘smell my finger’ Joe says: “we believe in truth not facts”. Rocky road ahead patriots…gird your loins.

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