The Soldier-Civilian Disconnect

The Soldier-Civilian Disconnect

I am a civilian. We have wonderful ladies who have served in our nation’s armed forces blogging here, but I am not one of them. I come from a family with a very long military history, but I am the first generation to have not served. No matter how much support I give them, I will never completely understand what it is to be a veteran. That cannot be changed.

I woke yesterday to the most disturbing news I have borne witness to for as long as I can remember: the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice this past weekend would not be receiving death benefits from our pathetic excuse for a representative body.

I hate them. I hate them all and hope they burn in the fires of a thousand hells.

Not only will the families of those who sacrificed all be forced to find ways to finance travel, expenditures, burial, and a host of other semantics, they will face uncertainty regarding the probability of even being there when their loved one meets U.S. soil for the final time.

We as a nation damn sure owe them more than that.

But why, when our politicians are choosing which corners to cut, is THIS on the chopping block in lieu of congressional gyms, golf courses, or personal air taxis? There’s money for extra security at our veterans’ memorials, but not to pay respect to our fallen?

I have to wonder, then, has it anything to do with the fact that fewer and fewer people are donning uniforms, so the importance placed upon honor is diminished? When less than one in five sitting members of those elected to represent us have even worn a uniform, I am pretty sure that may have something to do with it.

Now, that isn’t to say that civilians can’t or don’t know of honor and respect in regards to our nation’s servicemembers, not at all. It’s more the fact that their benefits have become less important than penguin depression studies and the like because the military isn’t being represented in politics. Personally, I would like to see greater numbers of those who have actually fought for their country decide how it should be run.

Would that have prevented this most egregious of actions our bastard government has taken up against its fallen sons and daughters? Yeah, I think it would have, and I believe it’s time to put more veterans in charge.

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  • Merle says:

    Two observations, neither of which I can claim:

    It has been put forth in the past that nobody should be allowed to vote, UNLESS they have served.

    It is the stated purpose of this “shutdown” to inflict the maximum amount of pain on us common folks.


    • ROS says:

      I would agree wholly with the latter, but the former I cannot. There are people of those who aren’t veterans who COULDN’T serve. I am one of them. Not to mention, it’s a bit extreme to deny a vote because of that.

      • Merle says:

        The part about “served” also included civil service, such as the PROPER peace corp. Sorry, I failed to make that clear. It was about serving this country, in one way or another.


  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    Excellent post….and just imagine your healthcare in control of the same people who despise and dishonor our VETERANS….be afraid….very afraid.

  • Dejah Thoris says:

    America’s soldiers went to war, and the rest of America went to the mall.

    It is truly sad that we have insulted and disrespected the guard dog that protects our house. Now we chain them up out back and pretend how we don’t need them now that we don’t see any burglars.

    My man-friend understands this, and I see it in his eyes sometimes how sad it makes him, because he truly loved his job. It just seems that no one loves him for doing it.

    • GWB says:

      It’s one of the inherent problems in a free society, though – we don’t do perpetual warmaking, so there comes a point where you begin to care less about the warriors and defenders. When you live in the crack neighborhood, you get a rottweiler – when you move on up, you get a chihuahua.

      Having said that, ROS, let’s be careful of whom we’re speaking here: the House says the DoD funding bill that has already been signed into law would allow those payments to be made. This is not because Congress can’t agree; on this they *did* agree. And, ~someone~ is *still* turning it into political theater.

      Turning our military into a Preatorian class will not solve our ills. I knew plenty of folks in the military with progressive mindsets (though fewer among the pointy-end-of-the-spear folks) who are likely cheering all this current stupidity. What we need is not for the elect to have that background, but for the people – the society, in general – to have that honor and respect, and that dedication to liberty.

      Always Remember And Never Forget: The failure of our government is not solely on the heads of the political class, but in a republic it is on the heads of those who put that class into power. It is the PEOPLE who must stand up and take back the government. It is US.

      • ROS says:

        That’s why I specified politicians instead of just congress. This is entirely Hagel and Obama, who now both act righteously indignant. Their feigned outrage at the mess THEY caused would be comical if it wasn’t so evil.

  • GWB says:

    I stand corrected on that part, if I misread. And, yes, clown noses would be appropriate if it weren’t so rotten a thing.

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