The Shutdown and The Leftwit Meltdown

The Shutdown and The Leftwit Meltdown

The Shutdown and The Leftwit Meltdown

Life as we know it is ending. The citizens of the United States of America are incapable of functioning without a fully funded, invasive government that dictates and guides every moment of the citizens’ lives. The shutdown began at midnight last night and Heaven only knows how we will ever survive without descending into cannibalism. Well, according to the leftwits and everyone with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

For instance The New York Times, you should pardon the expression took a cudgel to President Donald J. Trump. First Trump was smacked around in the White House by Senator Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Then, he got his backside handed to him in the budget vote. After which he got spanked by the evil right wing nut jobs. From the article:

Then Twitter came for him. Ann Coulter called him “gutless.” Conservative pundits accused him of caving on his signature campaign promise and denounced him as a squish. Members of the Freedom Caucus took to the floor of the House to plead with him not to betray the cause. Mr. Trump’s wall-worshiping base began abandoning him.

Unable to bear the scorn of Ms. Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and his cheerleaders at “Fox & Friends,” Mr. Trump promptly reversed course. On Thursday, he rejected Congress’s temporary funding deal, declaring that either he’d get his $5 billion for a wall (or as he now calls it, “steel slats”) or Americans would get a “Democrat shutdown.” It’s called branding. Never mind that it bears no relation to reality.

I am a member of “Trump’s wall-worshipping base”. Actually, I am not big on worship. For the record, I was not on the Trump train. I did vote for him. I see him as a President who is a faulty human. Just like me. I have never worshipped any President, movie star or business leader. To me, it is dangerous and stupid. It also seems to me to be giving up your own autonomy to worship any other man or woman. Except for ballet dancers, they are worthy of worship. Sorry to digress.

As for branding, the smallest companies in our Country spend money every year on branding. Branding is a company’s lifeblood.

Dear New York Times:

You know the value of branding. You are afraid this re-branding by Trump will work.

An observer

Representative Eric Swalwell can always be counted on for some ignorant snark Tweeted:

Dear Rep. Swalwell:

This is on you, bud. Border security at every border and port or entry point of the United States is paramount to the continued existence of the United States. If you didn’t fund it, the border patrol mom, new home owner and small business is on you, bud.

Grow up, Swalwell

Best regards,
A California escapee

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC had a wall of cheese:

Dear Miss Maddow:

What do you think the border patrol mom, new home owner and small business are going to eat during the government shutdown. Give me a wall of cheese any day.

To the dairy farmers and those who consume dairy products, cheese is important. I thought y’all were worried about small businesses.

Curds to you,
A cheese eating taxpayer

This was a committee meeting not the full house.

I get it everyone to the left of Senator Susan Collins thinks Trump is a subhuman, emotional nightmare. He bounces around like a pinball according to his ever changing whims. Most people on the right who consider themselves “educated” love to sneer when they even type about Trump. If Trump shot cancer curing unicorn sparkles out of his backside, you all would kvetch about what a low IQ barbarian he was.

You know what, I don’t give a big fat fig. Since I can’t say this to the leftwits faces or to the “educated” types on the right who sneer at DJT, I am typing it here. Shut down the government and secure the bloody freaking border. Your hatred of President Trump has blinded you. He is a human. Just like the President before him, and unless something really big in science or spirituality, the next President too.

Please put aside your hatred of the Trumpster for five minutes. What is right for the sovereignty of the United States? You can find anecdotal stories about the kid whose ice cream didn’t get delivered because of the government shutdown. The shutdown will cause problems for someone, somewhere. That is a fact. Border security is national security. Deal.

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  • GWB says:

    The citizens of the United States of America are incapable of functioning without a fully funded, invasive government….
    It’s worse. They can’t function when <10% of that gov’t isn’t up and funded/running!

    I have never worshipped any President, movie star or business leader.
    Sadly, that places you in a minority.

    Shut down the government and secure the bloody freaking government.
    Did you mean “border” the second time you typed “government”?

    Your hatred of President Trump has blinded you.
    Well, that’s true of some. But for many, Trump is irrelevant. They will hate on ANY president who doesn’t help them advance their power to control others’ lives.

    What is right for the sovereignty of the United States?
    Well, honestly, a lot of these folks do not WANT the U.S.A. to have any sovereignty. They only want it to submit to their globalist cadre of technocrats.

    But let’s make sure that we do not let the Democrats portray this as a “gov’t shutdown”. It affects something like 8% of the gov’t! They’ve already funded everything else (including the DoD) through next year. Do NOT let them get away with portraying it as “OMG, the world is coming to a stop!”
    (And never forget – nor let others forget – that the largest portion of our gov’t expenditures will NEVER stop. All the welfare programs are funded perpetually.)

  • George V says:

    My 2 cents:
    Cent #1: It’s not the first gov’t shutdown, won’t be the last. Everybody stop having a cow, fer pete’s sake. And those pooor gov’t workers missing their paycheck? Well, how are they different than the person who gets laid off because their factory moved to China? Oooh! I know – after the gov’t gets funded again, gov’t workers go back to work and get paid for all their time off. The factory workers get told to go learn how to code.
    Cent #2: OK, you Dems, libs, old-timey Republicans, listen up: Nothing you have done in the past has worked – not arrest, catch and release, amnesty, or employee verification. Nothing! You have spoken about “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” endlessly but have done NOTHING since the 1980’s. But, the immigration reform act in the 1980’s did not solve anything either. So it’s time to try something new.

    • Freddie Sykes says:

      The president should announce that he is likely to veto any bill which authorizes paying non-essential government employees for their time off during the partial shutdown. The media would have a field day denouncing his scrooge like behavior during the Holiday Which Must Not Be Named but it is time for all parties to have some skin in the game.

    • GWB says:

      Only one correction – any contractors (and there are a lot of contractors doing real work) won’t get reimbursed. They will get stuck with Leave With Out Pay, or burning vacation time.

  • Whoopie says:

    Who needs government nowadays? We have Facebook and Google to spy on us and Twitter to tell us what to say and think, not to mention celebrities on late night TV and the MSM.

  • scott says:

    Swallowwell is an idiot, and folks should send him a big bag of gummie dicks…. Madcow is braindead, and just needs to go away.. and anyone who believes the leftist bullshit spin needs to stop reproducing, and polluting the gene pool!

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