The Rational and American Vote is for Trump

The Rational and American Vote is for Trump

The Rational and American Vote is for Trump

Hatred of half of America and promises of horrible policies roll out of the pieholes of Biden, Harris and Democrat apparatchiks every day. Not to mention that the open secret of the Biden family corruption is now … well … just plain open. So why would any rational person say the reason they are not voting Trump is because of his tone?

Okay, I did put the word rational in that question. Because I have yet to meet someone who declares that they are basing their vote choice on Trump’s being rude or obnoxious or hyperbolic or “he’s just not PRESIDENTIAL in his tone!” is able to defend that choice rationally.

It is all emotion. And, scrape it down a bit, it is less about Trump the President than it is about the people who have come out to support him.

If there is one consistency among the tone-police faction, it is they can barely tolerate libertarians and they loathe conservatives.

Back in the TEA Party rally days, Nancy Pelosi called participants “Nazis”. Obama sneered about those who “cling their guns and religion.” Hillary railed about Deplorables and now Biden, practically in the same breath as declaring he’ll be President of all Americans attacks dissenters as “chumps”.

One of his more mild descriptions of people who dare disagree or challenge him.

The Democratic Party has been subsumed by the far Left. It is the party where Bernie Sanders can blame Israel for the synagogue massacre, Cuomo can be praised despite deadly policies, deBlasio can target Jews while ignoring criminals, Pelosi can be proud of not speaking with the President for a year and Democrats can openly discuss usurping the Constitution or even getting rid of it.

This is why voting cuz tone is irrational. The Democrats are out to fundamentally change American into not-America. Your children and grandchildren are already being taught that America is irredeemably racist, that we must not just cancel the Founding Fathers but all connections to Greek and Roman history, too.

And if that’s not enough, the Democrats want to reverse the Industrial revolution via so-called Green Deal. They want for America what is rapidly becoming a reality in California – a two-class neo-feudal state where the anointed, cloistered Rulers live according to what power brings them (not production in a free market) and the peasants who serve them. A business/trades class? Sure, but totally controlled by the Ruling class by exclusive, expensive, grants of entry. Again, see California and how with one law – AB5 – 300+ job classifications were devastated when independent contracting was essentially banned.

Biden has promised AB5 for the nation.

But but but … Trump’s TONE! Excuse me, I’ve voting for President, not Miss Manners.

But but but … Trump’s MORALS! You’re talking about his personal morality, but have you ever complained about Bill Clinton, LBJ, JFK, FDR, et al’s personal life? Again, I’m voting for President, not Pope.

I don’t vote for someone just because they know the proper way to set a table nor do I refuse to vote for them because of private locker room talk. I vote per policies, performance and if those are/have been in the best interests of Americans and of America. I privilege my family before other families and I expect my elected officials to privilege my nation before other nations.

The only reason for you to vote for Biden/Harris is because you agree with their policies and do have an issue with America being America.

Time to be honest – at least with yourself.

Be a rational American and vote #Trump2020

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  • alanstorm says:

    “So why would any rational person say the reason they are not voting Trump is because of his tone?”

    Some questions just answer themselves.

  • Honesty is too much to ask of a leftist, a “progressive,” or a NeverTrumper. Their elitism embarrasses them, though it’s irremediably a part of them, so they conceal it behind criticism of President Trump’s “tone.”

    It’s been said that the three hardest sentences to master are “I don’t know,” “I need help,” and “I was wrong.” I consider the “Trump’s tone” phenomenon a vivid confirmation of that thesis.

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  • The problem is is that so many are simply voting with their emotions, not facts. “Oh, Orange Man Bad!” “I don’t like him!” There’s no real though about policy. I get in debates with Trump haters at work, and they can mostly only explain why they hate Trump rather than why they support Biden. And they cannot explain Biden policies. They yammer about Biden raising taxes on those making $400k or more, but, not really why this is necessary (it’s whining and jealousy), nor what it would do. When I point out that if Joe is planning on keeping things the same for those under that mark, which means that the Trump tax cuts they had just been previously claiming were bad for their pocketbook, they lose their sh*t. And don’t understand that all those rich folks in Hollywood, sports, etc, won’t actually see their taxes go up, they want to bet me. Biden supporters will get all sorts of “loopholes” to avoid taxes going up. When they can’t they pass them on.

    It’s like Bush-Kerry 2004: most libtards were voting against Bush, not for Kerry, and it was all Barking Moonbat emotion. Even worse now.

  • rbj1 says:

    “Again, I’m voting for President, not Pope. ”

    Given Francis, Trump might be a better Pope. He at least sticks up for traditional Judeo-Christian values (even if it comes late in life for him.)

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