the porkulus stimulus, one year later

the porkulus stimulus, one year later

it’s the first anniversary of the obama administration’s bloated porkulus stimulus and though The One can puff it’s ‘success’ all he wants, according to a nyt/cbs poll more people think elvis is still alive than believe the stimulus created jobs.

the american people mock obama. it’s only taken one year for people to see that nothing good comes from big government and radical, liberal policies.

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  • lisab says:

    he spent $787 billion dollars

    if you hired people at $40,000 a piece then you would have created … ummmmmm … $787 billion divided by $40,000 …

    ummmmm … 19,675,000 jobs …

    how is obama doing with that?

  • michelle says:

    Sorry Kate…this is silly…but when you say “The One can PUFF it’s success”….etc….all I can think of is the Seinfield episode about the “Puffy Shirt”. Guess they both seem to be inane and alot about NOTHING. Sigh.

  • David says:

    lisa, unfortunately, over $500,000,000,000 of that “stimulus” bill has yet to be spent.

    You’ll recall that the d*mn bill “HAD TO BE PASSED RIGHT AWAY” back in Feb. 09 or the USA was going to “collapse”! Oh no… but Obama then waited two days to sign the d*mn thing… he really thought we needed this bill to survive, right? NOT.

    THEN, they haven’t even enacted it in a STIMULUS fashion – lots of influx of $$ and quickly. No wonder the economy hasn’t been stimulated. A**clowns….

    NOW, they’re poised to release the funds this summer, just in time to try to convince the public that they have our best interests at heart and that they (DEMS & Obama) and to get the public to vote for them this Fall. What chicanery. They ought to be ashamed. (If they had any capability for shame)

  • micky says:

    Well Dave…
    I guess the next thing they’ll do is give that 500,000,000,000 back to China since weve made it past the worst

  • David says:

    If only they would! Instead, I suspect they’re going to use it to try to “bribe” the electorate.

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