The Jewish Fight To Exist IS Our Fight To Exist

The Jewish Fight To Exist IS Our Fight To Exist

The Jewish Fight To Exist IS Our Fight To Exist

October 7, 2023, like September 11, 2001, was a wake up call that we are in an existential fight with an enemy who loves death. Two pieces published this morning contain clarion calls to wake up and prepare. The first is the transcript of the Bari Weiss Federalist Society’s Barbara K. Olson Memorial speech and the second in the Washinton Examiner is by Daniel Hannan and asks “What if the Palestinians Don’t Want Peace?”. In case you don’t realize it, we are in a fight for our lives, and the sustainment of Western Civilization.

We’ve seen this coming for at least the last 22 years. After the shock of September 11, 2001 wore off, the dead were buried and the earth-movers cleared up the World Trade Center site, most people went back to their semi-conscious state. Not all of us. Some of us do not recognize that all cultures are equal. Some of us were not wowed by the illegal immigration that continued after we were hit. Some of us worried about the hatred and anti-Semitism we saw on Social Media. It is especially egregious on TikTok, which also gave us the Transgender fever. Our Darleen has an excellent piece you can read here.

IF young people know anything about Western Civilization, they know it’s BAD. Colonizers, who just want to keep everyone else down. Apparently, Israel deserved what happened on October 7.

We said “Never Forget”, but we neglected to remember it to the young people. It was just 1998 when the Paperclips Project began:

Whitwell Middle School principal Linda Hooper asked language arts teacher Sandra Roberts and associate principal David Smith to begin a Holocaust education class that would be the basis for teaching tolerance and diversity in a voluntary after-school program. When the students, mostly white and Christian, struggled to grasp the concept and enormity of the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust, they decided to collect six million paper clips – one for each soul who perished.

Why paper clips? The students’ research found that Norwegians wore paper clips as a silent protest and symbol of resistance against Nazi occupation during World War II. It was this simple idea that eventually, and quite unintentionally, turned into a worldwide phenomenon, drawing international media attention and letters of support from literally every continent.

The “Paper Clips Project” extended over several years and in 2001 the school dedicated a Children’s Holocaust Memorial, which includes an authentic German railcar filled with a portion of the more than 30 million paper clips they eventually collected. A moving documentary, entitled Paper Clips and originally released theatrically in 2004, captures how these students responded to lessons about the Holocaust and how a committed group of children and educators provided hope and inspiration to countless others around the globe.

Simple and easy to grasp as a concept.

Those sweet teachers forgot the other side of equation. The evil people who murdered six million Jews and the citizens who ignored it. On several occasions America denied entry to the Jews. The teachers forgot to teach that part. Or the culture of superiority and hatred for life that was part of the Nazi ideology. From Bari Weiss’s speech:

But the most alarming of all were the young people who threw their support not behind the innocent victims of Hamas terrorism, but behind Hamas.

At George Washington University, a few miles from here, students projected the words “Glory to Our Martyrs” and “Free Palestine from the River to the Sea” in giant letters on campus buildings.

At Cooper Union in Manhattan, Jewish students had to hide in the library from a mob pounding on the door.

At Columbia, Professor Joseph Massad called the slaughter “awesome.” At Cornell, Professor Russell Rickford said it was “energizing” and “exhilarating.”

At Harvard, more than 30 student groups signed a petition that found a way to blame Jewish victims for their own deaths—saying that they “​​hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”

At Princeton, hundreds of students chanted, “globalize the intifada” which can mean only one thing: open season on Jewish worldwide.

At NYU, students held posters that read “keep the world clean” with drawings of Jewish stars in garbage cans.

Hip, young people with pronouns in their bios are not just chanting the slogans of a genocidal death cult. They are tearing down the photographs of women and children who are currently being held hostage in the tunnels that run under the Gaza Strip. They do so with pleasure. They laugh. They mock the 9-month-old baby who was stolen from his parents.

More than their behavior, these young people lack empathy. They lack moral clarity. They cannot follow all of this evil to its logical conclusion: DEATH. Israel has on multiple occasions offered the “two-state solution”. The Palestinians don’t accept it because they desire DEATH. To quote Golda Meir:

“When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

From Daniel Hannan:

A thought has been worming its way uncomfortably through my mind since Oct. 7. What if peace is impossible? What if there is literally no way to reach a lasting accord? What if one side will settle for nothing less than the destruction of the other?

My doubts began in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity as I watched the reaction of some Palestinians and some of their sympathizers, not least in the West. On that dreadful Saturday evening, there had as yet been no Israeli response. Protesters did not have the (perfectly reasonable) argument that the participants in later demonstrations had, namely that they were defending human rights in Gaza. No, this was exultation in the murder of Israelis, pure and simple.

C.S. Lewis remarked that when the lights are flicked on suddenly, we see where the rats are hiding, and we saw them on Oct. 7. The Hamas volunteers boasting about rape and murder. The leftist academics queuing up to tell us that decolonization was not a metaphor. The delirious crowds celebrating the “resistance.”

These people were not demanding a two-state solution or calling for a different line on the map (the kibbutzim where the horrors took place were not settlements). They must have known, on some level, that the attacks would ensure a terrible retaliation. Yet they did not care as long as a blow had been struck against Israel. As one British-Arab TV reporter put it: “Nothing will ever be able to take back this moment, this moment of triumph, this moment of resistance, this moment of surprise, this moment of humiliation on behalf of the Zionist entity — nothing ever.”

Once again a culture and ideology of death rejoices in death and destruction. The Palestinians don’t want peace. They don’t want life. That is why no other country will take them. Without terrorism, they have nothing. Israel can negotiate, but the Jewish State is only negotiating on the form of suicide they will use.

We, and I mean we, will have to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah and contain Iran and Palestine. The evil will rise up and we will have to contain it again. This is our fight. Hamas is holding our people, but it is our fight in the larger existential sense. It is our fight and we must win. We need that moral clarity.

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  • John Shepherd says:

    The left tell themselves that the Nazis were a bunch of thugs, and while they had their share of such people, the truth was the Nazis owned the Universities. That remains so today.

  • John C. says:

    People on the Left are fond of saying that the Nazis were right-wing. They were, but only by European standards; to wit, they were to the right of the Communists. They were not right-wing in any American political sense. But it does make such lovely propaganda.

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  • GWB says:

    a Holocaust education class that would be the basis for teaching tolerance and diversity
    But here’s the problem. Teaching about the Holocaust should in no way be about “tolerance” or “diversity.”
    It should be about evil.

    The Holocaust (AND the Oct 7 terror) was not about being intolerant or not accepting diversity. It was about the evil of organized murder. If Kristallnacht had been the end of it, it wouldn’t be a lesson in much of anything. But the fact was an ideology centered around evil took control of a country – it tried to conquer Europe and it put its own citizens into bondage, killing a huge number of them. This is true of Palestinians, too – an evil ideology, which desires to conquer and destroy as its existential purpose, took over (long before NAZIs came along, BTW). The difference is primarily in methods – the Palestinians with blades and ululations, the Germans with a methodical system.

    Oh yes, there was intolerance that aided and abetted the evil. But “intolerance” wasn’t the issue. It was an evil targeting of this group of people. The Germans added to their evil by then applying the same methodology to the lame and the beggar and whatever else they saw as “flawed.”

    And here we get to the crux of it. And why this is so much more important than Islam or the Palestinians or the NAZIs. NAZI Germany was looking for an ideal world – one without all of the flawed or bad things. So are the muslims (I’m not sure the Palestinians are that far-sighted). AND, so were the communists in the Soviet Union, who also killed a bunch of people – not because the Soviets were intolerant, but because they were EVIL, and thinking they could form a perfect world. The problem is not intolerance, it’s hubris.

    Why is that distinction important? Because we have a threat much closer to home than the Soviets or muslims. It’s called Progressivism. And it, too, believes in a perfect world that it can create because Progressives are just so smart and wise. They’re going to kill millions. Heck, they might get us all killed.

    If we allow them to make this about tolerance, then it can be “both sided” and they can hold back the hand of judgment that should fall on evil. Intolerance can be educated, evil must be destroyed.

  • A reader says:

    You do realize that a similar thing could be said of Ukraine, right? A large country taking over a smaller one in an attempt to create an empire? Whether you like it or not, our form of government is a democracy and when other democracies are threatened that hurts us. But Russia won’t allow that talking point…

    It also bears repeating that not all Palestinians are part of Hamas, just as not all Americans were racists and antisemites who supported the government in the internment of the Japanese and Italians and turning the Jews away. There was, and is, still plenty of antisemitism here. “New World Order” ring any bells?

    Fascism is a far right ideology. Your top presidential candidate was heard just this weekend quoting the likes of Hitler and Mussolini. You might want to sit this one out on lecturing everyone about morality and right from wrong and clean up your own house.

    • GWB says:

      our form of government is a democracy
      No, it isn’t. It’s a REPUBLIC.

      when other democracies are threatened that hurts us
      No, actually, it doesn’t. It might be a threat to us in terms of “eventually they’ll come after us.” In which case we would have the right to stop that threat. But threats to other countries are not necessarily threats to us merely by some association of the type of government.

      “New World Order” ring any bells?
      Despite what you think, that phrase is not anti-semitic. And it’s actually in evidence every year at Davos, as the globalists gather to try and run the world.

      Fascism is a far right ideology.
      That gives away your game, and invalidates anything else you might have to say.
      Fascism is only “right” to those waaaay over on the left. It is a Marxist ideology – just as is communism and progressivism.

      It is true that not all Palestinians are part of Hamas. Some of them are part of Fatah. Or the Palestinian Authority. Or the old PLO.
      And some of them probably do want to escape that – but they will still stand and ululate when the Jewish women are raped and the babies are massacred. They are still part of the problem. And only when they are screaming for the heads of their own leaders to stop the destruction will the war even come close to ending. And if a single Palestinian is left in Gaza who teaches their children to hate Jews and murder them, then it will simply happen all over again.
      No, the ones who are not part of the terror organs need to so fear death and destruction that they will surrender and cast aside their ideology of hate.

  • Scott says:

    “On several occasions America denied entry to the Jews.”… Remind me again which party was in control of America at that time again… it’s almost like there’s a pattern here…

    “Why is that distinction important? Because we have a threat much closer to home than the Soviets or muslims. It’s called Progressivism. And it, too, believes in a perfect world that it can create because Progressives are just so smart and wise. They’re going to kill millions. Heck, they might get us all killed”… This, x1000… While we MUST stand against thee evil exemplified by Ham-Ass and their supporters, we CANNOT allow it to become a distraction for those who would destroy us from the inside.. The enemy truly is within the gates…

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    You demark 9/11 as the date for the wake-up call for a lot of people. For me, it was much earlier than that.

    The 1967 Six-Day war, although not terrorism, should have been a wake-up call.

    For me, it was probably the 1972 Munich Olympics.

    But hey, for a top-off, consider Oct 8, 1985, when the butchers pushed Leon Klinghoffer, in his wheelchair, off the deck of the Achille Lauro.

    We’ve had plenty of warning.

    • GWB says:

      The bombing of the Marines in Beirut
      Khobar Towers
      The first bombing of the WTC

      Yeah, the list is pretty long and goes back a long way. (Siege of Jerusalem in 636, anyone?)
      Only people not paying attention or willfully blind were surprised by who executed the attack on 9/11.

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