Gaza Hospitals Must Be Protected – Joe Biden

Gaza Hospitals Must Be Protected – Joe Biden

Gaza Hospitals Must Be Protected – Joe Biden

Last night from a divan, fanned by the eunuchs of his administration and protected by the Media Praetorian Guards, Pharoah Joe Biden decreed that hospitals in Gaza must be protected as the IDF closes in. That’s how Democrats get things done, they decree it.


With Hamas as an enemy of Israel’s existence, they do nothing to protect the Gazans. Hamas doesn’t care about their lives, not one man, woman or child. They are all expendable to the end goal: the destruction of Israel. They build tunnels under hospitals, turn mosques into launching facilities and schools into weapons storage units. Israel and the Israel Defense Force have sent out fliers, emails and text messages and dropped leaflets warning residents to get out of the targeted areas days ahead of time. The spokesman below has a Scottish accent, Mr. Lundie right out of Brigadoon, but don’t let that throw you:

If the IDF had just dumped Bunker Buster Bombs for a few weeks and not worried about casualties, they would have killed thousands at very little risk to their own soldiers. But they did not. To understand the intricacies of these tunnels under Gaza, Fox News posted this article:

“Israeli Defense Forces release video showing evidence of Hamas weapons, tunnels linking to hospital basements”

In the video, IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari stands in front of the house of a senior terrorist who led the raids into Israel, which is next to a school and about 200 yards from a hospital.

Hagari then shows an operational tunnel with electrical wires going down about 20 meters into the tunnel, which leads to a bulletproof and explosive-proof door.

The IDF spokesman intended to show “clear evidence” that the tunnels were connected to the Rantisi hospital that Hamas used as a base.
He then leads the camera crew into the tunnel and to the hospital, where evidence is found that a Hamas operation was conducted.

“We are now in the area of the basement of the hospital. I want to show you a room where we found all the gear, the operational gear of Hamas,” Hagari said. “Look at what Hamas is holding inside the hospital. I want you to understand, this kind of gear is gear for a major fight.”

The gear Hagari was referring to included hand grenades, vests packed with explosives, and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs).

“This is Hamas firing RPGs from hospitals,” he said, explaining these are the type of people Israel is fighting against.

The next shot showed a motorcycle in the basement.

That was Rantisi. Another Hamas (sick fecks) site is the Al Shifa hospital. From the New York Times, this is the current condition:

Thousands of people fled Al-Shifa over the weekend as Israeli troops encircled it, and the World Health Organization on Monday warned of a “dire and perilous” situation for patients. The health organization said in a statement that Al-Shifa “is not functioning as a hospital anymore,” after running out of fuel and water, risking the lives of patients.

Israeli military vehicles advanced on Monday to the gates of the besieged Al-Shifa hospital complex, Gazan health officials said, as medical staff detailed the increasingly calamitous conditions inside a facility where fuel, medicine and food are running out for the hundreds of patients and thousands of people sheltering there.

Without electricity or fuel, dozens of corpses are decomposing at the hospital because there is no way to preserve or remove them, a chief nurse and a health official said. And doctors said they were desperately trying to keep premature babies warm after removing them from incubators that were now useless.

Doctors and Gazan health officials have said for days that patients at Al-Shifa were dying because of power at the hospital, the Gaza Strip’s largest. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said on Monday that the power cut had led to at least 12 deaths. The top U.N. aid official for the Palestinian territories said three nurses at the hospital were killed on Monday.

I really hate to interrupt Hamas Psychodrama Theater, but none of this had to be. It is a violation of the Laws of War to use humans as shields. Also, if Hamas hadn’t slaughtered more than 1400 Israelis, Americans, British and Germans this wouldn’t be. Hamas has only released four or five of the hundreds of prisoners being held.

Speaking of Psychodrama:

And somebody forgot to tell his Mom that he had an acting gig:

From all this, this is the simplistic decree we get from Crooked Joe:

The Gaza Strip’s hospitals “must be protected,” President Biden said on Monday as Israeli troops battled to seize control of what Israel says is a Hamas command complex that lies below the enclave’s main medical facility, Al-Shifa Hospital.

Israel has gone to great lengths to protect the Gazans and the hospitals. Joe should try talking to Hamas.

Featured Image: MedGlobalOrg/ Commons

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  • American Human says:

    Old Joe Potato-head would know the difference if he was talking to Hamas or fly buzzing around his head.

  • CDC says:

    Israel will get this done without advise from American or European politicians.
    May God bless the nation of Israel and her people.

  • Scott says:

    I agree that Israel should minimize the suffering of those in hospitals and elsewhere in Gaza.. Massive simultaneous strikes across the region would minimize the suffering but just killing the terrorists and future terrorists outright. As was pointed out, the pali’s do NOT want peace, they want death. The will NOT stop until all Jews worldwide are killed, or the islamofascists are killed.. seems an easy choice to me. Joe and his handlers need to STFU and get out of the way, just allow Bibi to take care of business!

  • Mad Celt says:

    I vote Old Joe go to Gaza and volunteer to be a human shield.

  • Anna A says:

    Over at another website, I read that Israel provided cans of fuel for a hospital, but it was rejected. The need to avoid giving the Jews credit outweighed the desire to keep their patients healing.

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    This quote from your article is only half-right: “With Hamas as an enemy of Israel’s existence, they do nothing to protect the Gazans. Hamas doesn’t care about their lives, not one man, woman or child. They are all expendable to the end goal: the destruction of Israel.”

    “The destruction of Israel” is not the end goal. They are just in the way. Their intention is to destroy Western Civilization, such as it is.

    They don’t call America “The Great Satan” for nothing.

  • Ben Jacobs says:

    It’s largely moot, but Biden could have sent a hospital ship to Gaza and moved all patients and doctors from Al Shifra to the ship. In this way, Biden could have simultaneously helped the Palestinians and facilitated Israel’s pursuit of Hamas. Of course, this assumes the “innocent” Palestinians would have cooperated and given up the PR value of remaining in the hospital and obstructing Israel. Maybe next time.

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