The Good, Bad, and Ugly Reactions to Martha MacCallum’s Brett Kavanaugh Interview

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Reactions to Martha MacCallum’s Brett Kavanaugh Interview

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Reactions to Martha MacCallum’s Brett Kavanaugh Interview

Even before Judge and Mrs. Kavanaugh’s interview aired on The Story with Martha MacCallum last evening…

…the liberal activists/morally bankrupt projectionists masquerading as objective journalists were already smacking them, and ironically their interviewer, around on Twitter.

Get a load of this Washington Post nitwit (yes, this is the same Washington Post that Christine Blasey Ford ran to with her decades-old sex assault claim, and the same Washington Post that strategically helped torpedo Roy Moore; nothing to see here, move along…):

Insulting to women much? Check. And how ironic. By the way, this woman has two children. What a great role model. And we wonder why so many kids bully their classmates, why they don’t practice critical thought, and why so many girls use cries of “sexual assault!” as a blunt-force weapon.

And then there’s so-called “conservative,” Jennifer Rubin, who I’ve never seen utter one objective word about anything Trump-related:

Oh, I see. Have you chatted with Ms. Ford about that not-bothering-to-tell-the-Senate thingy? By the way, Judge Kavanaugh HAS communicated with the Senate Judiciary Committee. Repeatedly. Try to keep up.

Of course, know-nothing, D-list celebrity Alyssa Milano climbed out from beneath her slime-covered rock to throw stones at Kavanaugh, again, without giving him any presumption of innocence, or even bothering to, well, watch the interview:

Right. Where he was interviewed by…a woman. But Milano’s a champion of women or something. Unless, of course, you don’t toe her man-hating feminist line and happen to—gasp!—think for yourself. And ask substantive questions.

“Is he a man?” “Yes.” “Then he’s guilty.” -The New Feminist Mantra

Meanwhile…thank heavens for the calm, rational, critical thinker that is David French:

And the always-fair Guy Benson:

And then there were reactions like this, reactions that shouldn’t even be in the Supreme Court Justice confirmation lexicon. We have the Left’s newest hero, aka Creepy Porn Lawyer, to thank for this:

And this:

Anyone else need a Clorox Bleach shower?

Judge and Mrs. MacCallum sat for an interview with FOX’s Martha MacCallum Monday night. (Image Credit: Martha MacCallum on Twitter)

To this objective viewer, the Kavanaughs appeared sad. And tired. And a bit shell-shocked. But they also appeared resolute.

Imagine for a moment that you’re facing the full weight of the Democrat machine—no doubt in my mind puppeted by a certain former president and a decrepit old billionaire—coming down on you like a proverbial ton of bricks, while the wayward #MeToo movement is grotesquely exploited to sully your history, one that’s filled with nothing but stellar judicial decisions, community service, and commitment to family. How would YOU handle it? I’d suggest that the Kavanaughs are brave beyond measure, and displayed last evening the reason a man of his character belongs on our Supreme Court: he’s calm, thoughtful, measured, and a fighter, and he’s “not going anywhere,” Mazie Hirono (Femocrat, Hawaii). And that’s precisely the kind of justice we need in this country right now, where a mere accusation is enough to shatter the life of another human being.

Meanwhile. The media, and their Hollywood counterparts, continue to be utterly perplexed as to why so many of us—from all political persuasions—don’t trust anything they say or print. And yet, they continue to shamelessly function as activists for the DNC, anyway, rather than reporting the news fairly and without bias. It seems to me that those obvious partnerships could be considered in-kind donations to the Democrats.

Paging the FEC. And maybe a campaign finance violation case could even weave its way to the Supreme Court one day. You know, the court on which Justice Kavanaugh will hopefully soon be sitting.


Feature Image Credit: Martha MacCallum on Twitter

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  • MikeyParks says:

    Yes, the MSM are truly just a huge PAC for the Democrat party, and as such, should be made to live by the regulations pertaining to PACs. What would you say is the dollar value of the support the MSM gives the Democrats? Incalculable! It should be considered an ongoing donation to that party, and again, subject to all pertinent laws and regulations. Too much monkey business.

  • Wfjag says:

    The Dems, NY-DC media and SJWs (I repeat myself) thought that Judge Kavanaugh would withdraw due to the personal attacks and attacks on his family. He won’t and they will lose all control, to the extent that even the media won’t be able to hide their disgusting behavior. This will cost Dems at the polls. Moral courage is something they have no familiarity with and no understanding of.

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