No Senator Hirono, Men Should NOT Shut Up About Christine Blasey Ford [VIDEO]

No Senator Hirono, Men Should NOT Shut Up About Christine Blasey Ford [VIDEO]

No Senator Hirono, Men Should NOT Shut Up About Christine Blasey Ford [VIDEO]

The Democrats do NOT want Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. So much so we are now dealing with a supposed near sexual assault from 36 years ago. This afternoon, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) threw a solution into the dirt. All men need to SHUT UP, let Ford lobby accusation grenades and have ZERO questions about evidence or motive.

Yes folks, Hirono really did say that. Roll tape:

I call BULLSHIT on this stance. This is pure unadulterated political jackassery right here. The MEN are not the ones perpetuating this particular piece of crap!

Nope, Christine Blasey Ford started this ball rolling when she sent a letter to Diane Feinstein AND called into the Washington Post tip line. She threw the ball further down the hill by BEGGING for confidentiality yet working with a retired FBI agent in late August to take a polygraph test!

No Maize, don’t you DARE tell our men to SHUT UP on this.

Ford’s story doesn’t add up plain and simple. 36 years ago and she told NO ONE? 36 years and she finally mentioned it to her husband during marriage counseling and then sort of kind of alluded to it w/o naming Kavanaugh to two of her friends? She lawyered up and ran a polygraph WEEKS before Feinstein dropped this bombshell on the country? And is now radio silent as to whether she’s going to answer to the committee or not?

Once again, I call bullshit!

You see Mazie, here’s the thing, if men had stayed silent, then we would never know that:

  • The Duke Lacrosse story was a complete hoax
  • Mattress Girl lied about everything
  • Rolling Stone helped Jackie Coakley throw the men at UVA under the bus
  • Malik St. Hilaire was one of two young men at Sacred Heart University falsely accused of rape by Nikki Yovino.

Hey Mazie, by telling men to SHUT UP, you are saying to Malik and all the others that they should’ve just dealt with their names being dragged through the mud. They should’ve just given up and had their honor and reputations forever soiled because of false accusations. Yeah…NO.

Matt Walsh asked a very good question.

What if your son was on the cusp of some huge achievement and a woman came forward with no evidence and no witnesses and accused him of attempting to assault her years ago? What if your son’s life and career were being ripped to shreds because someone said he did something some time in the 1980s somewhere in Maryland? What if your son was subjected to unsubstantiated, uncorroborated, unproven, yet disprovable, allegations?

What would you do then? Would you assume he’s a rapist? Would you automatically take the accuser’s side? Would you throw him to the wolves?

Or would you demand that he be treated as innocent until proven guilty?

Right now Democrats, media and far too many others are forcefully telling us Brett Kavanaugh is guilty! Yet ALL we have is what Christine Blasey Ford said to a reporter and what she wrote in a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein. Is there actual evidence? NO, but the Democrats don’t care about that.

“Why should we participate in a victimization of a person who has the courage to come forward?” Hirono asked. “And she is under absolutely no obligation to participate in a smearing of her and her family.”

Again I say BULLSHIT! What’s next? Throwing him further under the bus for yanking on a little girl’s pigtails when he was in the third grade??!! Do you understand how STUPID this is??

Senator Mazie Hirono wants all men to SHUT UP and take it. She is blatantly saying that no matter the credibility of the accusation, a woman should be allowed to accuse and the men should just lie down and roll over.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts – RC1BF37BC140

You know what Mazie, GO POUND SAND!

Men should NOT be silent. Instead they should be yelling from the rooftops that Brett Kavanaugh is innocent until proven otherwise.

Feature Photo Credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts – RC1BF37BC140

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  • HKBill says:

    Sorry Mazie: “Well behaved men seldom make history” I choose to notshut up, but thanks for playing. You’re not going to like it when we play by the new rules.

  • Kathy says:

    My first thought was, “What is wrong with these women?”. Then it turned to, “What is not wrong?”. They seem to exist so far from reality.

    • Micha Elyi says:

      My first thought was, “What is wrong with these women?”.–Kathy

      Quick answer: these women watch too much TV.

      Programs such as Law and Order: SVU program their viewers to believe “rape!” is everywhere. 98% of “rape!” accusations reported to police are false or unfounded in real life but SVU never reveals that. The show also programs its mostly female audience that false accusations of “rape!” don’t matter and can be brushed off. The format of the typical SVU episode is to show two false leads leading to suspects that are accused, humiliated, and/or brutalized by the SVU squad before the SVU stars discard those men and move on to finding the actual perpetrator.

  • GWB says:

    Why should we participate in a victimization of a person who has the courage to come forward?
    Sorry, you pathetic excuse for a Hawaiian, but she is NOT a victim unless the accusations are true. If you don’t want to test the strength of the accusations, then she’s not a victim.
    It’s like they’re all auditioning to become the next Feinstein.

    And she is under absolutely no obligation to participate in a smearing of her and her family.
    Neither is Kavanaugh obligated to participate in a smearing of him and his family.

    Egad, I know a huge proportion of America would love to see Kavanaugh look Feinstein right in the eye and say “I’ve already categorically denied it. There are no facts to discuss because it didn’t happen. And you can get bent if you think I’m going to sit here and rehash that same answer 100 times this morning.”

    a woman should be allowed to accuse and the men should just lie down and roll over
    Unless, of course, the man is a leftist. Then you just know the woman must be a Republican plant, right? *eyeroll*

    There’s this thing called TRUTH. I know the post-modern culture wants to say otherwise, but there it is. If you can’t show that this accusation is TRUE, then you will just have to suck it up.
    If you don’t want the TRUTH, then I say you have no place being anywhere within the halls of our government, and think your only goal can be the overthrow of our Republic. And I think you should be treated accordingly.

    • GWB says:

      Here’s another one:
      Heidi Hess, co-director of CREDO [Mobile]’s advocacy arm CREDO Action, weighs in, too:
      “@SenatorCollins seems to have forgotten that Brett Kavanaugh is the one who has been accused of a crime, not Christine Blasey Ford,”
      Ummm, yeah, Heidi, that’s the friggin’ point!

      I guess the cool new buzzword is “ratio” and she’s been “ratioed” over this idiocy.

    • Micha Elyi says:

      In America, even in California, we’ve got a system for determining if an accuser is a “victim” of the accused or not. We call it a trial. Perhaps this system should be brought to Hawaii, Sen. Hirono acts like she’s never heard of such a practice.

      By the way, what did Sen. Diane “Kneepads” Feinstein do during the Clinton years? How did she vote on two articles of impeachment that the House brought to the Senate backed by on-the-record testimony, multiple witnesses stepping forward, and hard evidence?

      * answer in back of the book: “Kneepads” voted “not guilty” on both

  • In Mazie’s defense, I think by “men” she means the neutered feminist goofballs and transgendered weirdos of the left, who are likely the only “men” she knows. I agree, *they* should shut up. But she should take the lead and set the example for them.

  • dustydog says:

    Her lawyer cited her therapy records as proof of her credibility. The Senate needs access to those therapy records – not just a lawyer’s summary, but whatever actual evidence there is. It should be handled with confidentiality, sensitivity,and speed. If her therapy records show she is frankly untrustworthy – that’s on her and her lawyer.

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  • SDN says:

    Why is anyone surprised that the Party of the Klan is keeping the same standard of evidence they used on the Scottsboro Boys?

  • BD57 says:

    She’s only saying THIS accuser should be believed because it’ll prevent this REPUBLICAN nominee being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.

    She doesn’t care about the “issue” or the people involved.

    If she cared about the issue, she’d be raising hell about Keith Ellison and telling us we should believe his accuser.

    Have we heard from her on that subject?

  • Mark R says:

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil women is that good men should do nothing.

  • Anne Turner says:

    We were right to take this seriously at first. After no one else came out of the woodwork, and the one witness denied rever seeing such a thing, the benefit of the doubt should have gone to the accused. This whole ploy is so obvious that anyone with a modicum of sense and sanity would take it for what it is, delay in hopes that Dems take the Senate in November. Do you really think women are so stupid that they believe this nonsense and can’t see it for what it is? This means that if I, or anyone else, wants to get even with any man, I can just accuse and ruin his life, the life of his family and an otherwise stellar reputation. FOR SHAME,

  • tweell says:

    Senator Hirono, how about Rep Ellison’s ex-girlfriend’s abuse allegations? She has times, dates and medical records! Ms. Ford has none of that, but we should believe her and not Ms. Monahan?

    If standards are good, double standards are even better? I see, Senator. No further questions.

  • daveclay says:

    Is Hawaii full of girly-men? If half of the population was real men, this clown would be nearing her expiration date. You don’t disrespect half of the population and expect to get elected or re-elected to public office. Just ask Hillary.

    • Greg Leong says:

      Hawaii is full ideological half witted politicians. Hawaii votes overwhelmingly Democrat each election. There is no shortage of public sector employee unions to donate and campaign for these knuckleheads. Like California, one party rule has turned Hawaii into a banana republic.

  • Alan says:

    Hey Maisie – If men can’t defend themselves verbally when attacked, how do you think some of them WILL very likely start defending themselves? Hint: Physically.
    If living a life as a “perfect gentleman”, as testified by pretty much every woman who actually knows you, isn’t a defense against false allegations, give me a reason why many men would follow those rules, treat women (like you) at all well?
    You may not like the new rules you’re trying to establish…

  • Ivar Ivarsson says:

    Remember, Senator, “Democracy dies in silence.” You would refuse to be bound by any like rule you would impose on males.

  • Darlene Estlow says:

    Come on Senator. You have to be kidding. Part of your sense of humor I guess. By The way, I am a woman who does not hate men.

  • Zubie says:

    Can you imagine a male Senator telling women to “shut up”? All Hades would break loose.

  • JeffG says:

    This Senator, who has shown she is a partisan hack, does not believe in the law. Hopefully, but I doubt it, the people of Hawaii will vote her out next election not for being a hack but for not following law as a Senator should.

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