Teen Arrested For Vandalizing Medal Of Honor Recipient Lt. Michael Murphy Memorial [VIDEO]

Teen Arrested For Vandalizing Medal Of Honor Recipient Lt. Michael Murphy Memorial [VIDEO]

Teen Arrested For Vandalizing Medal Of Honor Recipient Lt. Michael Murphy Memorial [VIDEO]

On Thursday July 19, visitors to the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial reported that the memorial stone had been vandalized. We aren’t talking just throwing some paint or graffiti on it. No, we are talking major destruction. 

This is what the memorial looked like on Thursday afternoon.

Understandably, members of the Seal community along with Michael’s family were shocked, angry, and hurt.

Murphy’s father says he doesn’t believe the vandal understands the significance of his actions.

“Unfortunately the stonework isn’t here anymore, but if you look at one of the places where he struck Michael was right at the heart, which is like striking at the heart of America,” Daniel Murphy said.

Who would do such a thing? Who would be so angry at the military or just be so angry in general that this kind of destruction would be ok?

Crime Stoppers offered a reward. People started matching the award, included Michael’s teammate Marcus Luttrell and his wife Melanie. Information went out over social media and folks responded.

Maybe the person who destroyed the memorial just doesn’t understand who Lt. Michael P. Murphy really is.

On June 28, 2005, this is what Lt. Murphy did in hopes of saving his teammates lives.

Murphy, intent on making contact with headquarters, but realizing this would be impossible in the extreme terrain where they were fighting, unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his own life moved into the open, where he could gain a better position to transmit a call to get help for his men.

Moving away from the protective mountain rocks, he knowingly exposed himself to increased enemy gunfire. This deliberate and heroic act deprived him of cover and made him a target for the enemy. While continuing to be fired upon, Murphy made contact with the SOF Quick Reaction Force at Bagram Air Base and requested assistance. He calmly provided his unit’s location and the size of the enemy force while requesting immediate support for his team. At one point he was shot in the back causing him to drop the transmitter. Murphy picked it back up, completed the call and continued firing at the enemy who was closing in. Severely wounded, Lt. Murphy returned to his cover position with his men and continued the battle.

On that day, Lt. Murphy along with Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Danny Dietz, and Sonar Technician 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew Axelson were killed along with 6 other Navy Seals and 6 Army Night Stalkers. For his actions, he was awarded a Purple Heart and on October 22, 2007 was posthumously presented with the Medal of Honor.

Early this morning, Suffolk County PD arrested the vandal.

Fourteen years old.

The young man is facing some pretty serious consequences given that what he did escalated all the way up to the Governor’s office.

The folks over at the Seal of Honor Facebook page had this to say after the arrest was announced.

To the countless people that donated, how can we ever thank you? We have read each and every message that you included with your donation. We know that this one individual does not represent what America is. Those of you sending your love and support, you are the ones that make America the greatest Country there is. You are what the men of ORW fought and died for.

Please know that any funds over and above the costs of fixing the monument will be used for Mike’s 501c3 Foundations to award scholarships to Veterans, First Responders, children of the Fallen and Active Duty Military. Education was so important to Mike and we are so grateful to be able to carry on his legacy through education. As well as the LT Michael Murphy Navy SEAL Museum 501c3

For those interested, here are the links to the scholarship foundation and the Navy SEAL Museum.

That young man is facing some pretty serious consequences for the damage he inflicted. One hopes that he fully realizes that the example of courage under fire set by Micheal is one that should be honored, not destroyed.

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  • SFC D says:

    The little punk that did this needs to spend 10 hours a week with a scrub brush and a bucket, cleaning the headstones of fallen military members. I’m thinking he can quit when he’s 18. After he pays to replace the stone he broke. And I’d like to have a conversation with the parents who spawned and raised this little oxygen thief.

  • Skid Marx says:

    Once we had a shaving cream fight in the latrine when a full blooded colonel came in and ripped us a new one.
    We had to get to work and clean up the latrine. We didn’t like the colonel but we respected him and we knew the ass whipping dad would administer for getting chewed out by the colonel would be way worse than the colonel’s bite.
    We were elementary school kids bored on summer vacation while staying at a military base but that day we learned a lot about respect.

  • Joe Momma says:

    14 years old? No doubt inspired by one or more of his teachers. High school teachers in my suburban Chicago district are currently averaging $135k in salary and benefits in an under performing school ruined by section 8 students and the NEA. Some of the absolute lies and propaganda they teach would turn your stomach. English classes hijacked by weeks dedicated to “white privilege education”, American history teachers calling the United States an empire built on “slavery and genocide” etc….

    This kid isn’t a criminal – he just listened in class. Someone needs to ask what he has been taught about our military by his teachers and maybe his parents too.

    • GWB says:

      High school teachers in my suburban Chicago district are currently averaging $135k in salary and benefits
      Teachers? Or teachers and staff? Because they usually inflate teachers’ pay by including some highly paid staff in there (like diversity officers and such).
      But, dang, that’s a load of money (and benefits). If it weren’t for all the benefits of living in a Democratic-run hellhole, I would jump on that.

  • GWB says:

    I really do hope this is an opportunity to teach something to this 14yo. And to all his friends and classmates, too.
    We have to teach the right values to our children, or America will disappear. And without it, freedom, for a century.

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