Ted Cruz On Tucker To Explain His Violent Terrorist Attack Comment

Ted Cruz On Tucker To Explain His Violent Terrorist Attack Comment

Ted Cruz On Tucker To Explain His Violent Terrorist Attack Comment

Ted Cruz has been a hero of the right for a long time. He’s smart and he can out argue anyone. He’s rock solid on The Constitution. Some of us have always seen him as a future President. Cruz stepped in it bigly on Wednesday during a Senate hearing with Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger. Senator Cruz began his comments to Manger by asserting that we are approaching a “solemn anniversary” of a “violent terrorist attack on the Capitol”. After howls from the Right, Ted Cruz went on Tucker Carlson to explain his comments. It wasn’t pretty.

Conservatives have a tough row to hoe. No quarter is given and the worst is always assumed. Just ask Governor Ron DeSantis. He was accused of dereliction of duty for taking his wife to her breast cancer treatments. Ted Cruz has had a tough year. He and his wife Heidi were chased out of a restaurant by a Leftist mob. He took heat for leaving Texas to take his daughters to Cancun during a blizzard last winter. He got Tik Tok’ed by his own daughter. And, then the day before the anniversary of the January 6 Capitol Breach, he gave aid and comfort to our enemies with his “violent terrorist attack” comment.

Here are the remarks by Ted Cruz to Manger:

Let me be very clear: January 6, 2020 was a clusterfeck. It was not an insurrection. It was an attempt at a Fedsurrection. It was ugly. It was unnecessary. It does not represent who we are as Conservatives or Republicans. It is not who we are as Constitution loving patriots. Tucker Carlson on his show Wednesday night took exception to Cruz’s phraseology with Manger. From NPR:

On the eve of the Jan. 6 anniversary, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz called the riot “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” drawing the ire of several Republican pundits, including Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson.

“Of all the things that Jan. 6 was, it was definitely not a violent terrorist attack,” Carlson said Wednesday night. “It wasn’t an insurrection. Was it a riot? Sure. It was not a violent terrorist attack — sorry!”

Carlson called the arrest of the perpetrators a “purge.”

I have to give Ted Cruz props. He did not shy away from Carlson’s comments. He texted Tucker immediately to offer to go on his show. Last night, Tucker and Cruz went head to head.

Here is the Rolling Stone take on the Carlson/Cruz conversation:

Cruz was lambasted by Tucker Carlson that night, prompting the senator to hop on Carlson’s show Thursday to beg for forgiveness. “The way I phrased things yesterday, it was sloppy and it was frankly dumb,” Cruz said before Carlson cut him off and said he didn’t believe him. Cruz then took it up a notch, stammering through a spiel about how he wasn’t talking about the “patriots across the country supporting President Trump,” only those who assaulted police officers, and that he’s always described anyone who assaults a cop as a terrorist.

“Tucker, I agree with you,” he continued. “It was a mistake to say that yesterday.”

Cruz didn’t stop there. He grew even more animated in recounting how he voted against certifying the 2020 election results while “thousands of people were standing up to defend this country on Jan. 6,” people Cruz called terrorists yesterday but then changed his mind because Carlson got mad at him.

Carlson kept pressing Cruz about his bullshit explanation, though, so Cruz grew even more animated. “I agree, it was a mistake to use the word yesterday because the Democrats the corporate media have so politicized it,” he said. “They’re trying to paint everyone as a terrorist and it’s a lie, and by the way, I’ve spoken out vocally against— They want to paint us as Nazis! Look, I’m the one leading the fight in the Senate against this garbage!”

And, that’s true. Ted Cruz has been stalwart in his fight against the Left. Ted Cruz is the future of the Republican Party. It hurt my heart when he said that January 6, 2020 was a violent terrorist attack. We take enough incoming from the Left. We don’t need it from our own on the Right.

All of the men (so far) who have led our country have been imperfect and made mistakes. Ted Cruz will come back from this. We must stand by his side. Most of the, ahem, politicians who screw up don’t have the cojones to go on Tucker Carlson. Ted Cruz manned up and acquitted himself, if not perfectly, well enough.

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  • Richard Ong says:

    You’re right that Cruz should be seen as a whole. No one is as bad as the worst thing he’s done or as good as the best thing he’s ever done.

    He still needs to acknowledge that his assaulting cops = terrorism stupidity. It’s not just Dems and corporate media but all manner of Republicans, bureaucrats, military officers, and thinksters who absolutely moronically signed on to the GWOT garbage and pushed us all into our present ready-fire-aim approach to foreign affairs where we fight what just isn’t. Soleimani wasn’t a terrorist because he supported or directed military action against US troops.

    Cruz and regiments of posh people, including ALL the MSM, are clueless about our “rectification of names” problem. “Islamism,” “terrorism,” “white privilege,” “interstate commerce,” “exceptionalism,” “stimulus,” “nationalism,” “racism,” “transgender,” “propositional nation,” “underprivileged,” “vulnerable,” “strong,” and “voter suppression” should gag a maggot but they don’t. Cruz does get a big fat F for not using his intelligence to figure out one of the major philosophical problems of our time — and that he’s not a natural born citizen.

  • Cameron says:

    So to put it bluntly: What the hell was he thinking? He’s a smart man and there is no way he could not have known that this was giving credibility to the Dem’s view on the protest of Jan 6th.

    • Toni Williams says:

      You know I agree.

      • Cameron says:

        I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but we’ve seen a lot of GOP suddenly decide that we’re the problem.

    • Gail says:

      What Cruz was thinking matters because shattering the paradigms held by so many intelligent, conservative, liberal (small “l”) and patriotic, credentialed and successful people is difficult, but we can hope the process has begun. Maybe he will continue to ask himself why he used that language.

      It may be counter intuitive but I think a naive trust in established sources is stronger among the highly educated. We specialize so deeply that we have to trust established information in our own field and “experts” outside our field.
      Add to that the starting position of law-abiding conservatives has been to trust and support legal authorities (“attacking police is terrorism”).

      We need Cruz. He has shown spine on many occasions. Don’t throw our own onto the pyre.

  • rbj1 says:

    Ted owned up to his mistake. And he did not shirk away from Tucker’s lambasting him. I hope he’s more careful in the future.

  • Nick says:

    Cruz asked to go on Tucker because if he let what he said stand he’d never be anything more than one of 100 senators. Tucker didn’t ask him to come on. Tucker would have immolated Cruz and read him out of the GOP, Cruz knew it and knew he had to forestall it. Tucker let Cruz explain himself, knowing Cruz had no good explanation.

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