Daughter Of Ted Cruz Falls Prey To Media Vultures

Daughter Of Ted Cruz Falls Prey To Media Vultures

Daughter Of Ted Cruz Falls Prey To Media Vultures

The Dallas Morning New is receiving bit of Conservative backlash for trolling the Tik Tok account of the daughter of Senator Ted Cruz. Let’s be clear. Caroline Cruz is the 13 year old daughter of Ted and Heidi Cruz and the Dallas Morning News made a snarky article out of Caroline’s Tik Tok discussion about being a Senator’s daughter. What a witch’s brew we have here: The ChiCom Tik Tok, a 13 year old girl and the vultures in the press.

The voracious raptors of the legacy media love to go after the children of Republican officials. The more independent thinking the Republican, the more likely the press will be to attack his/her children. From Tad Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln to Claudia Conway, daughter of Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway, the vultures can smell the carcass in the road and begin to circle. It was August of 2020, when 15 year old Claudia took her disagreement with her parents to Tik Tok and our Deanna wrote:

A fifteen year old in open rebellion against their parents is a story as old as Biblical times. The ugliness here lies in the fact that the media is openly cheering on Claudia Conway, simply because they want to embarass her parents. As we all know, Kellyanne Conway is the former Trump campaign manager and senior advisor, and George Conway is as anti-Trump as they come. Their diametrically opposed positions on the current president have been deeply unsettling to watch, especially when it plays out very publicly on Twitter. However, they have both kept their children out of the discussion. At least, until Claudia’s TikTok account started getting attention from New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz, who saw nothing wrong with becoming “mutuals” with a teenager on TikTok because they actually talked and after all, she has famous parents so she certainly knows what she’s getting into, right? I mean, that circumstance doesn’t sound remotely stalkerish, abusive, or Anthony Weiner-ish at all.

It’s creepy and stalkerish for grown a$$ people to troll a teenager’s social media to use against her parents. Hello Dallas Morning News. From Newsweek:

People are trolling The Dallas Morning News over its report that Caroline Cruz, the 13-year-old daughter of Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz, disagrees with most of his views.

The article, headlined, “Ted Cruz’s daughter takes to TikTok to discuss life as senator’s kid,” mentioned Caroline’s recent TikTok in which she discussed the pros and cons of being a senator’s daughter.

She said she enjoys the travel perks as well as the gifts that her father’s supporters send. However, she also said she dislikes having two security guards following her around whenever she goes on a walk or to a friend’s house.

Not to mention, shock and horror, she disagrees with her Dad on most things:

So much to unpack there. On first viewing, I thought that little miss is quite the brat. By the fifteenth viewing, I realized I could see myself having that attitude. Oh yes, at 13, I believe I would have been quite the brat. Fortunately, social media and phone videos didn’t exist. It doesn’t matter. Even if I had uploaded something like that to social media, it wouldn’t have been up for ten seconds before some neighbor would have found out from her kid and the neighbor would be at my folks’ front door. It was a neighborhood. I would have been grounded for at least 35 years.

In addition to the vultures at the Dallas Morning News, there are cultural vultures like Abe Gurko who made this video about Miss Cruz and her Tik Tok opinions:

That man has no shame whatsoever. Telling a 13 year old to go after her father is so sick.

The sickest of all is Tik Tok. Twitter is a cesspool of grownup mental illnesses. Tik Tok is the middle school version of Twitter. Remember how awful middle school was? Tik Tok is worse. Navigating parenting is tough. Navigating the parenting of a teenage daughter is purgatory. Navigating the parenting of a teenage daughter in the age of Tik Tok is a circle of Hell that Dante couldn’t even imagine.

Caroline is 13. She doesn’t know that she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. She isn’t old enough to grasp how smart her Dad is. She isn’t mature enough to grasp why he is hated.

Worse, the media and culture vultures picking at the carcass of the Tik Tok video made by the child. Even worse is Tik Tok. It is pure evil. If you have the app, delete, delete, delete.

Wanna pick on a child. Ask Joe Biden whether he has acknowledged ALL of his grandchildren?

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  • Cameron says:

    “Wanna pick on a child. Ask Joe Biden whether he has acknowledged ALL of his grandchildren?”

    And you know what the reaction would be to that:

    *gasp!* “Well, I NEVER!”
    “How could you? WE’RE BETTER THAN THAT!”
    “Conservatives are so meeeeaaaannn!”
    and of course

  • 370H55V says:

    Funny though, how you never hear about the rebellious children of Dem politicians, for example, the two Adams:

    Adam Levine is the son of former California Dem congressman Mel Levine and out not only as gay but also as a conservative Republican.

    Adam Wyden is the son of Oregon Dem US Senator Ron Wyden and a multimillionare hedge fund advisor who has directly taken on his father’s efforts to tax “the rich”–especially on capital gains not yet realized.

    Crickets from the MSM about these fine fellows.

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