TDS Isn’t What’s Ruining Your Marriage

TDS Isn’t What’s Ruining Your Marriage

TDS Isn’t What’s Ruining Your Marriage

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) strikes again. At least that’s what New York Magazine’s Intelligencer wants us to believe. This time, instead of simply giving us images of screaming women baring their souls–and their bodies–in protest of President Trump, Intelligencer strikes at one of the foundations of our society, marriage. As crazy as it sounds, there are people using their hatred for the President as the reason to walk away from a relationship.

According to attorney Lois Brenner, after the election, people started arguing over politics. Since then, she’s litigated two–count them, two–divorces she claims were caused by disputes over President Trump.

Now, I don’t know about you, but two divorces in two years doesn’t sound like an epidemic to me. But, according to Intelligencer, it is. There’s more. (Isn’t there always?)

By now it’s a truism to point out that the election of Donald Trump and the #MeToo movement have prompted a wholesale realignment of American politics. But it’s also sent shock waves through heterosexual romance.”

Wow, who knew? I guess Intelligencer is still waiting for that blue wave everyone predicted for the mid-term elections. Through their blue colored glasses–they can’t have rose colored ones because it is too close to red–they see visions of Nancy Pelosi joining hands with Diane Feinstein as they lead Congress in purging all Conservatives just before they impeach the President and Justice Kavanaugh.

Until then, Intelligencer and other facets of the media will continue flogging the TDS train.

As they do with the bit about sending “shock waves through heterosexual romance.” Why just heterosexual romance? Don’t gay couples argue about politics? How about couples in multi-partner relationships?

What can make matters unworkable for couples whose viewpoints aren’t aligned, says Stephanie Coontz, a professor of family studies at Evergreen State College, is that Americans have become increasingly contemptuous of those who hold different positions on divisive political issues — and contempt is singularly destructive for long-term relationships. ‘Mary Matalin and James Carville,” says Coontz. “How the hell do they make it work?'”

They make it work by respecting one another. By admitting they might be wrong from time to time. By working to remain a happy, committed couple. In other words, they do it by being adults, something so many of those screaming in outrage over an election two years past refuse to do.

To support its position that TDS is causing irreparable damage to marriages–sorry, heterosexual romances–Intelligencer relates six case studies. The first is 56-year-old Kristen. Reading through her history, let’s just say she had some “issues”. Raised to look at everyone as equals, she laughed off schoolmates who used the n-word or who spoke negatively of Jews. She did this to fit in. She began drinking heavily. Later, so she wouldn’t rock the boat in art school, she  partied even more. Again, she did it to fit in. She admits to having what she calls a “major drinking problem.” She was raped at the fraternity house and didn’t say anything about it.

Sound familiar?

Now it starts to get interesting. She meets “Geoffrey”. Like her, he was a big drinker. They started going out. “It was a kind of revenge, that I could get a guy like the guy who raped me — I could get him to be nice to me. Looking back, it was all very strange.”

You think?

One marriage, a son and a divorce later, she finds Geoffrey on Facebook and hooks up with him again. Yep, you guessed it. They got married. Remember, this was the guy she revenge dated. Poor sap probably never knew that about their relationship.

I don’t think Geoffrey voted for Trump. But he might have voted for John Kasich or Jeb Bush. I think they’re all idiots. But I didn’t get involved in the Hillary campaign. I just knew she’d win. So when she didn’t, I fell into this black hole.”

Okay, another sign of trouble ahead. She couldn’t bother to get involved because she knew HRC would win. When she didn’t, poor Kristen couldn’t handle it. So she did what any perpetually butt-hurt woke person would do–she started a protest group. She was energized. She made posters. She organized a march. She wanted her husband to go with her but all he wanted to know was how much the posters cost.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I see a problem here. She doesn’t know who her husband voted for but she thinks it was a Republican. Now she wants him to join her in a protest march for a cause he probably didn’t agree with. And he’s the bad guy?

Talk about Clueless Camille.

Things started falling apart at home. Then a girlfriend of mine got cancer, and I realized if I got cancer, I would’ve lived my whole life pretending to be something I’m not. All of a sudden, I thought, I can’t be married anymore. There’s no time for complicity. There’s just none.”

Wait, what? Suddenly and without discussing potential problems in her marriage with her husband, she decides politics is more important than family. Geoffrey had no idea this was coming. He was shocked. (He should probably be thanking his lucky stars to be rid of her.) Her explanation to him for why she wanted a divorce?

I really wanted to work on making the world a better place, and I didn’t feel I could do that within the confines of our marriage.”

Talk about selfish. Geoffrey didn’t even have a chance to talk about ways they might save the union.

But it’s not just women leaving men who supported Trump.

Sarah, a military wife, said, “What’s funny is talking about the Trump election makes me more emotional than the end of my marriage.” Wow. How screwed up is that? “It breaks my heart whenever he says he’s lonely. But again, I’m like, You don’t have to be lonely if you want to put up street signs with me.”

So hubby stays home and cares for the kids while she goes off to find herself protesting Trump. But it is his fault for not sharing her passion. It’s his fault for being a realist and knowing that the Trump Administration won’t last forever. It’s his fault for not saying, “Yes, dear. I will do whatever you tell me to.”

The other stories have their own twists and turns but there is one common thread running throughout. The “woke” member of the relationship is too selfish and too juvenile to realize a marriage takes work and concessions on both sides. What will happen when Trump is no longer in office and these women suddenly realize what they gave up? (Assuming they do.) More to the point, how are they going to react if Trump runs for re-election and wins? What will they give up then?

They’ve already given up marriages or are contemplating doing so. They blame others for their own immaturity and lack of desire to work to save their relationships. And why?


Instead of stomping their feet, wearing their pink pussy hats and acting like spoiled brats, these women should consider what Terry Smith wrote this past July.

No matter how bad things get with the human disaster in the White House – and I have a hard time imagining it getting any worse (knock on wood) – I won’t let it come between family, friends, and other people whom I admire and respect. I kind of feel like that would be a win for the sorry bastard.”

Unfortunately, Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and driving those who never grew up out of their minds.


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  • scott says:

    I hope they’re right, and that this continues… not that these deranged wymmin need a husband to have a kid, but maybe if they do focus all their energies on politics instead of relationships, it’ll limit how prolific they are in reproduction, and it’ll decrease the numbers of the next generation of braindead leftists… just sayin..

    • Amanda Green says:

      Oh yeah. My concern, however, are for those who already have kids and what sort of example they are setting for them. I pray the fathers are stable and show them what it means to be a grown-up.

    • GWB says:

      Unfortunately, Scott, progressives reproduce through indoctrination, not necessarily through sexual means. To decrease the numbers of the next generation of braindead leftists, you have to remove the indoctrination.

      • scott says:

        Good points both of you. Mostly wishful thinking on my part i guess..

      • This We Defend says:

        Exactly! Proglarasites are asexual, but their primary propagation vector is via contagion.

        BTW, Ladies, really enjoy your blog-site….esp. the retro Greatest Gen vibe! Ran across it a while back by flow-through links, but forgot to book mark. Just remedied that.

      • Ashley Squishy says:

        Both assertions are true: that conservatives breed more than leftists, and that leftists still control the levers of indoctrination. The solution is to set up parallel institutions: businesses, schools, social media, and control of local governments where we can so that we can keep our children safe. Not an easy task. Not cheap. Going to have to be in it for the long haul, but absolutely necessary.

  • GWB says:

    New York Magazine’s Intelligencer
    Dang, when I saw this referenced elsewhere, I thought the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (motto: Seattle, Intelligent as a Post!) had come out of its doldrums.

    Why just heterosexual romance? Don’t gay couples argue about politics? How about couples in multi-partner relationships?
    Come now, Amanda! Those folks are all living in rightthink! Besides, we’re talking marriage here, and that is something much too precious to those who have just oh so recently won the right to it to be divorcing! Right? And, of course all those poor polyamorous relationships are illegal, still! Won’t someone have pity on those who have too-much-love-for-one-partner folks and let them experience the high rates of divorce in our society?
    (Too much snark this early?)

    It’s his fault for not saying, “Yes, dear. I will do whatever you tell me to.”
    Sadly, that has been true in a lot of relationships for a very long time. On both sides of the aisle.

  • Wfjag says:

    Kristen’s story sounds suspiciously like it was lifted from the plot of the movie The Days of Wine and Roses.

  • Bandit says:

    By now it’s a truism to point out that the election of Donald Trump and the #MeToo movement have prompted a wholesale realignment of American politics. But it’s also sent shock waves through heterosexual romance.”

    Maybe it changed for emotionally damaged proggies – it certainly hasn’t affected me

  • Tom G says:

    It was “Bush Derangement Syndrome” when it was coined by Krauthammer in 2003, and it was basically the same as Reagan DS, Nixon DS, and very recently Kavanaugh DS.

    It needs to be renamed, just like Gay Man’s Disease was renamed.

    Democrat Derangement Syndrome is what it is, and it’s real, and it’s bad.
    When Dems think Reps are “evil”, even when those Dems are atheists.

    Those Dems are Deranged, and they should be called on it, and laughed at for it.
    Even shamed for it, as this quite good post does a good job.

    These folks are sick, sick with Democrat Derangement Syndrome.

  • […] blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the notion that TDS and ruined […]

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