A Lutheran Looks at the Pennsylvania Priest Scandal. [VIDEO]

A Lutheran Looks at the Pennsylvania Priest Scandal. [VIDEO]

Since I’m a lifelong Lutheran, of the conservative Missouri Synod variety, you might think I’d be indifferent about the massive priest scandal in Pennsylvania. After all, it’s “not my circus, not my monkeys,” as the saying goes. In fact, I just might view it with a bit of Schadenfreude. See, Luther was right!

Clinton Ally Governor McAuliffe’s PAC Donated To Wife Of FBI Official [VIDEO]

Gosh darn it, those Democrats are just like a small town community! You just go to meet a random candidate to try and talk her into running…

Bill Clinton Attacks GOP and Media for Hillary’s Scandals

Bill Clinton Attacks GOP and Media for Hillary’s Scandals

Bill Clinton is very, very upset. He sees Hillary’s poll numbers tanking, and is going into full blame-everyone-else mode, attacking Republicans and the media for his wife’s…

Former Obama Advisor David Axelrod: No ‘Major Scandal’ For Obama In Past Six Years

This is why I support mandatory drug testing in most areas of life, especially politics. “I’m proud of the fact that basically you’ve had an administration that…

Anti-War Prez Obama Orders “Military Support” to Syrian Al-Qaeda Linked Rebels

Using Syrian President’s Bashar al-Assad’s reported use of chemical weapons (the missing WMD from Iraq?) on his own citizens as a catalyst, a “red line” Obama said…

SQUIRREL! Scandal Plagued Obama Claims No Large-Scale Terrorist Attacks Since 9/11; Ignores Fort Hood, Benghazi, and Boston

In what can be regarded as an attempt to SQUIRREL! deflect from the numerous scandals currently plaguing his administration, on Thursday Mr. Obama asserted during a national security…

BREAKING: Marcela Hoeven looks good in a bikini

The Other McCain brings us the scandal of the day. Liberals always like to act shocked that conservative women can be sexy and conservative. Remember the “scandal”…

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