Debbie Delays Debates

Debbie Delays Debates

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is being a good middle school campaign manager. She is making sure Mrs. Clinton can skate away from icky questions and debates with the mean boys. Unfortunately, Little Debbie is not campaigning for her bestie to be class rep: she is representing the Democratic Party. In case Little Debbie forgot, this is a primary season for your party to select who they want to be President of the United States. The debates are supposed to give the voters a chance to see and hear from the candidates. And even hear answers to scary questions.

Martin O’Malley who is a marginal candidate according to the polls is on the lack of debates like a Pit Bull chasing a truck full of steak. On Friday in the Hill there was this:

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley thinks the Democratic Party’s decision to limit the number of primary debates is tantamount to rigging the nomination process.

Bill Clinton Claims He Will Stop Paid Speeches if Hillary Wins White House

Bill Clinton Claims He Will Stop Paid Speeches if Hillary Wins White House

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