Iran Executes Wrestler Who Claimed Torture

Iran Executes Wrestler Who Claimed Torture

This is your regularly scheduled reminder that Iran is an evil dictatorship.

Gaza Children Act Out IDF Soldier Execution – At School [VIDEO]

Gaza Children Act Out IDF Soldier Execution – At School [VIDEO]

Will there ever be peace between Israel and Gaza? Not as long as young children are being raised as sheep for the slaughter by Hamas – and…

ISIS Kills Its Members In Search For Informants

ISIS Kills Its Members In Search For Informants

As ISIS is losing ground in both Iraq and Syria, it is also losing top-ranking leaders in targeted drone strikes. It turns out that as the U.S.-led…

ISIS Releases Video Claiming to Have Executed Ethiopian Christians

While not confirmed as authentic yet, ISIS has released yet another video. This time, they are claiming to have killed 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. From the…

ISIS Executes Teenage Boys for the Crime of Watching Soccer

This morning, while watching the news during breakfast, a story was reported which disgusted and sickened me. In Mosul, Iraq, ISIS rounded up and executed  thirteen teenage boys…

#NYPD: Officers Identified, Perp Identified, Obama and Holder Say What?

The two NYPD officers killed yesterday have been formally identified as Officer Wenjian Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos. They leave behind grieving families and a family of…

Two #NYPD Cops Executed, Killer Commits Suicide

The details are just coming in, but what is clear is that two NYPD officers were gunned down in their police vehicle earlier today. The perpetrator then…

ISIS Wants $1 Million For James Foley’s Body

This has to rank up there with one of the more grotesque news items I’ve read recently. As readers will remember, James Foley, American journalist, was beheaded…

Hashtag is the New Red Ribbon

Twitter is a unique form of modern social communication, in that the “average” person can communicate directly with celebrities and people in power without going through any…

What Disturbs Obama Should Bother Us All

There is no question that the execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma last Tuesday was botched from a medical standpoint.  According to the state’s prison chief, officials…

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