Theresa May Stayed Silent About Iran-Backed Bomb Factory In London

Theresa May Stayed Silent About Iran-Backed Bomb Factory In London

The craptastic Iran Deal continues to reap negative dividends. First, per Legal Insurrection, we find out that the U.S. has sanctioned Iran’s largest oil company because of it supports the terrorist designated Islamic Revolutionary Guards. But that’s not all. Iran-backed terrorists stockpiled tons of explosives in  a London suburb in 2015. Did Theresa May tell anyone in government? No. She stayed silent.

Toddler Boy’s Body Washes Up on Turkish Shore (Photos, video)

Toddler Boy’s Body Washes Up on Turkish Shore (Photos, video)

These photos shocked the world today, as images of a drowned toddler flashed across the internet. The little boy was one of two Kurdish brothers who were…

GITMO Prisoner To Be Released With Some Righteous Cash

Apparently we’re not the only English-speaking nation with politically correct lunatics running the show. The once-great nation of Britain, who staved off the Nazis at the Battle…

ISIS Executes Teenage Boys for the Crime of Watching Soccer

This morning, while watching the news during breakfast, a story was reported which disgusted and sickened me. In Mosul, Iraq, ISIS rounded up and executed  thirteen teenage boys…

Secret Service was Never Asked to Prepare for Obama to Travel for the Paris March

The Obama administration has been taking a lot of heat for skipping out on the Paris March, while leaders from around the world walked arm in arm…

After the Vote – Scotland and the World React

Despite a huge media focus on the referendum vote in Scotland, the aftermath of the vote has been surprisingly subdued. While the exit polls were proved correct,…

Barack Obama and David Cameron want you to know – ISIS is not Islamic

David Cameron spoke yesterday on the horrific beheading of David Haines: “They are not Muslims. They are monsters.” I completely agree with the his use of the…

No Statement From Obama on Execution of James Foley

The nation has been in shock since the news broke of the alleged beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley. An American civilian was murdered by a…

Britain’s Immigration Woes, and David Cameron’s Effort to Stop the Freeloading – Will It Be Enough?

It’s not just us. The British have an immigration problem, too. All of the EU nations are subject to “free movement laws,” which allow for citizens of…

An Open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron on the Jihadi attack in Woolwich

Dear Prime Minister, Let me start this letter by thanking you for your initial, well thought out and true initial comments on the Jihadi attack in Woolwich…

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