Trump Trigger Bingo: It’s What to Play While Watching the Oscars.

Trump Trigger Bingo: It’s What to Play While Watching the Oscars.

If Jodie Foster’s “Resistance” rant which she spewed yesterday is any indication, tonight’s Academy Awards show should be an exemplar of Hollywood’s leftist lunacy at its finest. And just so you know, she gave her speech in Beverly Hills. Let that sink in.

I’d like to see her try this in Texas:

So in the spirit of the Oscars, we present our Victory Girls Trump Trigger Bingo. You can use traditional chips, or perhaps shots and chasers. We stand for liberty here. There’s no shaming on how you choose to play the game.

Click to enlarge.

I know, I know — many of you would rather have your lips sewn to the carpet than watch the Oscars. But it could be entertaining to tally up the loony comments which will be repeated ad nauseam by a crowd that prides itself on “art.”

Because “speaking truth to power” by coddled actors in front of hundreds of equally coddled actors who think the same is so brave. Or something.

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