Sullivan Becomes Season Ticketholder On TDS Train

Sullivan Becomes Season Ticketholder On TDS Train

Sullivan Becomes Season Ticketholder On TDS Train

Several days ago, Andrew Sullivan published a piece in which he tempts fate by dreaming of a landslide. Before you get excited, it isn’t a Trump landslide he wants. Instead, he goes off the same rails he accuses the President of flying off of and he does so from the opening paragraph. This, my friends, is what Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like.

Before you finish the first paragraph of the piece, you know Sullivan’s agenda: the complete and utter destruction of any chance for a Trump second term. You can almost see him foaming at the mouth as he calls Trump “seriously sick and unstable”, and that’s just the beginning. From accusing him of taking part in a “super-spreader viral event” to destroying the first presidential debate to walking away from the stimulus negotiations to encouraging “the country to let the coronavirus rip some more”, Sullivan is all but jumping up and down and screaming “Orange man bad!”

And how conveniently he forgets little things like Pelosi refusing to consider any of the stimulus suggestions Trump has sent to her. Why? Because those suggestions were specific and didn’t include her pet projects. But that’s okay because Orange Man bad in the eyes of Sullivan and his ilk.

But let’s move on. If I try to dissect every accusation in just the first paragraph, we’ll be here forever.

The Mussolini photo-op, like a bad reality show finale, revealed a figure like Krusty the Clown, finished but still performing, gasping under inches of make-up, dead inside apart from regular swoons of rage and resentment, saluting the air.


No, WTF?!?

Well, I guess we should be thankful Sullivan didn’t call him Hitler. He just found another dictator and offered no context, no support, no nothing except–again–ORANGE MAN BAD!

Ah, now we finally get to his point. He wants a landslide win. After all, Biden is leading in the polls. That means he might get 400 or more Electoral College votes. Polls are great! And, miracle of miracles, the Harris-Pence debate “firmly established Harris’ credentials as a possible president.”

(That sound you hear is me laughing hysterically while simultaneously pounding my head against the desktop.)

There are two major flaws with Sullivan’s beliefs about the polls and the debate. Let’s start with the polls. Does anyone remember the polls leading into the 2016 election? I do. Almost every one relied upon by the MSM had Hillary in the lead. Remember how they were all proclaiming her Madam President long before the election results started coming in. Now remember one very important fact about polls: they are easily manipulated and the media uses them to manipulate the public. The key is that we started wising up four years ago. Here’s hoping we haven’t taken a step backwards.

As for his comment about the debate, pardon me while I laugh some more. All that debate did was show Kamala smirking and grinning and showing that she had no intention of being satisfied with just being VP. But a guy’s gotta project when he’s in full TDS.

A Biden win would be a reprieve for the country; a Biden landslide would be an American miracle.

When did Sullivan start hating the U.S. so much? The only reprieve a Biden win would be is a reprieve for our enemies. Biden will not be a strong president. He will not be able to stand up against our enemies and he has already shown he is willing to embrace the ideals of the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. (Remember, they are part of his election team, helping write his platform.) And all that assumes he remains as president and doesn’t step down, fall ill, or worse. All of which would lead to a Harris presidency.

As for a landslide being an American miracle, nope. The only thing it would be is confirmation of everything Trump and others have been saying: election fraud is real and must be combatted against. There is a reason why liberals are rabidly against voter ID laws and have been pushing for universal mail-in ballots.

You knew he’d throw it in somewhere and here it comes. He alludes, pretty damned broadly, that Whites are responsible for the Trump presidency. How conveniently he forgets the number of minority votes the President received in 2016. But here’s the irony. Look at this comment and tell me that it isn’t the ultimate of white privilege to not only take credit for Trump but to then take responsibility for stopping the evil that is the Orange Man.

[A landslide win] would suggest, especially if older whites come round some more, that the future need not be one of spiraling racial polarization, but of multiracial support for liberal democracy, its norms, and practices.

So, older whites are wrong to support Trump. Older whites will be the saviors of all peoples if they “wake up” and vote for Biden. Let’s replace one older white man with another older white man and all things will be wonderful in the state of TDS.

Sullivan’s framing of Biden’s Gettysberg speech is, well, special. Not only did he obviously drink from the same cup as CNN where the speech is concerned, Sullivan all but frames Biden as this generation’s Lincoln. Elect him and end our term of slavery to the evil Orange Man. Biden will bring in immediate stimulus payments, green energy legislation and sooooo much more.

I hate to tell Sullivan this but we live in a republic. A president can only do so much with executive orders. Unless Biden miraculously found himself with a Congress ruled in both houses by the Dems, he’d be facing an uphill battle. Then there’s this pesky little problem the Democratic Party has: the Bernie followers who have taken his message of socialism and plan to expand it. AOC and friends make no bones about the fact they will try to oust any sitting Dem who doesn’t embrace their socialist agenda.

Does Sullivan really believe Biden is strong enough to weather that sort of political in-fighting within his own party?

His answer to this?

A landslide matters because it gives Biden a much bigger mandate to govern from the center; it matters because it would add more non-leftist Democrats to the House, weakening the extreme left; it matters because if former Republicans and Independents give Biden a hefty margin of victory, Congressional Republicans might feel some small pressure, in the wake of their party’s collapse, to acquiesce for a while at least.

Again, all I can do is shake my head. How would a landslide victory give a mandate to govern from the center when Biden bowed down and let Bernie and friends formulate much of his political platform? How will it add more non-leftist Dems to the House? What was he smoking when he wrote all this?

Sullivan has sunk so far into TDS that it isn’t funny. What’s truly sad is there are so many who are buying into this sort of argument without actually looking at what’s happened under Trump’s administration. Nor are they looking at what this country under a Biden/Harris administration would look like.

I’ll admit that I’m hoping for a landslide victory as well. But my dream is for a Trump landslide–and I’m not a big Trump fan. A Trump win, especially a large Trump win, will be a very direct and loud message to Pelosi and company that the country is tired of being held hostage. We are tired of the liberals trying to grow big government into a very real manifestation of Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984. We are tired of the Dems doing all they can to take away our constitutional rights to free speech, freedom to assemble, the right to own and bear arms, to name a few.

Remember who wants to limit what we can say and think. Remember who wants to erase all thought that doesn’t conform to what they feel is “right”. They want us to get “woke” and don’t care if we go broke.

Don’t buy into the rhetoric of the likes of Sullivan and others of his ilk. But don’t get complacent either. Vote. Let them hear your voice. Be active. Be vigilent. Be aware and prepared.

Welcome, Instapundit readers!

Featured image: Joe Biden Caricature by Donkeyhotey. Creative Commons 2.0 licensing.

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  • Cameron says:

    That poor little heterophobe.

  • Scott says:

    ” to acquiesce for a while at least.”.. Liar or a fool? Tat’s exactly what repubs have been doing for decades, at least until President Trump was elected.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    The polls four years ago were fairly accurate for the popular vote. If I’m remembering correctly, Clinton’s margin of victory in the popular vote was within the margin of victory indicated by most polls. It was polls in certain states that were off. We’ll just have to wait and see how accurate the polls are this time for both the popular vote and the electoral college (state by state) vote.

    I thought both Pence and Harris did okay in the debate. In my opinion, neitherr really stood out and neither failed. Whe the deabte was over, I thought that Biden supproters were going to say that Harris won and Trump supporters were going to say that Pence won. Surprise, suprise! My prediction about the responses to the debate was correct.

    • Amanda Green says:

      They were accurate that she would win. They weren’t accurate to the degree. Nor did they–or the media–discuss how that could differ from the electoral vote until it became evident Shrillery had put her attention on the wrong states or had managed to lose ground there. As for the debates, isn’t that how it goes with every debate in every election?

      • GWB says:

        isn’t that how it goes with every debate in every election?
        Yes. He’s claiming wisdom on that point. Pointing it out to us rubes.

  • MBunge says:

    The worst part of it all is that Sullivan will HATE a Biden Presidency and he knows it. He KNOWS a Biden Presidency will be a disaster. But all Sullivan can focus on is that Donald Trump doesn’t mindlessly embrace the same social mores of rich white people like Andrew Sullivan.

    I mean, when has Sullivan ever given a flip about black, Latino, or other minority Americans? Seriously. The dude has been a public pundit since the mid-1980s and in that roughly 35 years, how many times has Andrew Sullivan had ANYTHING to say about race in America…outside the Bell Curve, that is. Yet now he’s terribly concerned about racial polarization?


    • Amanda Green says:

      Mike, I couldn’t agree more.

      What’s worse, this is what will happen where most of those who have jumped on the Orange Man Bad train are concerned. They are so wrapped up in their hatred of all things Trump that they don’t see the danger of the candidate (not to mention party) they are supporting. So when (please don’t let it be when) Biden wins and we eventually have Harris in the Oval Office because that writing’s on the wall, they will wonder what happened and conveniently forget how they helped put those two there.

  • MarkInKansas says:

    Like the alcoholic, like the opioid addict, like any other mentally ill individual needing intervention, the Trump-Hater (TM) must first recognize he or she has a problem before he or she can obtain relief from the affliction. Most of the Trump-Haters (TM) unfortunately will go to their grave having never achieved understanding of the nature of their affliction.

    It’s a shame.

  • GWB says:

    Because those suggestions were specific and didn’t include her pet projects.
    We really need a constitutional amendment that restricts all legislation to a single purpose. You want to pass a relief bill (no matter how otherwise unconstitutional)? Fine, put together a specific relief bill. You want to fund some things? Then put together a bill for each item to be funded and pass them.

    I guess we should be thankful Sullivan didn’t call him Hitler.
    Actually, I’m more thankful he’s not investigating Trump’s uterus. Or Melania’s. Or whether or not Barron is really his. Because Sullivan has definitely been down that side road before. This is actually a move toward sanity for him.

    she had no intention of being satisfied with just being VP
    I think she’s one of those women who works to gain power simply to “show those people”. She might not be as communist as some of the other choices for Democrats. But she will be vindictive and grasping and there will be a bunny in every pot in America.

    Sullivan all but frames Biden as this generation’s Lincoln.
    Well, if you consider Lincoln’s primary trait now is that he’s dead, Sullivan might be right.

    I hate to tell Sullivan this but we live in a republic.
    Borderline (de facto). And, technically, Sullivan still wants us to live in a republic – a banana republic.

    it matters because
    Yep. He’s slipped back into fantasy land.

    especially a large YUGE Trump win
    FIFY 😉

    Let them hear your voice.
    Including evangelizing and educating others!

    • Cameron says:

      We really need a constitutional amendment that restricts all legislation to a single purpose.

      I can get behind that and I’m reluctant to suggest amending the Constitution.

      and there will be a bunny in every pot in America.

      Good reference. Well done, sir.

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