#StopIranRally: Thousands Rally in NYC Against Iran Nuke Deal (VIDEO)

#StopIranRally: Thousands Rally in NYC Against Iran Nuke Deal (VIDEO)

#StopIranRally: Thousands Rally in NYC Against Iran Nuke Deal (VIDEO)

Here’s another event our MSM apparently completely ignored as it was happening live (Fox is finally covering it this morning):

While we’re distracted by Caitlyn Jenner, which NBA player (insert “K” name here) Kardashian is divorcing this week, and the PINO’s weekend stroll in the park (while glossing over the terrorist attack that preceded it), thousands of people rallied in New York City last evening against Barack Obama’s horrible, gawd-awful, very-bad Iran nuke deal. Here was the scene:

And none other than retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West made an appearance, and one heckuva grand speech:


Those who were in attendance are described as “bi-partisan.” I’m guessing that’s because not wanting the “leading terror sponsor,” the very same country that chants “Death to America” as frequently as Samuel L. Jackson drops F-bombs, getting their mitts on a nuclear arsenal is not a partisan issue.

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Just don’t hold your breath waiting for the lapdog Congress to stop this train wreck. Here’s my prediction: Congress will reject the deal; Obama will pull out his pen and scribble VETO on any bill blocking implementation in bright-red ObamaInk; both houses of Congress will fail to override the veto; and then the Republicans will point their fingers at the Democrats and blame them for not stopping the headlong dive into nuclear proliferation that will inevitably begin in the Middle East.

So while thousands rallied in NYC to stop Obama’s dangerous nuke deal with Iran, mirroring the concerns of millions of Americans, Congress’ response to public outcry will likely by the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Only this time, the fate of the entire world is in their hands.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Bi-partisan? You mean some of those idiot sheeple who would vote for Obama von Bismarck 10 times and more if they could realize that Iranian nukes might end up killing THEM too???? Good God we may have some hope after all!

    But I think your prediction shall come to pass. When it does I wonder who helps Saudi Arabia with ITS nuclear arsenal? Being a major foe of Tehran they too will want nukes to keep the Shiite heretics at bay.

    • Jodi says:

      Israel, perhaps? Strange bedfellows these days.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        That’s what I was thinking. There’s been evidence in the past of secret cooperation between them. The Saudis know Israel isn’t going to nuke them despite all their public hostility-those crazy Iranians on the other hand are another story altogether. Tehran is Riyadh’s chief rival for influence in the region-Israel merely sits on the sidelines in that rivalry.

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