Squad Members “BREATHE” Fumes of Reform

Squad Members “BREATHE” Fumes of Reform

Squad Members “BREATHE” Fumes of Reform

Yesterday, Squad members Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley announced a new bill aimed at reforming well, pretty much everything that keeps our country safe. The BREATHE Act aims to not only “reform” the police but do away with ICE, the DEA and “establish a reparations program for African Americans and people harmed by the police and the criminal justice system.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

While some police reform is needed, what BREATHE does is basically throw the baby out with the bath water. It assumes all police, or at least the vast majority of them, are corrupt and bent with prejudice. It assumes there will be no issues if no one is enforcing our immigration laws and there is no real penalty for violating them. It assumes these members of the Squad can pull the wool over the eyes of the American public at a time when so many politicians and academics are bending over backwards to show just how much they support the Black Lives Matter movement, whether they really do or not.

Here are some of the specifics from BREATHE and heaven help us if this ever makes its way into law:

It would  ban the use of “predictive policing”. In other words, no profiling, something many courts have already ruled is not a valid tool of law enforcement.

It would ban facial recognition technologies and drones. Facial rec has been controversial as a law enforcement tool from its inception. However, it is a tech that is everywhere. Our phones and computers use it. TSA uses it and will be expanding the program in our airports. Businesses use it on a daily basis. But law enforcement isn’t supposed to use it, at least according to Tlaib and company. I guess they don’t want those with outstanding warrants or those who are wanted for questioning by the police to be worried about walking down the street with the law abiding citizens these two so-called congresswomen are supposed to represent.

As for drones, I guess they don’t want law enforcement using them to fly over their backyards or follow them when they are in public. Of course, the problem with the demand to ban drones is that is completely ignores the fact law enforcement officers can surveil someone from helicopters or planes. So what’s the big deal with drones? (Other than the fact they are smaller, easier to overlook and cheaper than either a copter or plane?)

They want to ban the use of “ankle monitors, smartphone applications and any other tool used to track location”. Yes, you read that right. They want law enforcement to have no way of knowing where potentially violent offenders or those who present a flight risk are. So much for protecting the public. Let’s just give the crooks a master key to every home and every business and tell them to take whatever they want.

There’s more what really brought me up short were the proposals to “abolish mandatory minimum sentencing laws, end life sentences, repeal federal laws that criminalize border entry and decriminalize drug offenses.” In other words, let’s forget about punishing people for wrong acts that are in violation of our laws. Forget about locking away the sexual predator who is a repeat offender. Forget about protecting our children from those sons of bitches who would try to hook them on drugs.

And Tlaib has the audacity to claim it will bring in “a new version for public safety — a new vision for public safety, one that protects and affirms black lives.”

Too bad for anyone she represents who isn’t Black. It is clear she is putting their welfare ahead of everyone else, no matter what the circumstances.

This bill would not only defund the police but hamstring them as well as every other law enforcement agency in the nation. It would make it next to impossible not only to enforce our laws but to have anyone take those laws seriously. Someone should tell Tlaib and company that the movie “The Purge” and its sequels aren’t handbooks for what we want the country to become.

Or is that exactly what The Squad and those like them want? We’ve seen over the last few months what happens when law enforcement isn’t allowed to do its job. We’ve seen the destruction of private property and the loss of life when politicians have been too weak or cowardly to stand up to the mob. Tlaib and company don’t want reform, they want revolution.

Fortunately, Tlaib, the other members of The Squad and those like them are the minority, even in the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi is not onboard with the feds stepping in to the extent BREATHE would have them do. The Speaker said it was up to local governments to “reallocate police funds”. I am not a fan of Pelosi but on this we are in agreement. We don’t need Big Brother telling our local police departments how to spend their monies. The local departments and local governments best know the needs of the community. Besides, local politicians are more likely to pay attention to what their constituents want, especially in light of recall elections, local media pressure and the fact their friends and neighbors can and will take up residence in their offices if they aren’t satisfied with what’s going on in the town.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a need for a serious discussion about police reform. But it should be reform that 1) doesn’t put those living in our communities at risk and 2) doesn’t hamstring law enforcement to the point there will be no deterrent to crime. When you have city councils for places like Atlanta, which has been ground zero in the current unrest, spending a full day and well into the night listening to what their citizens have to say on the topic, you should take heed. That is especially true of those politicians sititng in their vaunted offices in Washington DC. The city is taking the situation seriosly. It is listening to the concerns of the people who live there. They know what the city needs and what it can handle budgetarily. In other words, it doesn’t need Congress telling it what it can and can’t do.

This bill will not “breathe” life into police reform. It certainly won’t help make our safer tomorrow than it is today. What it will do, if we’re unfortunate for it to become law, is make our country a lot less safe. Don’t believe me? Look at how quickly Seattle’s CHOP zone fell to crime, intimidation and filth. This is the “utopia” Tlaib and other would have all of us enduring.

In fact, the name for the bill gives a whole new meaning to BLM’s rallying cry of “Help! I can’t breathe” because none of us will be able to breathe, at least not easily, if criminals are given a free rein and all the cops are sent home with pink slips.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather breathe easily and work on meaningful police reform than to throw the baby out with the proverbial bathwater.

Featured Image: Official portrait of Rashida Tlaib. Public domain image.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    I wonder if they’ll accept the fact that the dismantling of the oppressive system means the INSTANT halt to all their
    tax payer based income, and IMMEDIATE removal of their “proxy” vote in debate and legislature.

    • Amanda Green says:

      Of course not. It’s like what we saw in Seattle. The mayor was all for the “people’s front” or whatever the hell they called it until they showed up at her front door. Then she was suddenly focused on shutting down the protests and having folks go home. Those like Tlaib won’t understand how bad their policies are until they rear up and bite them, literally and not figuratively, on the ass.

      • GWB says:

        I think their (the “Squad”) example is different. They have protection from a totally different jurisdiction than the people who will suffer. And the Dems/progs will never show up at their door. And the folks who might show up and demand satisfaction will be immediately treated as terrorists.

        At least that’s what they’re thinking IMO.

  • Scott says:

    Is there anyone dumb enough to not see that these evil “women” hate America and want to destroy her? They should all be investigated and prosecuted for their crimes, including supporting terrorists, immigration fraud, and more.
    Of course the real problem is that people are stupid enough to vote for them. This is what happens when you import losers from third world shitholes. They’re so ignorant that all they do is try to recreate the hell that they came from.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I agree with your first paragraph and not your second. A lot of those who vote for the likes of AOC are young voters who haven’t been taught by their parents or by the education system–and I use that term loosely–that there are consequences to their actions and the premise of TANSTAAFL.

      • GWB says:

        I agree with the first sentence of the second paragraph.
        But, yeah, it’s much more the fault of the mal-educated morons that grew up here than the crappy folks we import. (Yes, we import some crappy ones along with the really great ones.)

      • Scott says:

        Amanda, for AOC, I agree, but for Omar, they’re mostly somali’s, and Talib has a number of palestinians in her district. These were the ones I was talking about. But no question, the parents of all of them, and the “education” system failed them all miserably.

  • GWB says:

    establish a reparations program for African Americans and people harmed by the police and the criminal justice system
    That’s the tell. It’s not about properly structuring to obtain justice or to ensure a free, peaceful republic. It’s about buying votes to retain power.

    While some police reform is needed
    But not on a national scale. Let the states do it, and handle failures that violate civil rights or violate the right of the people to have a republic on a state-by-state basis.
    But, if you commit federalism, of course you can’t have ALL THE POWER. Which is their ultimate goal.

    Other than the fact
    They are also SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, and they can actually fit down city streets and fly up under your eaves. Helicopters and airplanes can’t easily do those things.

    I will agree with the numpties that facial recognition is a massive privacy invader, as are drones in most cases. I think that neither should be allowed without at least a warrant or a “hot pursuit”.

    They want to ban the use of “ankle monitors, smartphone applications and any other tool used to track location”.
    Well, I agree with the tools used to track location for a free citizen. Criminals, OTOH….
    You know, though, I’m not a real fan of ankle monitors, either. I prefer they be in prison – a real one, with walls and guards and guns and stuff.

    abolish mandatory minimum sentencing laws, end life sentences, repeal federal laws that criminalize border entry and decriminalize drug offenses
    BIG fan of mandatory sentencing. I don’t even think victim and perp “impact statements” should be allowed. The dude broke the law, and he does X amount of time*.
    Big fan of ending life sentences – but only if the death penalty is reinstated and handed out consistently for murder and rape (established by adequate evidence and/or witnesses). And that mandatory thing, so no one gets anything under “life” for those crimes.
    I think illegal border crossing shouldn’t be criminal, either. I think it should always be treated as an invasion, and lethal force should be used to discourage it when necessary. Same as my house. You break and enter, you get the bayonet.
    And I do think we should decriminalize drug offenses – at least possession for adults. However, I think we should provide harsh penalties for those, say, totally doped out and caring for a child, or driving under the influence, or anything else with potential real-world consequences for the otherwise innocent.

    (* I have a long bit on how I would entirely restructure our penal system to make it more equitable and less… gang-training. It would require a shift of mindset among two large groups of people, though – but mostly the ACLU-types.)

    the sexual predator who is a repeat offender
    Well, I have a question: if he’s what we all think of as a “sexual predator”* how is it possible he’s a repeat offender? He should never be given the chance to repeat. (Of course, “sexual predator” is also one of those terms used very broadly to encompass anyone who might be the wrong kind of sexual deviant, and anytime you hear it you should demand to know the specifics.)

    a new version for public safety
    Well, yes. The new “safety” would look a lot like the one the French tried in the late 18th century. Or the one in any of several books: 1984, Brave New World, Farenheit 451….

    It is clear she is putting [black’s] welfare ahead of everyone else
    Oh please. They’re just pawns. She’s not interested in their welfare. She’s just using them as leverage to gain and hold power.

    hamstring … every other law enforcement agency in the nation
    Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing when it comes to the apparently hundreds of federal regulatory cops that exist to eat out our substance and enable the whims of the tyrant.

    Nancy Pelosi is not onboard
    Well…. She probably is, in one sense, but she knows they screwed up and the deplorables aren’t yet ready to be yoked to the utopian gov’t plow.

    doesn’t hamstring law enforcement to the point there will be no deterrent to crime
    When we stop outsourcing that to the police, the police will end up adequately reformed. People need to take responsibility, and their local gov’ts need to get out of the way.

    throw the baby out with the proverbial bathwater
    Why shouldn’t you be allowed to do that? How dare you judge me on my choices as a woman! (I’ll identify for purposes of this.) OK, I needed that bit of snark.

    Any national solution to problems that aren’t nationwide need to be smacked down so hard they won’t rise for another 20 years. (Then we smack them down again – it’s good electoral exercise.) And anyone claiming “systemic anything” that needs to be eradicated should be caned like they dropped their gum on a Singapore sidewalk.

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