Spicer and the image of the Trump Presidency

Spicer and the image of the Trump Presidency

Spicer and the image of the Trump Presidency

Image and Optics are important. Branding is important and these are what people think of when they hear a brand name. For example, Tom’s shoes makes you think of comfy shoes and doing good because that is how the shoes are presented. Ads work the same way. If I drink this beer/wear this shirt/take this medication (prescription) then my life will be super happy is the meme that ads present. Unfortunately, the Trump administration forgot a crucial piece: your spokesman needs to be the best of the best and be a great representative of your brand.

Sean Spicer comes across at best as a bit thin-skinned and whiney. Spicer, by making fun of reporter April Ryan Tuesday, missed a moment to redefine the Trump presidency’s brand. The issue was described by CNN here:

Ryan asked: How does this administration try to revamp its image?

This should be an easy answer for Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, both of whom have dealt with public relations nightmares and bounced back. Unfortunately, Spicer did not keep his temper and things went bad fast. And let’s be honest: he acted the fool.

Spicer’s response was among his most combative, full of push-back. He referenced Russian salad dressing, and offered the SNL-ready line, “please stop shaking your head.” Spicer was evasive, short-tempered and dismissive. His answer only underscored Ryan’s assessment of this administration’s image problem.


Note To Mr. Spicer: being defensive with the press is blood in shark-infested waters, buddy. This is not Twitter. And you are speaking for the POTUS. I am guessing SNL writers doing the happy dance means you did that wrong. Baghdad Bob is shaking his head in dismay somewhere. But why is this important?

In politics, image is everything. And probably even more so for this President, who is clearly enamored of the performative part of the presidency, if not the policy demands.

Backhanded compliment to be sure, but true. And Spicer decided to be nice the next day, but first impressions are everything. Hillary jumped all over this, as did the mainstream media. When given a sure target, what do you think the media will do?

Spicer is a Yuuuge part of the Trump image. He seriously needs to step back and watch his own videos sometime.

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  • parker says:

    IMO Spicer, Bannon, Comey, and the weasel head of the IRS need to be shown the door.

  • Gail Boer says:

    Exactly. Bringing your own gators does not exactly drain the swamp. 🙂 Hope things get better I truly do.

  • Tony says:

    Spicer was out of his league for this job not to mention a stereotypical white male. I really hate the politics of perception but reality is people are shallow and what they feel is based on what they see, which here was a white man going after a black woman. Trump played right into the Trump is racist and hates women bs. Trump basically made Spicer the media, celebrity, academia, comedian, activist, blog, whipping boy.

    Trump needed a strong woman in this job. Someone not afraid to expose the world to the true stories of people hurting everyday in this country because of 50+ years of socialism. A woman that stands her ground not because it’s her job but because she knows she is right and has the facts to back her up. That woman is out there and Trump’s first big mistake was not hiring her.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Trump either made Spicer his court jester deliberately or was seriously in a bubble and did not get what the role of press secretary actually means in the context of the office he holds. Trump picked a thin skinned guy who is an SNL writer’s dream for whatever reason and it has damaged his brand by doing so.

      Trump hiring that woman you describe would be brilliant and so far his picks have been family or Bannon groupies. I wish he was able to hire someone awesome like you describe (a woman who can tell the tales without being a Shannon Watts like harpie no less) but he made a choice of Spicer.

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