Speaker Pelosi Concerned By Militarized Police

Speaker Pelosi Concerned By Militarized Police

Speaker Pelosi Concerned By Militarized Police

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sent a letter to President Donald Trump seeking clarification on the personnel deployed on the streets of Washington, D.C.. She is concerned by the militarization of the police on the streets.

Speaker Pelosi is possibly the most craven politician living today. Hillary runs a close second, but Nan is, by far, in the lead. Given that Impeachment 1.0 didn’t work, Impeachment 2.0 is on hold, the economy destroying pandemic incarceration is a bust, and the 17 year locusts haven’t shown up yet, Pelosi is going to politicize the death of George Floyd and the following riots to try to gin up anger at Donald Trump. In that vein, the Speaker sent a letter requesting clarification of the deployed personnel on the streets of the Capitol.

Here is the YouTube video of her announcing the letter:

It’s interesting that Nan chose to wear Pepto Bismol pink. Watching her speak gives me nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and intestinal distress. She looks at the letter as if she has never seen a letter before. The Speaker says, and this is important because she says so, that the personnel are deployed without name tags or unit identification. I have no experience in law enforcement, but that might be for the protection of the personnel, and their families, given the violence that some of the rioters have proven themselves capable of wreaking.

You can read Pelosi’s full letter here.

Although Nancy states:

“As peaceful people all over the country turn out to honor the memory of George Floyd and protest for change, we must ensure that their safety and their constitutional rights are being respected,” Pelosi said.

It would never occur to the wealthy Californian Pelosi that the security is on hand to protect the peaceful protesters from the outside agitators and their pallets of bricks. Whether Nancy is in her San Francisco mansion, her Napa Valley estate, or her Georgetown condominium, you get bet that she has hired security, sans name tags, to protect the peace and security of her various properties. Shouldn’t our national landmarks, like the Lincoln Memorial, be afforded the same protections.

The CBS report on the Speaker’s letter even repeats the lie that, before President Trump’s church trip on Monday, security gassed “peaceful” protesters:

On Monday, federal officers used tear gas and physically removed peaceful protesters outside the White House, clearing the area shortly before Mr. Trump walked from the White House to a damaged historic church. Attorney General William Barr said officers were clearing the area to expand the perimeter around the White House after several violent confrontations over the weekend.

You can best believe that the Capitol Police clear an area before the Speaker of the House enters that area. They would be derelict in their duties if they did not. If Nancy doesn’t know that, shame on her. I suspect she does know and she is just being her hypocritical self.

And, one last thing from her letter:

In her letter, Pelosi argued that refusing to identify certain officers “undermines accountability, ignites government distrust and suspicion, and is counter to the principle of procedural justice and legitimacy during this precarious moment in our nation’s history.”

“As peaceful people all over the country turn out to honor the memory of George Floyd and protest for change, we must ensure that their safety and their constitutional rights are being respected,” Pelosi said.

Despite the occasional, horrific examples of police brutality, as in the murder of George Floyd, the American people trust the police far more than politicians, according to the Pew Research Poll from last year.

Scientists, the military and the police are at the top of the trust graph and, elected officials are at the bottom. That speaks volumes, but Nancy can’t hear. She is clueless and craven. Her only goal is the destruction of the Trump Administration. That’s really all this letter is about.

Nancy wraps herself in the military and police when it’s convenient and complains about the, necessary, militarization of the police when it’s not.

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  • Truth Over Facts says:

    Murder? Sigh …….

  • GWB says:

    That poll doesn’t speak well of the American people, given how highly scientists are regarded, while business leaders are just above politicians. Hopefully that will begin to shift some after the last several months.

  • John in Indy says:

    It is a poll, and without information as to who was polled, what was asked and how, and how those answers were weighted, it means almost nothing.
    But on the category of “Business Leaders”, I assume that this refers to those talking heads put on TV to try to influence the public, or those politicized plutocrats like Bloomberg, Gates, etc.
    I understand and share the stated lack of trust in such people.
    John in Indy

  • Robin says:

    When did the President become the D.C. Chief of Police? Or the Mayor, for that matter? I haven’t heard of President Trump federalizing any National Guard either.

    • Scott says:

      Robin, those are fact based questions, and you should know by now not to confuse those on the left with such things…

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