Smolletting in Huntington Beach, CA

Smolletting in Huntington Beach, CA

Smolletting in Huntington Beach, CA

If a White Lives Matter rally is announced and no one except the “counter-demonstrators” show up, does white supremacism still make a sound?

If you can’t find racism, make it up

Since at least March 31st there has been some vague warnings about so-called White lives matter rallies being organized for today, April 11, around the nation. Outside of chatter and graphics on the social media app, Telegram, and the usual media breathlessness about Communities.On.Edge

The expected events raised the possibility of clashes between event participants and groups who oppose them, as well as between the groups and law enforcement, Forbes reported.

Huntington Beach, California, was expected to be a primary location, with a 1 p.m. PT rally there said to be organized by a Ku Klux Klan group, according to the magazine.

… it appears that even the epicenter of this whitey-white racist event, Huntington Beach, sported not one Klan hood.

At least 100 people came out to demonstrate against the so-called White Lives Matter rally that was set to begin at 1 p.m., with dozens more onlookers in the gathering. Police officers stood at the edges of the pier plaza as helicopters and drones circled overhead.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, no where among the volley ball games, strollers on the Pier, or kids splashing in the surf was even a descendent of Robert Byrd, Democrat Senator and KKK Exalted Cyclops to be seen. Indeed, the only people screaming hate and eager to engage in violence were these tolerant anti-racists.

Shortly after the demonstration began, police took three counterprotesters into custody. One was accused of using amplified sound and a second allegedly obstructed police and had in his backpack a metal baton, two cans of pepper spray and a knife, Huntington Beach Police Lt. Brian Smith said.

Smolletting a KKK presence in So Cal

Just last Easter Sunday, HB residents found fliers purportedly promoting the KKK. It should be laughable that any resident would take the KKK claims seriously – an organization with maybe 3K members in the whole of the United States? The stunt more resembles the Jussie Smollett hoax of manufacturing “white supremacist” instances for attention and profit. The most recent incident in a long line of Smolletting was revealed about the same time as the “KKK” fliers.

Officials have declared that racist graffiti found in Albion College was done by a black student, according to Michigan Live.

But, no. Rather than keeping calm and acting rationally, politicians, grifters and others invested in Blame America First had to jump in front of the nearest media outlet to declare their outrage.

Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr said she was flooded by emails Sunday from residents who were offended by the flyers. She described them as “hate speech,”

Carr joined the rest of the City Council in rejecting the propaganda on Sunday. She added that three separate measures intended to denounce hate speech were discussed by council members as recently as this past week.

“This is not indicative of our values as a community,” Carr said. “The KKK is not welcome in Huntington Beach.”

Geez, Kim, feed the Smolletting trolls, why don’t you? Suggestion, next time you feel like demagoguing over fliers whose origins are unknown, take a 1852 foot stroll down the 1850 foot Huntington Pier to cool off.

But then, I guess, rationality in the face of a hoax rally would keep these kind of people from having any excitement in their dull, little lives.

Denise Wada, a 20-year resident of Huntington Beach, stood at PCH and Main with other demonstrators and her dog, Banner, a Brittany.

“It’s my protest dog,” she said.


A week ago, Wada was bothered when she learned on NextDoor, an app where residents can share information about their neighborhoods, that Ku Klux Klan fliers had been left on the doorsteps of homes in her city.

“I was horrified someone would do that,” she said.

Fliers are horrifying. FLIERS.

Wada said there was discussion on her neighborhood forum that maybe it was a hoax but that, regardless of whether it was fake, it demanded a loud response.

“I can’t be quiet about that,” she said. “The point is it’s out there, and racial justice needs a louder noise.”

And there you have it. The strongest evidence that this is just another of a long line of fake but accurate hoaxes. Empty lives, unhappy lives, need things to make them feel important and seen. Actual charitable work gets ones hands dirty and is done outside of the public eye.

But social justice? Showing up with your protest dog ready to be a louder noise gets you some quotes in media that you can take back to NextDoor for some humblebrag points.

Who was really behind the fliers and the “social media” posts pretending to organize the rally? Take your first clue on how much effort is [not] being expended on a law enforcement investigation.

Because when you scratch a politician like Mayor Kim Carr, you find out …

“I’m all for the First Amendment,” Carr said. “But when people hide behind it so they can practice hate speech, that is unacceptable.”

… they really have no use for the Constitution. Smolletting serves their purpose, too.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • Mad Celt says:

    From the birth place of the KKK (the Kmart Karate Klub), Stone Mountain, Georgia, I doubt there could be more than 3 dozen Klansmen running around here. Most are behind bars already for not paying child support, drunk driving or poaching. The Klan is the 21st century equivalent of the monster under the bed. Libs are scared to death at the mention of these guys so there doesn’t have to be but a handful and the pantywaists start wetting their pants. The last big rally I know of ocurred in a small town about 75 miles south of here in the early 70s. All they accomplished was setting a field on fire burning one of their infamous crosses. What exists now is a collection of hillbillies and drunks trying to look like tough guys when basically they are only dodging their parole officers.

  • Herp McDerp says:

    Darleen, I think “Tom Yesterday” is ineptly attempting to Bork you.

  • Edward Lunny says:

    Hmm. All those fliers left on so many door steps and no one noticed who they were left by ? No door bell camera recorded anyone ? No security camera noticed ? None of the residents noticed any strangers in the neighborhood ? How convenient. This is another incident fabricated by the local fascists . Again the only proper response is G.F.Y.
    Libs are fascist terrorists in word, deed, and belief. Treat them accordingly.

  • GWB says:

    organized by a Ku Klux Klan group
    LOL! The KKK couldn’t organize a clam bake in Boston at low tide!
    About the only thing those folks do well nowadays is run meth rings and such.

    was bothered when she learned on NextDoor
    And this is why I won’t even join. It’s not the progressive nature of the folks, but the BS gossip corner nature of the platform. “Did you know there’s someone in our neighborhood who might be…?”

    regardless of whether it was fake
    Because emoting and virtue signaling is SO much more important than FACTS or REALITY.

    Take your first clue on how much effort is [not] being expended on a law enforcement investigation.
    I would hope ABSOLUTELY NONE. Because no crime was committed. Not an one. Period. Not even if it was a hoax (though if names were named, someone might be able to sue for defamation).

    Yes, these are people in desperate need of a crusade, and they’ll make cause for one if no one else does.

  • Taylor says:

    Tom Yesterday

    We could easily Fisk you but you never have much to say.

  • Hate_me says:

    Dumb question from a dumb Luddite – what are “Instapundit readers?”

    I see this at the end of all these entries and have no idea what it means. Google only mentions some libertarian blog.

    • GWB says:

      Not sure how libertarian Instapundit is, but that’s exactly what is being referred to. Sarah Hoyt often links Victory Girls posts over there in the overnight hours. If you look, you’ll see there’s a link in that acknowledgement line that goes direct to the Instapundit bit that linked here.

      (Instapundit is what I think was being referred to as a “micro-blog”. Lots of very small posts that are primarily links to things they think you ought to read. They use Disqus for comments there.)

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