Sleepy Joe And The Thirty-Hour Work Week

Sleepy Joe And The Thirty-Hour Work Week

Sleepy Joe And The Thirty-Hour Work Week

So much responsibility lies ahead for Sleepy Joe Biden that the “president”‘s advisors are already concerned about his 2024 re-election campaign.

Yep. They are just now having this revelation. Who the hell puts these people in charge, anyway? According to this from TownHall, the 80-year-old’s advisors are weary that he is mentally and physically up for the job — something he can barely do now. This from COP26 in 2022:

In Sleepy Joe’s defense, I would probably be falling asleep during this BS, too. But, c’mon man! One cannot pretend to be so passionate about “green energy” when inflation is off the charts. Oh…wait a minute. Yes, yes, one can. Joey said so himself. His inflation is a “fundamental turn” green energy, or something.

According to an Axios report, Biden’s close advisors are panicking that he won’t be able to keep up with the particular demands of being president for another four years. The report pointed out that he already finds it “difficult” to hold events during the mornings, nights, and weekends.”-Sarah Arnold, TownHall

So Joe is sleepy in the morning, sleepy in the evening, and sleepy at suppertime. And, he’s sleepy on the weekends. This leaves a window midday and into afternoon (10am-4pm, to be exact), Monday thru Friday, where the bumbling, senile idiot can (barely) string together sentences written up for him on a teleprompter.

Let’s circle back (see what I did there?) to Jen Psaki, informing the public that Sleepy Joe “does nothing at 9am“.

I would personally argue that the man has done nothing over the past two years.Even when he is apparently “working” between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

But COP26 was not the only time Sleepy Joe fell asleep. Remember when he fell asleep during his own town hall?

Again, in his defense, he was listening to Lovely Hillary. Another “compelling” former presidential candidate brought to us by the Democrats. But, still. Democrats across the country supposedly voted for this guy. In fact, he was asleep in his basement during a fair share of his 2020 campaign, watching Sanford and Son reruns and eating his pudding cups. His campaign also saw fit to put a lid on any questions because they were that scared to place him in front of people to answer questions on the fly.

Then, there was the time Biden got a little bit sleepy with former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett…or did he? The fact-checkers at Reuters said he did not. So, who really knows?

And when Joe Biden is not falling asleep on the job, in front of the cameras, and losing his train of thought (what is actually left of it after all these years), he is falling off bicycles on weekends and falling up and down the air stairs of Air Force One. When he is not doing that, he is being directed on and off the stage by Dr. Jill (who loves being a First Lady, heaven forbid we take that title away from her) or directed by his Secret Service staff to walk in the right direction when he wanders off and gets lost. All of this has been clear and apparent for the American public to see, but largely shrugged off or ignored by his adoring public.

The report also revealed a rough schedule of Biden’s daily activities, including a whole lot of nothing mixed with a few dinners.”-Sarah Arnold, TownHall

Shocker that Sleepy Joe’s “working” hours add up to a 30-hour work week. Come again, how many hours do most American taxpayers work here in the good ol’ U.S. of A? We are paying the salary of a do-nothing president and the rest of his do-nothings. We have, in fact, been paying this guy’s salary for years. In his six-hour work day, the Big Guy can barely stand up, and speak intelligently on many a topic our society is faced with today. He leers at small girls through windows in quaint, little New England towns during his working hours and comes into a press briefing joking about ice cream after a mass shooting. Democrats think this stuff cute, “endearing”, “charming”, even. When Biden talks “business”, he talks about gender-transitioning kids and killing babies during these working hours. He stays awake long enough to host a guy cosplaying as a “girl” at The White House but can’t be bothered to see his illegitimate grandkid. He throws out vitriol-ridden speeches against those against “his” bogus and harmful agenda. Then, he gets sleepy and needs his snooze.

Being President is exhausting. Watching Biden play President is exhausting as well.

Biden’s campaign slogan is “Finish The Job”. Finish the Job of making this nation FUBAR? In truth, while the president is curled up with his Snuggie hot cup of evening cocoa, we must remain vigilant and awake because there are others who are making decisions for him, pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

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