Six People Fox News Needs to Fire Now

Six People Fox News Needs to Fire Now

Six People Fox News Needs to Fire Now

Fox News has reached a very disappointing place in its news life. It sucks. A lot. Not the morning people. “Fox & Friends”, “Fox & Friends First” and “Fox & Friends Weekend” are all well put together, fun and informative. Bill Hemmer takes over after “Fox & Friends” during the week and he is workman-like and calm. That is not a bad thing.
The late Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Charles Payne and now, as Kim Quade wrote today, Eric Bolling had/have inappropriate workplace behavior charges made by insiders.

The reason I love the Weather Channel now is a few of the personalities at Fox News. They are so heinous. They are either stupid or think that the viewer is stupid. These people must be fired yesterday. Who are these cretins of crap? Let us begin:

1. Marie Harf – This one is too easy, I know. Marie “Jobs for Jihadis” Harf makes a pound of hamburger look like a genius. Watch Marie Harf get schooled on the Iran deal by Meghan McCain (I cannot believe I just wrote that.):

Fire her.

2. Jehmu Greene – Maybe she is a lovely human being in her personal life. Bwa ha ha ha ha. That is laughable.

Jehmu Greene

Jehmu Greene is a very intelligent woman with a quick and agile mind. Why then, when she is on Fox News, does Miss Greene look like she is trying to find eentsy teentsy words that the morons who watch Fox News will understand? It’s because Jehmu Greene really does think the viewers are morons.

Fire her.

3. Jessica Tarlov – This woman can only repeat talking points and she does it in that voice. I have read many explanations. Maybe she is trying to speak in a deeper voice to sound more authoritative. I don’t care. She looks at the camera like a robot, she repeats Democrat talking point without being able to make an argument and her voice sounds like the signal isn’t clear.

This is Jessica Tarlov:

Okay, maybe it was not fair of me to pick a video clip in which Miss Tarlov was with Harris Faulkner and Mercedes Schlapp because they are so smart. The only Fox News contributor who wouldn’t be is Marie Harf (see above).

Fire her.

4. Geraldo Rivera – Sweet baby Jesus, fire Geraldo and put us all out of our misery. He is a pompous, racebaiting, narcissistic bully. No matter what anyone says, Geraldo makes like he knows more than they do and he more down with the struggle and so on. I know he is friends with President Trump, but with friends like Geraldo… and besides Trump has enough enemies.

Fire him.

5. Juan Williams – This one pains me. I really like Juan Williams. He just cannot keep up with anyone at Fox News, except for maybe Marie Harf and Jessica Tarlov. Juan Williams is a gentleman and a gentle man. He needs to retire, but if he won’t–

Fire him.

And, finally:

6. Shepard Smith – He used to be so much fun. Now, he is just angry all the time. So, Hillary isn’t our President. Just relax Shep. Nope, too late. Shepard Smith comes on and I click to the Weather Channel. And, the “news deck” is utterly ridiculous. If you have content, you don’t need flash (see Bill Hemmer above). If Trump didn’t collude with Russia, and he didn’t, he doesn’t have anything to tell you, Shepard. Every day the man is angry. Behold the video evidence:

Please, oh please, powers that be at Fox News, fire him.

While I realize there a quite a few more people at Fox News who need to find other career directions, this is a good start.

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  • JOHN A says:

    Totally agree Toni. Fox needs the shakeup you suggested. I won’t watch it any more.

    • Toni Williams says:

      John A-
      You and Art Branson might enjoy the weather channel more.

    • Chuck T says:

      I have to turn off Fox News every time I see Jessica Tarlov start spouting here liberal talking points. There are no FACT based ideas coming from this talking head of the Left, why does Fox news allow these folks as repeat guests when they offer no ideas that can help the country or at least give factual based arguments!

      SORRY FOX News…… I am watching less and less only because of YOUR choices of what is considered news, you are allowing these folks to chase away your 20+ yr viewers.

    • Kathy says:

      I agree too. I either mute them or change the channel! They get way too much air time. START WITH Tarlov, Harf, and Williams, the three worst!!!

      • Pat says:

        I too mute, fast forward or change the channel every time Jessica Tarlov is on and like someone else said Dana is getting annoying too and I also mute her. Love Kat

    • Chet says:

      Toni Williams is on target. The six she named should work for the New York Times or the Clinton News Network ((CNN). Please get them off Fox!

  • Leslie Eastman says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I have emailed FNC asking them to fire Marie Harf.

  • Tom says:

    So nice to read my own thoughts with more flair about these people at Fox. Validating.

    • Toni says:

      Thank you. I think thousands of us feel this way.

    • Nick O'Dawe says:

      Well stated..Tarlov and Harfe are the top 2 on my annoying list…my wife actually walks out of the room when they are on the TV. Tarlov is the worst….. Ignorant on issues and vociferously repeats DNC talking point.. rarely lays out a thoughtful argument rather blindly and sarcastically blares out DNC progressive talking points… the only reason I can see to keep them on the air is for comic relief….Tarlov’s sarcastic attitude and nails on a blackboard voice are extremely annoying.

  • I’d say Marie is as dumb as a box of rocks, but can’t bring myself to insult rocks that way. I used to like Shep Smith when he just did the news. Now he editorializes constantly.
    Geraldo’s fifteen minutes of fame were up long ago. I hit the off button when I see either of those three.
    Juan is sometimes on with people I like, so I mute or fast forward any time his lips move. He does seem like a nice man, but he’s only got one talking point and it’s wrong.
    The others I’m not really familiar with.

  • rick cobb says:

    Yes a good start…….there must be something going on that lets these men think the woman want to play around…its hard to believe men are that stupid and please stop making all of Yomamas administration the “NEW” format ….I watch NEWSMAX …LOU DOBBS the JUDGE…yet the Republicans are not pursuing Clinton and the rest…makes me sick I suppose liberals are winning.. even in the news

  • DuckISays says:

    I just wish most of the people at Fox News would stop wearing so much make-up. Especially Harris Faulkner. Please, God, put her in some turtlenecks and rob her of all her false eyelashes. Fox obviously hires attractive women, but then they spackle them with make-up that is unnecessary. Please, please, stop with the three top-coats of eyeliner and seven layers of fake eyelashes. Just. Stop.

    • Toni says:

      I have noticed that myself.

    • concerned says:

      The fake tan (orange skin) is really distracting. Don’t most of us have HD TVs?
      And to add my 2 cents. Shepard Smith is the most irritating fox news persin period. Refuse to watch him, I change the channel.

    • Steven L Cox says:

      I agree with everything you said. Shep Smith is downright obnoxious. Jessica Tarlov’s voice drives me up the wall. Most any other, “Liberal Plant”, would be better suited than her.

  • Scott says:

    Toni, in most respects, I have to agree with you, though I believe that fox keeps most of these liberal idiots around to validate their “fair and balanced” tag line … that being said, I’ll now be a male chauvinist pig, and say that I like them having Marie Harf on…. She’s freaking hot!!! I just mute the TV, and let my dirty mind run wild!!!! does that make me a bad person??? heheh

  • Toni says:

    Whatever works. Lol

  • Hibbie says:

    Jessica Tarlov needs a job a msnbc or cnn where I don’t have to see her or listen to that voice.

  • Bob says:

    Wow, Toni WIlliams – you are a MORON!!!! Speak “deplorable”!!!!

  • Steve Whitlow says:

    Your article is very well done. I would like to see more commentary by people similar to Jack Keane.

  • Sm says:

    Dana Perino needs to be added to this list

  • John says:

    Also add Dana perino total airhead who can barley read a TelePrompTer and the personality of a rock. Im wondering who she is sleeping with to be on two weekday shows

  • Joe says:

    Just mention Hussain Obama and over the radio you can hear Marie Harf ovulating!!!
    If I wanted to hear a snowflake whine I would listen to the pedowood crowd!!
    She needs to go!!!!

  • JOHN GILARDI says:

    Let’s start with Sheperd Smith ! He is a sports nut , the only sports he plays is ” SUCKING DICK ” . . .
    Geraldo , He likes to promote Illegals , and pretend he is a smart lawyer but he has NO clients ! LOL HA AH HA !
    Jessica Tarlov reminds me of the Hoffman Dad on the TV series ” GOLD RUSH ” ” He got kicked in the mouth by a horse ! Rumor has it , Tarlov’s real father was Paul Wilchells ( Dummie ” Jerry Mahonie )
    Jehmu Green A negro with a big fat ass chip on her shoulder !
    Jaun Williams , lucky to have a job at fox , ( thanks to Bill O’Rielly ) After he got fired from NPR ! Make a fool out of himself all the time ” Uncle Tom for FOX on the FIVE ”
    Marie Harpf ” An over weight Dumb blonde Porn – star with very little intelect ” She does have that ( Librarian porn star look about her

  • Mimi says:

    I totally agree with that list of five that Fox needs to fire. Their contributions to any of the shows they are on remind everyone of the reasons why the American people have left the Democratic Party. I also mute or change the channel when any of these people appear on the fox channel. Most of the words coming out of their mouths reflect the twisted way they think and the nonsensical garbage they spew Bye Juan, Geraldo, Marie. Shepherd and the biggest bumble of them all Jessica, Soon I hope.

  • Bucs gold says:

    They are all communist !! Marie Harf top commie!! Shepard Smith has no respect for Trump . one other is Juan Williams!! Fire them all!!

  • Mikiesmom1 says:

    Perfect list. Exactly every person on this list is on my list. I call Marie Harf Marie Barf. My 87 year old mother one day was talking about how she has to turn off Fox when that woman with the annoying voice comes on so I brought up a picture of Jessica and said is this her and of course she said yes. She also said she’s not very smart either and gets nasty and angry when people don’t agree with her. Lol. Shep is just angry all the time. Juan just consistently doesn’t use his own mind and consistently repeats the same liberal talking points.

  • Mikiesmom1 says:

    Perfect list. Exactly every person on this list is on my list. I call Marie Harf Marie Barf. My 87 year old mother one day was talking about how she has to turn off Fox when that woman with the annoying voice comes on. I brought up a picture of Jessica and said is this her and of course she said yes. She also said she’s not very smart and gets nasty and angry when people don’t agree with her. Lol. Shep is just angry all the time. Juan never uses his own mind and just consistently repeats the same liberal talking points.

  • All well said fox has had me since the morning of September 11 2001 that is all is wrong with fox they need fire Geraldo what a real idiot have never like shepherds not a little bit I agree with all that’s been said jaun has long time needed to be gone

  • Bodie says:

    Just finished watching Outnumbered over lunch (sorry, I enjoy the show – usually) and Jessica Tarlov has received my viewership for the last time. She is easily the most annoying, weakest, always-the-victim idiot on television today. I’d literally rather watch Morning Joe while being water boarded than to have to endure another minute of her whiny idiocy. I wish Jason Chavetz would have told her to go to time-out today on the show just to see her cry.

  • Pat says:

    Jessica Tarlov’s voice is beyond annoying. She contributes nothing of substance to the news channel whether viewers are diehard liberals or staunch conservatives. Viewers deserve better!

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