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September 11 Joe Biden Speech Insults Americans

September 11 Joe Biden Speech Insults Americans

September 11 Joe Biden Speech Insults Americans

Today we remember all of those lost and injured on September 11, 2001. We celebrate that they lived and we mourn the violence of their deaths at the hands of Muslim extremists bent on the destruction of the American way of life.

Let us be very, very clear. It was not Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews or Hindus that brought violence to our country. It was Muslim extremists who, twenty years ago, hijacked four jets and flew them into monuments of our national success. With one exception, the passengers of Flight 93 fought back and plowed their flight into the ground at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. “Let’s roll”, Todd Beamer said. Beamer and every passenger on that flight fought back and are true American heroes.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a true zero. President Trump had set a conditions based withdrawal date for Afghanistan of May 31, 2021. In order to cover himself in glory and take credit for ending the falsely named “forever wars”, Joe Biden announced an Afghanistan withdrawal date of September 11. Biden will not speak publicly today, live. As Ed Morrissey of Hot Air wrote yesterday:

Does anyone doubt for a hot second that Biden would have skipped live remarks tomorrow had his withdrawal matched Biden’s fantasy of it? Biden would have flown to the podium to declare a successful end to the “forever wars” and covered himself in glory. That’s why he moved the date up to August 31 after initially setting it for September 11 — to allow himself the time to build that “mission accomplished” argument.

You can see it, can’t you? Joe Biden hitting all three disaster sites to take credit. Instead Joe Biden was reduced to releasing a pre-taped video:

The video is too slickly produced. The dual camera angles indicate that the puppet masters behind Biden, planned to need multiple takes to get a clean video for public consumption. Biden’s mouldering continues apace. Skeletor has a better look.

Biden did acknowledge the loss of brothers, sisters, Mothers, Fathers, Aunts and Uncles on September 11, as he tried to put on his empathy shlock. He talked about the courage of everyone who lost someone, those who searched, the health care workers who healed and average Americans who did whatever they could. Biden mentioned our sense of national unity.

Joe Biden cannot help himself. He really does despise those average Americans. He said:

“We also witnessed the darker forces of human nature: fear and anger, resentment and violence against Muslim Americans, true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion,” Biden said.

Excuse you? You rotting meat sack. Average Americans volunteered in droves to buy new firetrucks for New York, to search the rubble, and to fight in Afghanistan against those who plotted against us. There was an uptick in violence against Muslims, but it wasn’t in the average American town. In Knoxville, Tennessee, where I live, the local Mosque and school was supported by the community. We didn’t ask Muslims to carry a card to show they weren’t terrorists. We didn’t ask them to cover their faces in public. Joe Biden is thinking of doing that now to unvaccinated Americans.

President George W. Bush used his bully pulpit to keep the sense of national unity alive and to not divide us by blaming the American-Muslim community. Unlike Joe Biden, G.W.Bush loves America. Biden talks about “fear and anger, resentment against Muslim Americans”, as he works hard to divide Americans. Not based on any religious ideology. No, Grandpa Badfinger is dividing Americans according to their vaccination status, of all things. Joe Biden stoked fear, anger and resentment against unvaccinated Americans when he said, “our patience is wearing thin”.

The corpse named Biden gave up Afghanistan to the Taliban. He abandoned our NATO allies, Americans and those Afghans who assisted the United States. Joe abandoned the Afghan Special Forces fighting the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley. Joe Biden allowed the Taliban to create 13 more Gold Star Families. Joe Biden lost the war and aided and abetted those who would destroy us.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerick captured my sentiments with this tweet:

Today, the Taliban is trolling us by setting up their provisional government on September 11. They are celebrating their win while we mourn our dead. If that doesn’t stick in your craw, you must be anti-American.

Biden couldn’t even maintain decorum at the September 11 reading of the names in New York City:

Joe Biden never misses a chance to insult Americans. Even on September 11, even on the twentieth anniversary of that horrific day, the Big Guy can’t help himself.

Featured Image: Screenshot of Joe Biden’s speech/cropped/Public Domain

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