Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch to Replace Eric Holder as Attorney General

Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch to Replace Eric Holder as Attorney General

Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch to Replace Eric Holder as Attorney General

Eric Holder will soon be vacating his cushy office. But it may not be all that much to cheer about. Because his replacement has been dubbed his ideological twin. Nevertheless, by a vote of 56-43, the Senate has confirmed Loretta Lynch to take over as Attorney General. But her confirmation remains controversial. Senator Mike Lee summed up his reasoning for voting a resounding NO:

Preceding the vote, Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill offered these words of wisdom:

“This defies common sense,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri Democrat. “You must vote against a nominee for the Cabinet of the duly elected president of the United States because she agrees with the duly elected president of the United States? Think of the consequences of that vote. Think what that means to the future of advise and consent in the Senate.”

Following the confirmation, Senator John Cornyn echoed the sentiments of many GOP senators and their constituents:

Loretta“I hope she can recover from her testimony where she seemed to embrace the president’s illegal executive action [on immigration] without regard to the fact that it is a constitutional overreach,” said Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican who voted against Ms. Lynch.

Senator Tim Scott also weighed in:

“Ms. Lynch has demonstrated tremendous intellect, a willingness to be a strong federal prosecutor and a proven record of commitment to public service, but her confirmation to be our nation’s top law enforcement officer does not exist in a vacuum,” said Sen. Tim Scott, of South Carolina, the chamber’s only black Republican. “At the end of the day, Ms. Lynch demonstrated that she will not be the independent voice that our country needs.”

Public reactions to Lynch’s confirmation were mixed, ranging from this:

…to various versions of this:

From an historical perspective, the confirmation marks the first time a black woman will serve as Attorney General.

During her job interview, if you will, Lynch testified to Congress that she believed that Barack Obama was within his legal authority, via an Executive Order, to protect upwards of five million illegal immigrants from deportation and grant work permits. She also offered, to the dismay of many GOP Senators, her belief that illegals should be able to work within the United States. Here are her own words:

Senator Ted Cruz has stated numerous times that he believes Lynch is “worse than Holder.”

Here are the ten Republican senators who voted to confirm Lynch today. The list includes the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell:

Our country is being flooded with historic numbers of legal and illegal immigrants, and record numbers of Americans who either cannot find employment or have left the work force. Though Ms. Lynch comes to the job with what looks like a great resume—her qualifications were never really in question—it’s her stance on immigration, civil asset forfeiture, and support of Obama’s questionable Executive Orders that should concern us all.

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