Seddique Mateen, Orlando Terrorist’s Father Has VIP Seat At Hillary Clinton Rally [VIDEO]

Seddique Mateen, Orlando Terrorist’s Father Has VIP Seat At Hillary Clinton Rally [VIDEO]

Seddique Mateen, Orlando Terrorist’s Father Has VIP Seat At Hillary Clinton Rally [VIDEO]

Face it. The 2016 Presidential campaign season is definitely one for the record books. Just scroll through any and all social media feeds and its easy to see why this one is over the top when it comes to the WTH and ‘can you believe THAT just happened’ moments. Not only that, but those moments seem to be multiplying like guppies and it doesn’t matter which campaign is involved!

The latest from the Hillary Clinton campaign is a prime example of this. The topic of her campaign stop in Kissimmee, FL yesterday was jobs, but she started off her speech with this regarding the terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub.

“I know how many people, families, loved ones, and friends are still grieving, and we will be with you as you rebuild your lives.”

And thats when another of those WTH moments happened courtesy of this guy, Seddique Mateen.


It seems the father of the Orlando terrorist, is a huge, I mean YUUUGE fan of Hillary’s! So much so that he was front and center for Hillary’s speech last night. I kid you not.

Lets take another look shall we?

Wow. That’s pretty brazen dude! Especially for a guy who…

A. Produced many anti-American Youtube videos over the last few years.

B. Ran for President of Afghanistan from the U.S.

C. Has definitive ties to and is a major fan boy of…the Taliban

D. Blamed Pulse Nightclub for his son’s terrorist attack.

But never mind all of that. Hillary’s got it going on!

“Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions,” he said.

He even made a sign!

Boy he really hit all the high points didn’t he? National Security = Bathroom Servers FTW! Benghazi = It was the video stupid! Investment = Clinton Cash

But that’s ok! He’s with her so its all good right?


Maybe the signs the crowd is waving should read Terrorists For Hillary. Its a thought.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s campaign had this response.

Oh really? If you buy that, I’ve a Florida ski resort I can sell! Oh wait, its already sold! The media bought the excuse hook line and sinker and is doing everything they can to “help.” Except there’s a wee small problem.

Oh sure, the media can claim that Hillary herself might’ve been unaware of his presence at the rally, but for the rest of the campaign staff there? They knew darn well who would be sitting in that section. Its Hillary Clinton folks. They leave NOTHING to chance and that’s been a well known fact for decades!

Exactly! However, this one really takes the cake. Warning! Keyboard alert!

I did warn you!

Three exit questions for Hillary.

  1. Now that you’ve received the coveted Terrorist Parents for Hillary vote – will we see Mateen on a podium anytime soon?
  2. How about Mateen’s daughter-in-law Noor Salman, who vanished into thin air? Will she reappear in time to vote for Hillary?

Survey says! We might. Who knows? She can’t and she won’t.

Yes indeed folks. The 2016 Election Year is achieving Guinness Book of World records status as the most bizarre campaign season we’ve ever experienced. Tighten your seatbelts, its only going to get weirder from here on out.

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