Nevada GOP Caucus in Chaos

The Nevada GOP is looking like amateur hour as absolute craziness has taken over the process. It is alleged that in certain precincts, Trump supporters have taken over the process – including caucus volunteers that are wearing Trump gear in direct violation of Nevada electioneering law.

Photo tweeted out by Emily Cahn from Nevada GOP caucus.
Photo tweeted out by Emily Cahn from Nevada GOP caucus.

From a quick perusal of Nevada state election law, the state GOP has failed to control the situation.

Voting twice? Not legal.

Intimidation of voters is also illegal.
Chaos is not the word for this.

And the other campaigns are not happy.

With all of this insanity, what on EARTH are these results going to look like? And with no IDs being checked – who exactly is participating in the caucus?? We may never know, especially if they are picking Trump, handing it to a Trump gear-wearing election worker, and going merrily on their way. People coming to vote again? Democrats who already caucused and are looking to cause some chaos? People from other states?

The state GOP had to issue a statement regarding the ballot issues.

And then they tweeted this:

The Nevada GOP has clearly given up and no longer cares about an honest vote. Election law be damned.

As questions continue, the Nevada secretary of state (a Republican) is splitting a hair and saying that since a caucus is run by the party and not by the state, and therefore not technically an election, state election laws don’t apply.

In response to questions regarding the applicability of NRS 293.274 to the caucus process, Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske issues the following statement:

“NRS 293.274 prohibits photographing, filming or otherwise recording of any kind by the general public at polling places, however this statute does not apply to caucus sites. The political parties have established their own rules and procedures regarding the caucuses and if there are any questions they should be directed to the administering political party.”

In other words, all of this insanity is the Nevada GOP’s fault. And their website is down.

Nicely done, Nevada GOP. You are now the biggest clowns of this election cycle so far.

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