SCOTUS Backs Trump Ruling on Immigration

SCOTUS Backs Trump Ruling on Immigration

SCOTUS Backs Trump Ruling on Immigration

The Supreme Court went to bat for the Trump administration on Monday. In a 5-4 ruling, SCOTUS ruled that Trump et. al. could enforce the Immigration and Nationality Act from August.

And in my humble opinion, it’s about time.

Under the INA, foreign nationals who want green cards — which allow permanent residency in the United States — will not be permitted “if they are likely to become a public charge.” Not only does this include cash payments, but Medicaid, food stamps, and housing as well. However, the ruling does not apply to refugees or those seeking asylum.

Of course howls of protest erupted across Progressiveland.

George Escobar of CASA, an immigration nonprofit in the Washington, DC, area, cried foul:

“This harms not just these families, who use these benefits to supplement their incomes and support their health, well-being, and stability, but also the broader community.”

While a Forbes writer predicted gloom and doom for the economy:

“Given how much this will lower labor force growth in America, the public charge rule will likely have a more negative impact on future economic growth than anything positive the Trump administration has done or probably could do in the coming years.”

Plus, somewhere, children will starve because of the cruelty of Trump and his henchmen in SCOTUS. Wrote a law professor in a clickbait headline:

“The Supreme Court Turns Its Back On Hungry Schoolchildren” 

On top of that, other critics cried “racism”: SCOTUS just enforced a “wealth test” to punish nonwhite immigrants.

And, of course, right on cue Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went into full hair-on-fire rage on Twitter:

“This is shameful. America shouldn’t have a wealth test for admission. It’s a place where millions of people are descendants of immigrants who came w nothing & made a life. The American Dream isn’t a private club with a cover charge — it’s the possibility of remaking your future.”

AOC was right about one thing: my maternal grandparents, minority Germans from Lithuania, did come here “with nothing and made a life.” But I’m sure AOC thinks they just waltzed off the boat in New York City with no scrutiny from the Federal government.

And she’d be wrong.

When they arrived at Ellis Island, they would’ve been asked questions that would shock her. Then, immigration authorities wanted to know not only if they had ever been in prison, but also if they could read or write. Did they know any English? Did they have any money with them?

Plus — did they have a place to stay and a job lined up in America?

That sounds to me like the Feds didn’t want immigrants from 100 years ago to be wards of the government, either.


Immigrants at Ellis Island. Library of Congress; public domain.

Let’s be clear: SCOTUS did not annihilate the moral compass of the United States. Instead, it reinforced long-time common sense immigration rules to help ensure that self-reliant people are seeking to reside in the country. People who won’t be a burden on US taxpayers. And that’s how it should be.

But also on Monday, Justice Neil Gorsuch gave his opinion on another issue that rankled the residents of Progressiveland. He wrote that endless court injunctions — like the type which initially put the brakes on the Immigration and Nationality Act — should be limited. He wrote in his opinion:

“By their nature, universal injunctions tend to force judges into making rushed, high-stakes, low-information decisions.” 

“The rise of nationwide injunctions may just be a sign of our impatient times. But good judicial decisions are usually tempered by older virtues.”

The Left is no doubt grinding their teeth at those words. But he’s right: politics drives those sort of rulings, not what’s best for the country.

Even though they won’t admit it, this is just one more reason why the Democrats want President Trump gone.


Featured image: John/flickr/cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0. 

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  • Scott says:

    Whats disturbing about this ruling is that there’s 4 leftist Justices that voted against it. It sure will be nice to see President Trump appoint one (Looking at you RBG), or maybe two more Justices to the court during his second term!

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