Science Deniers March for “Science,” But Only the Science They Like

Science Deniers March for “Science,” But Only the Science They Like

Science Deniers March for “Science,” But Only the Science They Like

Leftists worldwide attended the “March for Science” event yesterday around the country and internationally. Science, according to the frothing proglodytes of the left, includes bashing President Trump for “denying climate” or something equally stupid, and promoting pseudoscientific crap, such as gender being a social construct, immigration, and other “social justice” issues. In other words, “science” to the left is just like everything else – an opportunity to screech their politics and have the obsequious media obediently suck their collective phalli as they promote quackery and ignorance.

So strong is the left’s desire to be different, to be special, to associate themselves with the unorthodox and weird in order to show themselves as open-minded and tolerant, that in a bout of complete tone deafness as they march supposedly in support for science, they completely deny and condemn science when it comes to matters of gender.

Say hello to “Theybies.” This word (I nearly threw up typing it) is the latest in leftist fad dumbshittery to show how woke they are and how in tune and welcoming they are to the trans community.

For a small but growing cohort of parents — ones who see gender as a spectrum rather than a binary — the unisex movement of the ’60s and the “gender neutral” parenting trends that have followed have come up woefully short. For them, society’s gender troubles cannot be solved by giving all children dolls and trucks to play with or dressing them all in the color beige; the gender binary must not simply be smudged but wholly eradicated from the moment that socialization begins, clearing the way both for their child’s future gender exploration and for wholesale cultural change.

Imagine holding your tiny little bundle of joy, seeing with your own eyes that the little human you created has either male or female genitalia, and then completely denying that this verifiable, scientific fact means anything at all and refusing to acknowledge the gender of said human, sentencing him or her to a life of being looked upon as a freak by kids and parents who aren’t BATSHIT CRAZY!

Imagine denying your child’s gender, refusing to recognize what is right before your eyes, dressing said child in gender neutral clothes, forcing this poor baby to conform to their political ideas from an early age, and warping their mind to such a degree, they become confused, depressed, and even suicidal.

Imagine forcing – yes, FORCING – your child into a gender nonconforming role from birth, because make no mistake, this is force at its worst. This is parents wielding their authority over their children, refusing to acknowledge what is patently clear, and forcing them to ignore their instincts (and their genitals) in favor of a forced construct.

This is not just ignorance of science. This is blatant child abuse, sentencing your little one to a life in which they are denied appropriate care by physicians for being transgender or gender nonconforming, where they are confused, forced into this confusion by their ignorant, selfish parents to whom demonstrating their embrace of a twisted set of political ideals is more important than the mental health of their child, and becoming depressed and suicidal because of it.

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with giving your kid sex appropriate toys to play with. I’m a firm believer in choice. If my kid wants a doll, he will get a doll. If my daughter wants to play with Legos, Erector Sets, and trucks, by gosh she will get those! I never was a proponent of frilly dresses for girls and blue jeans for boys. My kids wore what they wanted, as long as it was school appropriate, and as long as they didn’t look like clowns.

This is about an intentional refusal to acknowledge who your child is, and forcing them into a role that specifically negates scientific evidence.

Do I believe transgender individuals should be treated like human beings and afforded the respect we give to everyone else? Of course!

Do I discriminate against transgender individuals? Not in a million years!

The tiny percentage of friends I have that do identify as something other than the gender into which they were born did a lot of exploration, self evaluation, and painful searching before admitting to themselves that they felt wrong in their bodies. I feel for them. Their journey was not easy, and it was fraught with tragedy, rejection, self-doubt, and humiliation. I guarantee you this was a journey they would rather not have undertaken, because it’s not an easy one. But it was a decision to which they came on their own – after years of discovery and exploration.

This is certainly NOT a decision into which they were forced by parents so desperate to appear cool, woke, and with the times, that they perverted their children’s perception in favor of demonstrating their political open-mindedness!

It’s one thing to be a decent human being and to ensure that you treat all people, including members of the transgender community, with respect and tolerance.

It’s quite another to be so desperate to demonstrate your political wokeness, that you ignore scientific evidence that’s right before your eyes – that your child was born with a set of genitals, and those genitals are, in most cases, either male or female.

It’s one thing to be open and loving to your child if said child comes out to you – whether as transgender, gay, or unsure. Be supportive. Be understanding. Show them you will love them no matter what.

But it’s quite another to FORCE your child into that role, because being straight or cis is somehow no longer fashionable.

These are people who condemn the President from withdrawing the United States from a pointless, financially crippling environmental agreement that would do nothing to actually help clean up the environment, because the world’s biggest polluters would continue to pollute, since said accord has no enforcement authority, and who call him a science denier, but in the same breath refuse to acknowledge the scientific FACT that their child has a penis or a vagina.

They “March for Science,” but apparently only the science that supports their political agenda and denigrates their political opponents.

Withdrawing our nation from an economically crippling accord – that’s a crime worthy of impeachment, according to some derping turnips.

But abusing your children by forcing them into a life of confusion, depression, and ridicule, that’s perfectly OK, because SCIENCE!

Is it too early to start day drinking?

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.


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