Science: AMA Urges End To Gender ID On Birth Certificates

Science: AMA Urges End To Gender ID On Birth Certificates

Science: AMA Urges End To Gender ID On Birth Certificates

Science is only science when liberals want to follow science. Science is religion when liberals want to act more superior. But science does not play in as a factor at all in the American Medical Association’s Board of Trustees urging an end to sex identification on birth certificates.

In fact, the AMA’s Board of Trustees (BOTs) just passed a resolution that will have the AMA lobbying to end the designation of sex in all future birth certificates. The resolution distinguishes between the “Certificate of Live Birth” — which is used for simple data collection and vital statistics — and a “Birth Certificate”. From the June 21 BOT Recommendation 15:

Vital statistics data is a fundamental source of health information. In the U.S., the Standard Certificates of Live Birth form is the primary means by which uniformity of data collection and processing is achieved. Birth certificates, on the other hand, are issued by the government to individuals as proof of birth. Sex designation, as collected through the standard form and included on the birth certificate, refers to the biological difference between males and females. Today, the majority of states (48) and the District of Columbia allow people to amend their sex designation on their birth certificate to reflect their individual gender identities, but only 10 states allow for a gender-neutral designation, typically “X,” on the birth certificate.”-AMA Board of Trustees

Science would indicate that if you are decidedly male or female at birth and this is indicated as such on your Certificate of Live Birth, this would be the same on your certificate, right?

Our American Medical Association will advocate for the removal of sex as a legal designation on the public portion of the birth certificate, recognizing that information on an individual’s sex designation at birth will still be submitted through the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth for medical, public health, and statistical use only. (Directive to Take Action)”-AMA Board of Trustees

Let’s rephrase this: Our American Medical Association will advocate for the removal of sex as a legal designation on the public portion of the birth certificate because we want to continue to perpetuate the deluded realities that plague our scientific and medical communities. Got it.

Science. According to the BOTs at the AMA, there is really no need to list a person’s gender on his or her birth certificate. The Certificate of Live Birth is one thing…but a Birth Certificate? Why ever would an employer need such information? Why would schools need this for enrollment purposes and statistical purposes? Will those of us who are perfectly fine with our gender currently listed on our birth certificates now have to tip-toe because we are fine with our gender at birth (and in perpetuity) being on our birth certificates? What if we want the gender of our child to be listed on his/her birth certificate?

There are a bunch of scenarios where this can go wrong. Suppose an employer is needing to meet “equity” standards and needs to hire more women and, instead, hires a male who “identifies as a woman”? Sorry to burst any bubbles here. The science of simple biology indicates this man is still a man with perhaps a semi-functional penis (after hormone treatments), as identified on his Certificate of Live Birth. This man just leapfrogged a (biological) woman for a job or even a well-deserved promotion.

Let’s look at our schools. In a junior high school where all of the craze is gender identity, parents need to present a copy of a student’s birth certificate for enrollment purposes. There are also statistical purposes for which this is necessary data. No gender identity is assigned on this certificate. This student is a new student who presents as a female but identifies as male. The teacher does not know which appropriate pronoun to use. Staff members mess up on pronouns (either preferred or assigned by science) and here comes the lawsuit from the “birthing persons” buying into this fairytale and accusing the school of the damaged psyche of their (biologically) female student who identifies as a male but prefers to use the “they/them” or some strange combination of “he/his/they” naming convention. All because staff members bumbled. They didn’t know. That’s just one scenario. We won’t even get into personal beliefs. And restrooms. And locker rooms. And sports.

Heck, even the creator of the “gender reveal” party, Jenna Myers Karvunidis, walked back her brilliant idea that took the world by storm in 2019:

Karvunidis worries that the increasing polarisation of girl- and boyhood is ‘a new extreme’. Professor Sarah Knott, author of Mother: An Unconventional History, says that sorting people into one sex or another was a rigid and crucial part of the fiercely patriarchal society from which we descend. But our contemporary take (complete with highly gendered toys and clothing for newborns) is, she believes, something new. For centuries, infants were dressed alike and wouldn’t have been differentiated by their clothing until later in childhood.

Still committed to being a bringer of fun, Karvunidis wants a more inclusive, tolerant and liberal world for her children – but not at the expense of joy and celebration. “I don’t want to shame people for having a party. I hope everyone has cake when they want it,” she laughs, ‘but let’s just eat it in socially appropriate ways.'”-The Guardian

Referring to your child as either male or female in the womb or outside of the womb is now EXTREME? People have done lost it.

The phenomenon of childhood androgyny, though, is apparent in the circles of the woke. As I waited in line at an establishment on the outskirts of Portland a few weeks back, I noticed a child I thought to be a girl, dressed in a boy’s cardigan and jeans around the age of nine with a parent (who is probably fine with being called a “birthing person”) and some of his/her (?) friends who also looked to be girls dressed in a hodgepodge of boys’ and girls’ clothing. The mother was addressing them as “boys”. Now, I don’t know what goes through the minds of these parents but I imagine that they think they are so “accepting” and “edgy”. I have no doubt they love their children but we all know that we can love our children to a fault. To them, this is just another day in the life of “you can be whoever you want to be on any given day”.

Doesn’t matter. These parents are the same parents on the political spectrum that trust Fauci’s science and wear that mask. They look at you sideways or will publicly berate you for not doing the same even though you’ve already had the stupid ‘Rona and are completely vaxed. They blindly trust (inconsistent) science on any and all (inconsistent) reports that the Biden Administration and the CDC chooses to bring to light regarding the Coronavirus. Yet, they deny a consistent and unavoidable scientific, biological element and FACT of what makes up their own children at birth. A scientific, biological factor that can determine life-and-death situations in some extreme medical cases. And now, the AMA is basically saying this is not necessary for future children born here in the United States to identify as possessing a gender?

When I was pregnant back in 2005, I wanted to know the gender of my baby. Why? Because I wanted to bond with my child-boy or girl-not a they…not an “it”…but a he or a she. Turns out, he unapologetically revealed himself as 100% male on the ultrasound. As he grew and continues to grow to be the young man that he is, without urging, his traits continued to indicate that he was “all boy”. I am proud to say that he is and I wouldn’t want it any other way. As parents, we didn’t force him into being this way or try to manipulate or control him nor did we think his boyish traits as “extreme and fiercely patriarchal”, as some nut jobs would say. I understand that some parents have different experiences with their children and I agree that kids should be encouraged to be who they want to be. If a child turns out to be gay, eventually a parent knows. But for crying out loud, it seems that as if some parents are taking control and encouraging androgyny and alternative lifestyles even before these children are old enough to walk and talk and consider this for themselves. Having the trans toddler gives these “birth people” automatic cool points in some circles. I cannot help but to wonder how many of the woke playgroup set who belong to this “party of science” will be rushing out in their Subaru hybrids to get the new Genderless Birth Certificate for their offspring. It’s the new status symbol of 2021, I’m hearing.

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  • Chris says:

    These “people”…
    Are clinicly Insane and Psychotic, along with Criminal.
    And it is evident, mass insanity and psychosis is communicable

  • Brian says:

    The AMA long ago ceased to be a “scientific” institution. They have been a social justice organization for at least since I was in medical school (~30 years ago). There is a reason that only about 12% of practicing physicians in the US are members of the AMA.

  • Penrod says:

    I wish people would stop using the word ‘gender’ when they mean ‘sex’. Using ‘gender’ is itself submitting to the bullies. It is conceding the battleground before there is even an engagement.

    Just stop it.

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