Scam Czar John Kerry And The War On Humanity

Scam Czar John Kerry And The War On Humanity

Scam Czar John Kerry And The War On Humanity


Oh, I know. You are thinking climate scam czar. No, I am thinking scam czar, because the climate isn’t the first scam John Kerry has run. Kerry MUST keep himself in the public eye. So, he works a grift on whatever is in the news. As proof I offer you Kerry’s first Congressional testimony in which he compared his fellow combatants to Genghis Khan razing villages and cutting off ears:

Oops, that was Kerry emitting noxious gas. Did you the look on that lady’s face? But, it makes my point. That gassy windbag has been puffing himself up and boring all of us for half a century or more.

Now he wants for government to decree the abolition of coal. The Feds will shut down the industry, confiscate the inventory of the companies and probably take YOUR supply too. Our Nina told you last week how John Kerry and the Biden Junta was committing $3 billion at COP28 to Power Past Coal. They will establish the abolition by fiat and too bad for you:

Recently, John Kerry, a former Democratic senator, former secretary of state, failed presidential candidate, and current climate envoy for the Biden administration, rode his private jet to the United Nations COP28 conference in Dubai and strongly suggested that no new coal-fired power plants should be built anywhere in the world. Moreover, he said, existing coal plants should be decommissioned as fast as possible.

Decommissioning coal plants? They are insane. They may want to push gas or electric heat through wind power or solar power. But there are vast areas where that is not practical or possible. Have you ever been in the hills of Eastern Kentucky? The coal industry may have collapsed there, but Hazard in Perry County is still arduous to get to and some people still used coal heat. The rest have oil delivered which is next on the list of industries that don’t fit the green agenda. Then, do the mountain folk just freeze to death.

John Kerry says that coal kills, but do you trust these experts to tell us the truth:

Fine particle air pollution from coal power plants caused the deaths of 460,000 people aged over 65 in the US between 1999 and 2020, according to a new analysis, far more than previously thought.

While harsher regulation and the replacement of coal by natural gas have now eliminated 97 per cent of that pollution, at least 1600 US residents still die as a result of coal emissions each year, the study found.

Burning coal for electricity emits toxic sulphur dioxide gas, which reacts with elements in the atmosphere to form harmful fine particles that people can breathe in hundreds of miles away. Exposure to air pollution particles can cause heart disease, lung conditions and cancer.

Let’s listen to that fart again. What about the coal fired electric plants? Will those people have to freeze to death to save their lives? Freezing to death in their dark homes with only bugs to eat. That is the future John Kerry envisions for us. Meanwhile, he can’t control his own emissions. I still love the look on that lady’s face.

Update- I wanted to update the post for this stunning fact from last year. John Kerry and his ilk really want you to freeze to death. From Watts Up With That:

Chris Keefer, the Toronto-based physician and founder of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, calls the electric grid a “civilizational life support system.”

Keefer, of course, is correct. The most critical systems in our society ­­— medical, water, wastewater, traffic lights, telecommunications, and lighting­­ — depend on reliable electricity. But earlier this month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation issued their final report on a winter storm that hammered the northeastern U.S. last year. And that report proves that our natural gas grid is just as essential as our electric grid. FERC and NERC have repeatedly said that the two grids are intertwined, interdependent, and irreplaceable. Indeed, a reliable and resilient natural gas grid is critical to our energy security, and therefore, our national security.

Put short, policymakers ignore the importance of the gas pipeline system at our extreme peril.


In bone-dry language, the report “Inquiry into Bulk-Power System Operations During December 2022 Winter Storm Elliott,” explains how the gas pipeline network in New York nearly failed last Christmas when temperatures plummeted during the bomb cyclone. Freeze-related production declines, combined with soaring demand from power plants, homes, and businesses, led to shortages of gas throughout the Northeast. The lack of gas, as well as mechanical and electrical issues, resulted in an “unprecedented” loss of electric generation capacity totaling some 90,000 megawatts. While the lack of electricity was dangerous, the possibility of a loss of pressure in the natural gas network should send a bone-chilling shiver through the sacroiliac of every politician and bureaucrat in Washington, D.C., New York and the Northeast.

Killing us off is the John Kerry way to Net Zero.

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  • John Holton says:

    I’d love to see him tell the Chinese to shut down their coal-fired plants. Xi would laugh so hard he’d wet his pants.

  • Roland Felix Hirsch says:

    I think we need a limit on how much CO2 each person adds to the atmosphere each year.
    I call it “The Kerry”. It is the amount of CO2 John Kerry added to the atmosphere in 2022. It includes his share of all the emissions from his mansion and other homes, travel, food, etc.
    A few exceptions may be granted, for example for scientists travelling to the moon.
    This would be a noteworthy honor for our “Climate Czar”.

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