Roundup Time: White Supremacy Explains Everything

Roundup Time: White Supremacy Explains Everything

Roundup Time: White Supremacy Explains Everything

Target-rich environment this time with our occasional Douchery Roundup post. From the Left insurrectionists and their media sycophants to the karens who complain about the Norwegian flag, 2020 has already last about five years and we’ve got a little more than five months left. Good lord.


Democrat-run cities have been burning for weeks now but NBC is here to cry “don’t believe your lyin’ eyes”


After Jim Jordan caused a Jerry Nadler to set down the smoked turkey leg he keeps at his desk for all the times he feels peckish pointing out the behavior of Peaceful Protestors™ …

… the Democrats with bylines objected! Let’s play a tiny violin for the former-journalist Jake


Who said the Leftwing domestic terrorists of the 1960’s are not being helpful?


Oh, look, St. Mandy One Note slithers out to channel Baghdad Bob

if Trump actually gave a crap about protecting Americans, he would be focused on fighting the coronavirus, not a bunch of young people setting off fireworks and spray-painting buildings.

Oh those scamps with their sparklers and street art! Thanks, Salon!



From the disturbing to the absurd, let’s end today’s Roundup with this rhetorical exercise in How Stupid Are People?

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Bed and breakfast Nordic Pineapple in Saint Johns has removed their Norwegian flag after dozens of people confuse it for the Confederate flag.

Greg and Kjersten Offbecker moved into the historic mansion two years ago and turned it into a bed and breakfast. As decoration, they hung a Norwegian flag next to the American flag at the front entrance of the inn, but dozens of guests and people driving by have accused the couple of flying a Confederate flag.

Offbecker said she was trying to represent her heritage, but it’s not worth the frustration. She said they have received cruel emails and phone calls over the confusion of the flag.

“What we’re getting is so much more negative now,” she said. “It’s not just, ‘hey you’re flying the Confederate flag.’ It’s, ‘you should be ashamed to fly the Confederate flag. You’re a bigot because you fly the Confederate flag.‘”

I understand her frustration but you can’t deter Leftists with facts. Anywho, Kjersten, as you must know, white people don’t really have a culture (well, except for that bad stuff. All bad stuff is totally the fault of white people) so you should think long and hard before putting that Norwegian Flag of White Privilege.

Until next time, pardners. Vaya con Dios

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  • Paladin says:

    It’s the Head-Bangin’ 2020! Don’t think we’ve reached Peak Nutz yet.

  • njc says:

    They know so much that ain’t so. And Jonathan Haidt shows us why (The Righteous Mind). It’s because they don’t understand and won’t understand why people disagree with them.

  • Laurie says:

    Oh my stars and garters, why bless their widdle, pea-pickn’ hearts.

  • GWB says:

    expert says
    Oh, yeah, just some guy you should shut up and listen to because he says he’s an “expert”.
    He works for a place called “centrist” by the current crop of politicos. So, I’m sure he – in their eyes – really knows what he’s talking about. *eyeROLL*

    “You owe them an apology.”
    So you’re claiming he didn’t bring receipts?

    the vest his grandma bought for him to riot in
    For Christmas she’s knitting him a molotov cocktail coozy.

    setting off fireworks and spray-painting buildings
    Well, since both of those are crimes……..
    (When the firework is aimed at a building or personnel)

    It’s, ‘you should be ashamed to fly the Confederate flag. You’re a bigot because you fly the Confederate flag.‘
    And my response would be “You’re an ignoramus because you can’t even identify the Confederate battle flag. Maybe you should try Wikipedia before you open your ignorant gob again and prove to the world you shouldn’t be allowed to walk around unaccompanied by a mental health nurse, much less vote or drive. Close the porn tabs and try to learn something useful in life.”

    That applies to so many people nowadays, in so many situations………….

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