Roundup Time: The Media Bloody Shirt Dance

Roundup Time: The Media Bloody Shirt Dance

Roundup Time: The Media Bloody Shirt Dance

As the Left has captured major political and cultural institutions over the past 40-50 years, their basic function, mission and publicly embraced principles have radically changed. No where has that been more evident in the last 20 than in media.

Media Golden Boy, Jake Tapper, fangirls Biden

I’m so old I remember boy Jake as a fairly respectable correspondent on ABC News. He at least maintained an on-air persona as someone not afraid to ask probing questions, including followups, of even Democrats. That veil was shredded as he started working for CNN and now has evolved to embarrassing turns such as propping up the Biden administration’s exploitation of the Georgia Spa shootings.

“At any moment we’re expecting President Biden to speak,” said Tapper, “after meeting with Asian-American leaders in Atlanta following the shootings that left eight people, including six women of Asian descent, dead.” (snip)

“Biden is known for his empathy for being a good consoler in chief,” Tapper continued, “this is obviously a big issue though, the pain in the Asian American community, not just from this incident, not just from the last year, but for racism that really hasn’t been discussed much on national media at all!”

Somebody hand Tapper the drool towel. This is the first I’ve heard of the everyone knows claim of Biden’s talents as empathetic consoler. Is this the new Ministry of Truth line to paper over Creepy Joe’s public fondling of girls? Kids rubbing his hairy legs? How he likes pulling his dog’s tail?

Really, Jake?

Media is scolded for pimping racist line by … ANDREW SULLIVAN?

It’s a Bizarro world where Sarah Palin’s former long-distance obstetrician and NeverTrumper, Sully, is the one in the room making sense.

Well, you know what’s coming. Accompanying one original piece on the known facts, the NYT ran nine — nine! — separate stories about the incident as part of the narrative that this was an anti-Asian hate crime, fueled by white supremacy and/or misogyny. Not to be outdone, the WaPo ran sixteen separate stories on the incident as an anti-Asian white supremacist hate crime. Sixteen! One story for the facts; sixteen stories on how critical race theory would interpret the event regardless of the facts. For good measure, one of their columnists denounced reporting of law enforcement’s version of events in the newspaper, because it distracted attention from the “real” motives. Today, the NYT ran yet another full-on critical theory piece disguised as news on how these murders are proof of structural racism and sexism — because some activists say they are.

Mass killers, if they are motivated by bigotry or hate, tend to let the world know

And, as VG Kim Hirsch points out, it isn’t just our Media eager to pretend anti-Asian hate began only with President Trump.

Sports Illustrated goes anti-female woke

What can we say? From the moment Glamour Magazine decided to name a biological male as their Woman of the Year, the rush to champion males as the Best Woman for the job has grown across the board. Biological males can now take top honors in womens/girls sports and the scholarships that go with those wins, win beauty pageants and, now, makes Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue.

Way to go, boys, in shoving women out of the public square!

Mandy Marcotte’s mendouchiness

And what would a Roundup be without a brief snort in the general direction of professional Douche Duchess Marcotte?. Yeah, yeah … we know. Mandy hasn’t written an original column since her debut on the long-gone and unlamented but sometimes her public trainwrecks are too much to be ignored — this time when she ignores what happens in her adopted home of Philadelphia.

Miss Marcotte never noted the near-record homicides from last year, when even The Philadelphia Inquirer, which seems to run homicide stories only when something unusual happens, the victim is a ‘somebody’ or an innocent or, of course, a cute little white girl.

Instead, she continued in her usual #TrumpDerangementSyndrome ways.

However, her most recent two stories are about murders. Murders in Georgia, that is: Sarah Everard and the Atlanta spa shootings show how victim blaming continues even after #MeToo and Atlanta spa shootings and the Capitol riot: Gun control is the best tool to fight terrorism. (snip)

I’ve used Miss Marcotte’s writings as a small example of what the left do writ large. I’ve said it before: in Philadelphia, in Chicago, in many of our larger cities, black lives don’t matter unless they are taken by a white person.

Ditto Asian lives when taken by a black person.

Hang in there, readers. Spring has sprung, Easter and Passover are near, and the more Ministry of Truth Media gaslights, the more people leave Woke behind.

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