Roseanne Deleted: 5 Reasons Not to Watch “The Conners” Tonight

Roseanne Deleted: 5 Reasons Not to Watch “The Conners” Tonight

Roseanne Deleted: 5 Reasons Not to Watch “The Conners” Tonight

You may have read last week about ABC execs reportedly regretting firing Roseanne Barr earlier this year—and canceling her wildly successful show reprisal—and lamenting what could be a ratings implosion for their spinoff tonight.

According to the sources, the network is now concerned that they made the wrong decision, and have worries that “The Connors” [sic] — the spinoff of the canned “Roseanne” — will bomb.

“When we greenlit ‘The Connors,’ [sic] we thought that the public would tune in to see the family return, but what we’ve discovered is that people want Roseanne — they don’t want the family by themselves,” the sources noted.

Gee, ya think? They couldn’t hear all the pleas on social media to give Roseanne another chance? Well, they’re likely right to worry.

So here are the five main reasons I, and likely millions like me, won’t be watching “The Conners” tonight:

The Conners, minus Roseanne Barr, premiers tonight on ABC. (Image Credit: For America on Twitter).

1. ABC Chose Political Correctness Over Their Viewers:

Eighty percent of America—that would include large swaths of citizens of every stripe—believe political correctness is bad for America (hint: we’re right; the fanatical Left fringe is wrong). Roseanne’s show was the antithesis of political correctness, a welcome respite that drew in twenty-nine million viewers for the premiere of the reincarnated comedy, the original of which made Roseanne a household name. And instead of embracing the controversy and incorporating it into an episode that could have resulted in a profound learning moment for the nation, ironically ABC execs instead took the politically correct route by cancelling Roseanne, slapping the faces of the millions of fans who tuned in each week to watch the no-holds-barred sitcom, and showing us that they have no bloody idea WHY Roseanne was such a hit.

2. They Knew What They Were Getting:

ABC KNEW who Roseanne was when they hired her. From botched national anthems, to tacky commentary on the Holocaust, Roseanne’s colorful history is not a secret. The ABC execs knew exactly what they were getting when they chose to reprise the show with Roseanne as the central character. For them to suddenly gasp in horror at the outrageous things she says—the one that resulted in her firing just so happened to be directed at a former staffer of the admin the Left continues to worship—is just plain horse manure.

3. Disloyalty:

NOT ONE of Roseanne Barr’s co-stars came to her defense in the days following The Tweet. The lot of them worked with Roseanne for years; they know her best; and they know that she’s no racist. In fact, the opposite is true, and they know it. Yet all of them either threw her under the bus mere moments after that now-infamous tweet, or remained silent rather than come to her defense. She was willing to do whatever it took to remedy the situation, but her pleas fell on willingly deaf ears. So much for loyalty. And friendship. And personal courage. And as one who values all three, I won’t be rewarding them with my viewership. Dodgers anyone?

Well, he’s quite the ABC ambassador. Rob Believes Women. Just not Roseanne Barr.

4. Important Issues Silenced:

Roseanne, like Trump, understands average America. One of the most courageous and honest commentaries on Muslim relations I’ve ever seen appeared on an episode of the reincarnated Roseanne. There was stereotyping, and tinfoil-hat wearing, and discussions I’ve had in my own household regarding Muslims. And in the end, Roseanne, and her viewers, learned a valuable lesson about assumptions: that they’re usually wrong. And thanks to the prickly execs over at ABC—who caved to screeches of “RACIST!!!” from those whose true agenda was to silence a woman who doesn’t toe the liberal line—viewers lost a valuable, alternative voice to counter the overwhelming liberalism that dominates our airwaves, one that reflects those of us out here in Normal America, whose everyday issues have been ignored for eons by the very kinds of people who pulled Roseanne’s plug.

And finally…

5. Double Standards:

When people who spew garbage like this…

…are still employed at CNN (Sucks), it’s patently clear that the Left is ok with racism, as long as the target of their racist venom is a man with a similar amount of melanin in his skin.

And that, my friends, is what the Left does to people who rock the boat. Trump and Kanye welcome you, Roseanne.

While I’m not wishing failure on them, I suspect their new not-Roseanne Roseanne series may very well tank. Her fans have likely not forgotten that ABC ignored their pleas for mercy when they opted to fire Roseanne almost immediately, without considering her plausible explanation, and rejected molding her mistake into a learning moment. Why? Because the MOB demanded it. And it’s because of all of that that we shouldn’t reward their poor choices with our viewership now.


Actions have consequences, ABC. It’s your turn to learn that valuable lesson. Had you done the right thing, it’s one we could all have grown from earlier this year.


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