Rejected Super Bowl Ad: ‘Jesus Hates Obama’

Rejected Super Bowl Ad: ‘Jesus Hates Obama’

Rejected Super Bowl Ad:  ‘Jesus Hates Obama’

Just because you can make some sort of a living from selling controversial T-shirts out of the back of your car, doesn’t mean you get to have one of the coveted TV ad slots for the BIG game! Apparently Fox has rejected this controversial Super Bowl commercial called ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ from the conservative comedy site ‘’, calling the ad ‘unacceptable’. Though the website’s creator insists it’s all just a joke, even their appeal to the network to reconsider was roundly rejected.

Check out the ad for yourself:

Banned Jesus Hates Obama Super Bowl Ad

So this 30-second-ad, which for the cost of about 2.3 million would have run before kick-off, was created by Richard Belfry – a comedian in L.A. who sells a lot of ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ merchandise at his website. He really did start his company out of the back of his trunk in 2009, selling over 70,000 of his signature ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ t-shirts.

The company also says on their website that it doesn’t really hate Obama. The producer, Richard Belfry, says that he’s just trying to poke fun at the Obama Administration and to also sell some of his stuff.

“Do I really believe that Jesus hates Obama? Absolutely not.” said Belfry.

Of course it wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without controversial ads — remember the Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad from last year? Or the racy Go Daddy ads?

I, for one, love the Super Bowl commercials. The ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ ad is pretty dumb but I’d love to have those bobble heads! I just hope Fox didn’t reject it because of Teh Gnu Civility!

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  • Thomas Bruce says:

    Just the title would turn most people off, but it would probably stick with you, (if it aired), which is all that matters.

  • Marsha says:

    It’s irreverent but hardly a crime and actually I think it’s clever. Sick to death of the so-called new tone whether it’s coming from Fox or not!

  • Don says:

    Jesus doesn’t hate.

  • Jerry says:

    Thank God for Fox wisdom and it wasn’t left up to cBS

    When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place ~C.S. Lewis

  • lisa says:

    Republican Congress lowers unemployment to 9% in less than a month!

  • lisa says:

    wow! but how does she really feel?

    Sarah Palin Rips Obama’s Handling of Egypt Crisis: ‘I Feel Ashamed As an American’

    “Character and planning. And I don’t see- I feel shame about this. I feel ashamed as an American, the way we’re doing this. I know he has to change. I know we’re for democracy, but the way we’ve handled it is not the way a friend handles a matter. We’re not handling as Americans should handle a matter like this. I don’t feel right about it. And Barack Obama, as much I support him in many ways, there is a transitional quality to the guy that is chilling.

    I believe in relationships. I think we all do. Relationship politics is what we were brought up with in this country. You treat your friends a certain way. You’re loyal to them. And when they’re wrong, you try to be with them. You try and stick with them. As the great old line was, “I don’t need you when I’m right.” You’ve got to help out people when they’re in trouble and all I’m seeing is transaction. Who we going to get the next deal with? And, by the way, we don’t have a plan for the next deal, so we’re not even good at transactions, let alone relationships. What are we good at here? That’s what I keep asking. What have we done as leaders and friends? Nothing except watch.”

  • David says:

    Haha! I like that one, Lisa : )

    “Republican Congress lowers unemployment to 9% in less than a month!”

    If it’s OK for the left to claim every positive move then why can’t some on the right to do the same? 😀

  • lisa says:

    my second post was actually a chris matthews post

    matthews palin … i get them confused 🙂

  • David says:

    No. There’s a blank-stare idiocy to the guy.

  • Well they don’t hate obama…their intention was not that..they are just trying to enjoy us…

  • Mary De Voe says:

    Jesus died for Obama. ‘Jesus hates Obama ‘ is slander, calumny and a plain ole’ lie. Lies are forbidden in the public and perjury in a court of law as false advertisement. Let us demand TRUTH rather than aquiescing to untruth, all in the name of fun. Let the producer say “I hate Obama” (and he should pray for Obama instead, for this is what will heap hot coals on Obama’s head)rather than falling into sin over the man’s evildoing.

  • David says:

    No new posts in over 2 months? Is Kate posting somewhere else?? : (

  • David says:

    Kate. …Where are you? :_(

  • According to a recent poll, only 82% of Democrats would re-elect Obama if they could vote today. They voted for hope and ended up with change.

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