Rashida Tlaib Pleads For Lives In Gaza

Rashida Tlaib Pleads For Lives In Gaza

Rashida Tlaib Pleads For Lives In Gaza

Rashida Tlaib is at it again, now pleading for lives to be spared in Gaza. Tlaib, an open supporter of Palestine, voiced her concern after seeing a post on X, noting the dire situation in Gaza.

I cannot believe I have to beg my country and colleagues to value every human life, no matter their faith or ethnicity.”-Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich)

Really, Rashida? What did you say about decapitated babies and women raped in the streets by Hamas four days ago? Let’s rewind:

That brutality got a heavy sigh and what looked like a snicker from the evil witch. I suppose those rapes and the killing of innocent children was okay because they were members if an “apartheid state”, right, Rahida?

Still, some wonder why Rashida Tlaib doesn’t hop on a plane to Palestine and help “her country”? Since she is of Palestinian descent, we are guessing she means this is “her country”, right?

This also begs the question of whether or not Rashida Tlaib is concerned about Americans who are in harm’s way right now. Our guess is not really. Let’s rewind once again, shall we? And, let’s also celebrate that the Internet Way Back Machine is forever. We roll back to 2019, where Rashida Tlaib was asked if Israel had the right to exist. What do you think was Tlaib’s initial comment on this?

Do they pay you guys? Do you work for Netanyahu?”-Rashida Tlaib

Coexist. All of that hippie-dippy New Age BS. This is actually how the conversation went down. We begin with the question, “Does Israel have the right to exist?” And…go:

Tlaib: Separate but equal doesn’t work, it didn’t work with Blacks and Whites in our country, it shouldn’t work in Israel. Right?

Questioner: So would that be a right for Israel to exist?

Tlaib: Do they pay you guys? Do you work for Netanyahu?

Questioner: (Claims to be an American citizen here) Would you like to answer the question?”Congresswoman, it’s really concerning for me that you can’t just say that you believe Israel should exist.

Tlaib: Oh, my God. Do you understand what that means? To coexist.

Questioner: I absolutely do.

Tlaib: Why isn’t that beautiful? That should mean coexist. That means everyone should feel safe, no matter who they are, or [what] their background is.

Questioner: So the Jews would have a state that they felt safe in?

Tlaib: If it means my grandmother can’t exist equally as a human being then, no. Right? So coexist. Separate but equal doesn’t work.”-Fox News Digital

At that point, the elevator door closes on the “Netanyahu operative”. This was an actual recorded conversation with Rashida Tlaib. In other words, if we translate this New Age, “coexist” BS, if Hamas, the governing body elected in 2006 by the Palestinians, chooses to murder their own, or starve their own, and create a horrific existence for their own to include leaving them with no food, water or infrastructure, and start wars with individuals who are not “their country”, “their people”, then everyone should live in chaos. Why? Because Separate but equal doesn’t work. Water pipes are not equal to rockets. Everyone knows this, Rashida.



Are we to believe a member of the left is saying All Lives Matter?! So, saying this is not “racist” anymore? We wrote about Rashida speaking at an upcoming conference in Houston for the United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights later this month. She will be in a nice hotel, flanked by security and will hop on a stage to discuss “coexisting with the apartheid state”, we presume.

I, personally, think she should show up in Gaza with the Palestinian flag she has flanking her door at the Capitol in one hand and her Pride Progress flag she also has next to her door in the other. Let’s see how her progressive notion and “petition” to “coexist” works with the Hamas terrorists. Really, I would love to see how that would pan out. I would love to see her tell them that they “cannot ignore the humanity in each other” and watch what ensues.

Now, that would be a beautiful thing.

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  • Scott says:

    Ship her ass to Palestine, let her put her mouth where her money is.. There’s no question she works harder to advance the cause of terrorists than for the welfare of American citizens. She is a POS and emblematic of all that is wrong with this nation.

  • Gregory Brou says:

    the murder of 260 peace activists at a concert, and the murder of 40 babies is enough discussion to identify Hamas as horrible inhuman people, worse than the nazi’s/hitler/swasticas. Any body who tries to justify the 260/40 homicide is just as complicit weither they work in congress, Harvard law school, Detroit HOA’s, or just children on campus demonstrations..

  • Great Idea says:

    Thanks for your article and blog!

    Tlaib, along with AOC and the rest of the so-called “squad”, should be deported. Let them run their foul mouths to their Hamas and Hezbollah masters, or serve the beasts in Iran. I’m sure they’d love the reception.

    Along with them should go the Clintons and, most of all, the America- and Israel-hating Obama regime, still pulling the strings in Washington D.C. Root out all the pro-Iran traitors, including Malley[Blinken’s buddy], and unceremoniously dumb them out of a low-flying transport, without parachutes.

    Biden and his wife could be sent on permanent leave to some desert island.

    All of these people have worked tirelessly to undermine the security of the United States. Each and every one of them, and their staffs, are TRAITORS.

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