Rand Paul Pushes Bill Hamstringing Obama’s Planned Gun Control Executive Action

Rand Paul Pushes Bill Hamstringing Obama’s Planned Gun Control Executive Action

Rand Paul Pushes Bill Hamstringing Obama’s Planned Gun Control Executive Action
Obama Hunger Games
Obama getting his best Caesar Flickerman on. (Photo Credit: ABC News)

Barack Obama’s final year as the Worst POTUS Ever promises to be a cross between Lord of the Flies and the Hunger Games: Figuratively killing off dissidents while pitting Americans against one another, usurping as much power as he can as Congress sips champagne pilfered from the Districts it’s supposed to be serving. And his next target—when he returns from his gazillionth taxpayer-funded vacay—is our right to self defense as solidified in the Second Amendment. He’ll reportedly release his newest unconstitutional fiat executive order after he returns from Christmas in Hawaii. But there’s at least one senator who’s having none of it: Serial Filibusterer Rand Paul. From The Hill:

Photo Credit: Politico
Rand Paul, BHO. (Photo Credit: Politico)

Sen. Rand Paul is pushing for a vote to restrict President Obama’s ability to enact new gun control regulations.

The Kentucky Republican, who is running for president, has introduced legislation that would decree any executive action on gun control that either infringes upon congressional authority or potentially violates the Second Amendment as “advisory only” until legislation that supported the action is passed by Congress.

“In the United States, we do not have a king, but we do have a Constitution. We also have the Second Amendment, and I will fight tooth and nail to protect it,” Paul said in a statement on Monday.

And Senator Paul is wasting no time in his effort to nip Obama’s intended usurpation of our right to self defense in the bud:

The legislation is currently being fast-tracked through the Senate. It’s expected to be placed on the Senate calendar next month once lawmakers return to Washington from their recess. No vote has currently been scheduled.

The legislation would also allow for any state official, member of Congress, or person affected by an executive action on gun control to launch a civil lawsuit.

And last week Senator Paul had this to say in response to Obama’s call for gun control following the San Bernardino terrorist attack, which of course would do absolutely nothing to stop a determined Islamic terrorist:

Indeed he is, and in a sea of corruption and politicians interested primarily in self-preservation, Senator Paul’s remains a welcome voice.

So, what is it that Obama is preparing to do this time? Well, only time will tell, but we do know this:

Obama Bloomberg
Gun-Grabbers ‘R Us, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg. (Photo Credit: Forbes)

President Obama met with gun control proponent, nanny-statist, and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday to discuss Obama’s imminent executive actions to restrict the Second Amendment.

The meeting was not on the president’s public schedule but obviously revealed after the fact to the press.

The conclave was “part of the administration’s continuing push to address gun violence in America,” the White House said in a statement.

“The two discussed ways to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have access to them and what more could be done at the state and local level to help address gun violence in America,” the White House added.

Valerie Jarrett, who is spearheading the administration’s gun control push, also attended the meeting.

Gee. And just who gets to decide who should have “access” to their natural rights, and who should not, Mr. Obama? Nanny Bloomberg? Gun grabber extraordinaire, Barbara Boxer? A hand-picked panel of un-elected bureaucrats resembling the IPAB?

It’s likely that Obama’s crony in the Senate, one Harry Reid, along with a long and sordid list of other Constitution-stomping Democrats, will move to block Paul’s effort to reign in the King, just as they did recently in blocking Kate’s Law, a bill intended to punish illegal aliens who again enter the United States illegally after having been deported.

Lock and load, and keep your powder dry. Barack Obama’s final year as president is a long-awaited end to a seven-year nightmare. But though there’s a definite light at the end of the long, dark tunnel, it promises to be preceded by a speeding freight train.

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