Rafi Eitan was the Spy who caught Adolph Eichmann, and Weekend Links!

Rafi Eitan was the Spy who caught Adolph Eichmann, and Weekend Links!

Rafi Eitan was the Spy who caught Adolph Eichmann, and Weekend Links!

The accounts of Rafi Eitan’s spying exploits over the years as Operations Chief with Israel’s National Intelligence Agency, Mossad, are infamous legendary. How could they not be? It’s The MOSSAD. And frankly, Rafi Eitan sounded like beastmode. He literally began his career as a spy by kidnapping Nazi monster, Adolf “Final Solution” Eichmann in Argentina, returning him to Israel to face a neck-snapping justice. Rafi Eitan died on Saturday at the age of 92 and in a statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called him “among the heroes of the intelligence services of the State of Israel.”

Rafi was born on Kibbutz Ein Harod in British-ruled Palestine in November 1926 to a family of immigrants from Russia. The story goes that he knew he wanted to be a spy since the age of four when he saw a movie about Mata Hari with his mom — which personally, I think is kind of cool. And that story where he kidnaps Eichmann? Facinating. Detailed. Brilliant. Satisfying.

Mossad Veterans Recall Eichmann Operation

From all the sources I’ve read about Rafi Eitan, he was complicated – VERY complicated. But that’s probably the case with most spies, right? In thinking of Netanyahu’s comments on Rafi’s death, there is certainly a huge body of evidence, in addition to the capture of Eichmann, of “hero” status. The Black September terrorists and Operation Wrath of God. Entebbe. Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor. Stuxnet.

There is also a lot of evidence of a quintessentially shrewd and ruthless Spymaster: Stolen Uranium. Pollard. Just to name 2 HUGE “concerns.”

So after the Pollard affair hit the fan, Rafi resigned his position and his spy career was over. That was just a bit much, you know? But he went on to do a number of other things including politics and sculpting. Sounds like great cover opportunity for some shadowy behavior to continue – but what do I know?


Being a Spook can be dirty work, but it’s not all Bourne and Bond. It’s analysis, tactical, strategy, secrets, travel. In my opinion, no intelligence agency in the world has quite the mystique of Mossad though. Yes, strong national intelligence organizations with covert operations are critically necessary. The world is dangerous and people are completely crazy. And whether the “real” Mossad, (and probably not), I suspect even Rafi would appreciate this:

So Godspeed Rafi Eitan! You were quite the Spymaster!


Great Weekend Blog Reading Links!

First up is Sarah Hoyt at According to Hoyt. Her article “The Totalitarian Train Is Rolling Down the Tracks” is so hot, it’s burning down the house at her place. So if you can only read one thing this afternoon, make it this.

Evil Blogger Lady is smacking around Hollywood with her post called “How Depraved Is Hollywood?” We all know that’s rhetorical because the answer is VERY.

Professor Jacobson at Legal insurrection has a terrific piece called “Southern Poverty Law Center President resigns as internal racism/sexism scandal widens.”

Our friends at Motus AD address in perfect Motus-style, “The Mueller Report, What Does It Mean…Anyone?”

Bearing Arms has written “Study Claims Stricter Gun Laws Leads To Safer High.” And even though you’re not buying the study either, go read that post.

Over at Diogenes’ Middle Finger, they’re dealing with liberal soft-heads in this post, “Joy Reid: Feels Like the Seeds of a Cover-Up Up in Her.” They watch MSNBC so we don’t have to.

Our buddy Teach at Pirate’s Cove has up “Washington Post Pleads For Democrats To Stop Being Unhinged Nutters.” He knows that’ll never happen.

Our friend Doug at Doug Ross @ Journal has an incredible Twitter Thread of Glenn Greenwald eviscerating a reckless media for their part in 2+ years of unhinged, conspiratorial rhetoric over the Mueller/Trump/Russia investigation. It’s brilliant, and I’m taking notes.

And finally, our friend Stacey over at The Other McCain has a great post up called “Memo From The National Affairs Desk: Who’s Heading To The Cornbread Festival.” Don’t forget to hit his tip jar! 😉

Happy weekend, everyone!

The Featured Photo is a compilation – cropped & altered for desired effect. The photo on the L, of a younger Eitan, was found at Tikun Olam, and the one on the R, of a more matured Eitan, at The Times of Israel, Kobi Gideon/Flash90.

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  • GWB says:

    You know, those pictures up top put me in mind of the adage, “Smile. It makes people think you’re up to something.” The smile is identical in both photos, and it definitely has a quality of “I know something you don’t know!”

    (BTW, if I haven’t said it before, I really appreciate your photo/pic credits at the end of each post.)

    • Kate says:

      GWB thank you for noticing those. We want to do things right. 🙂

      On Rafi’s smile – YES. It was the first thing I noticed and had to use those 2 pics for that very reason.

  • DC says:

    There’s a good interview with Mr. Eitan in a Netflix documentary on the Mossad.
    He smiles quite a bit in that too…

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