#RachelDolezal: Birth Parents Speak Out on Their Daughter’s ‘Pathological’ Lies (Video)

#RachelDolezal: Birth Parents Speak Out on Their Daughter’s ‘Pathological’ Lies (Video)

#RachelDolezal: Birth Parents Speak Out on Their Daughter’s ‘Pathological’ Lies (Video)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard the name “Rachel Dolezal” only about a few million times in the past week. She’s the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho white woman who’s been presenting herself as black for the better part of the last decade, successfully propelling herself into lofty positions because of it. Just yesterday she resigned her seat as president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP. We also learned that, as an artist, she copied a well-known painting, offering it for sale while giving no credit to the original artist. Then we learned she’s entangled in a lawsuit involving her brother and some ugly accusations against him, unsuccessfully sued Howard University for discrimination in 2002, the very university where she earned her MFA, and later in the day it was reported that her staff bio had been removed from Eastern Washington University’s web site and a staffer there indicated her contract had “expired.” So, shunning personal responsibility, Dolezal blames not her poor choices, but rather her parents for the predicament she now finds herself mired within. And last night, they spoke with Fox’s Megyn Kelly about their daughter:


So there you have it. Rachel Dolezal’s life, bereft of reality, is a construct in the tradition of Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama’s girlfriend. It doesn’t matter what her parents’ motivations are. What matter’s is she lied. For years. And it’s far from over. Because her integrity—if she ever had any—has been shattered. And she’s being called to the carpet by the very people who trusted her.

Preceding yesterday’s resignation, some of Dolezal’s fellow Spokane NAACP members planned to protest, ahead of Monday’s monthly meeting, the fact that she had not already offered it, and to voice their concern for the unwanted negative attention her obvious fraud has caused their chapter. Last evening, they kept their promise:

Indeed it does. Unfortunately, Rachel Dolezal has none. Here’s an interview unearthed recently where Dolezal talks about her father’s flee from the Deep South:


Except none of that ever happened, either. At least not to her biological father. It’s an invented history to paint Dolezal’s “dad,” and by extension herself, as a long-suffering victim of racism in an age where it’s become both trendy and profitable.

Then and now, a history of pathology. (Photo Credit Fox News)
Then and now, a history of pathology. (Photo Credit: Fox News)

I don’t wallow in other people’s misery. But this woman is unrepentant, and more than deserving of ridicule. And aside from the lies, the fraud, the opportunism, the demonization of Conservatives, and of our police officers that Dolezal has engaged in for the past decade, what irks me personally, as a resident of Northern Idaho, is her attempt to erroneously paint entire regions such as ours as racist and hostile to diversity. Evidence suggests Dolezal is responsible for the threatening letters she says she received at the NAACP’s Spokane regional office. And she’s likely responsible for the noose she says she found on her porch. She, of all people—if she were genuine, that is—should understand that stereotyping an entire community is irresponsible and dangerous. But when your goal is self-promotion and personal enrichment via fraud, it’s a means to an end for a pathological personality such as hers. I, for one, am weary of seeing her faux-tanned face and salon-created corkscrews all over the media. Here’s to hoping Ms. Dolezal is removed from every position she attained through deceit, gets herself some much-needed help, and slinks away into obscurity. Perhaps into the Deep South she fears so much. But somehow, I suspect a few civil lawsuits may hinder that.

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  • Kimberly Sanders says:

    A White infiltrates and does good. A Black infiltrates and is inept. A Muslim infiltrates and does evil.

    Who lost their position?

    Who are being assailed?

    Questioned at the time was whether they’d render it desolate,

    or place it under the stewardship of selfless, diverse and qualified leadership.

    (Chronicle of Human Events, circa 2015 a.d.)

  • Appalled By The World says:

    “Unless you’ve been living under a rock……”

    How I wish this were true. This sort of madness is just getting to be too much.

  • Penny says:

    Jodi and Appalled, I definitely agree with your sentiments. Jenner and Dolezal are just the symptoms of the moral decay that has infested our society. The Socialist Democrats and their perverse social experiments have poisoned so many wells of life. Both of these people have terrible mental problems, and way too vivid imaginations……sick puppies, both.

  • Laureen says:

    This evolving story bothers me on so many levels. At first, I was very sad for her–obviously suffering from a lack of self identity, confidence and self-esteem (much like many adoptees suffer). But somehow this woman became lost at her most inner core and tried to latch onto and claim a cultural heritage that is not her own in order to find acceptance. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with this–the problem, however, as is being exposed finally, are the lies. Ms. Dolezal’s efforts to manipulate everyone else into believing her lies so that she may benefit from them exposes her utterly selfish motives. Her lying helped her to fit in somewhere and served her well within that community. But the lies were unnecessary. Now that she has been exposed, she has shown no remorse or understanding that there is a TRUTH–and she’s not telling it. She’s still dancing around it!

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