R.I.P., Michael Jackson. Now let’s move on.

R.I.P., Michael Jackson. Now let’s move on.

R.I.P., Michael Jackson. Now let’s move on.

I got a text message last night from my friend Cara saying that Michael Jackson had died. I was mildly skeptical, but when I found out multiple news sites were confirming his death, I believed it.

I didn’t quite know how to take the news. However, I sat there with another friend of mine, Tara, and together summed up exactly how Michael Jackson would be eulogized. There would be over-the-top, soaring rhetoric about his musical genius. Newscasters would briefly mention how he was steeped in controversy, and then quickly rush on to cover how beloved his music is and how he was such an innovator. And what do you know, I was exactly right.

Look, Michael Jackson’s death is shocking. He was only fifty years old. But reports are coming out that he was apparently a habitual drug abuser in the last few years of his life, and that his family at one point even tried to stage an intervention. And let’s not forget the massive child molestation charges, which first surfaced in the early 1990s and then years later resurfaced again. He gave alcohol to children, calling it “Jesus Juice”. He paid somewhere between $15 – $20 million in settlements to his accusers. Whether he actually sexually molested the children or not, Michael Jackson certainly had inappropriate relationships with children.

Child molestation aside, Michael Jackson became a strange, strange person in adulthood. From the Peter Pan obsession to the plastic surgery overloads to the irresponsiblility with his money to the increasingly crazy behavior to the insane parenting methods he used with his children, he was a boy who grew up to be, at best, a very troubled man.

This video, I think, kind of sums it up the best. It’s a video of Michael Jackson’s face morphing throughout his life, and at the end, asks a very good question: If this is what’s happening outside, what’s going on inside?

I feel bad for Michael Jackson, I think. I believe that he was a musical genius. I believe that he fell victim to a horrible life. It’s a known fact that he was physically and verbally abused by his father, Joe Jackson, as a child. Once he became a celebrity, I believe that his innocence was corrupted by celebrities and handlers looking to take advantage of his genius and his naivete. I believe that the genius of Michael Jackson eventually imploded under all of the stress and pressure put onto him by himself and those around him, most of whom likely had no regards for Michael’s well-being, and he eventually became anorexic and both physically and mentally ill.

Michael Jackson’s life is a tragedy. He had such talent, such promise, but I don’t think any person could have lived a normal life under the circumstances of which he lived. I feel awful for his family, and especially for his children. His music will always be remembered and revered, and I don’t know if there will ever be another person who can come close to the musical genius of Michael Jackson.

Aside from that, what more is there really to say? This all-day-and-all-night eulogizing of Michael Jackson is a little ridiculous, and it’s sad that even legitimate news organizations have succumbed to it. Believe it or not, there are more important things in the world than the death of Michael Jackson, so let’s just take a few minutes to remember his music and move on.

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  • Frank White says:

    God struck him down for molesting children.


  • Chris M-G says:

    That’s ok, someone at Times Square said this:

    “It’s like when Kennedy was assassinated. I will always remember being in Times Square when Michael Jackson died.”

    The sentiment I understand, but the comparison just doesn’t work.

  • JS says:

    Musical genius?


  • Rob Farrington says:

    Yup, he’s going to be a legend. He’s done far better than anyone who’s ever driven their car into a swimming pool, or been found dead in the bathroom.

    To those of us who believe in God, the hero worship of shallow, stupid people who never even knew the real Michael Jackson will mean nothing to him now.

    To those who don’t believe, he was just a man with a talent, who eventually wasted it. There are people with far more important talents who we meet every single day, but the media will never recognise their worth, or bother to eulogise them when they die.

    So, R.I.P. Michael, I hope that wherever you are, you find peace. I don’t know whether or not you were guilty of child molestation (although you managed to turn inappropriateness into an art form), but your guilt or otherwise is out of our hands now. As Cassy says, we have to move on.

  • darren short says:

    he will be missed but the surgery killed him not the drugs he was in alot of pain and i will miss him n am sad that i had tickets to watch him london n the stress of that didnt help rest in peace michael jackson u deserve itu be missed

  • Jesse in South FL says:

    Only one thing is for certain…

    …two years from now the Michael Jackson bio-pic will win every Oscar there is lol.

  • Michael and Farrah were both cultural sensations at one time. In my book that makes them on par. I know there’s some kind of thing about zillions and zillions of records sold, but I don’t count that. Millions of teenagers had Farrah posters, millions of teenagers had MJ promotional-whatever…so that’s it. They’re equals. Has-been equals.

    It’s pretty clear by now who’s winning the eulogy sweepstakes. Why all the hype about Michael, then? Because his halcyon days were more recent? Nope. Because he was freakin’ weird. As Cassy points out, inappropriate-relations-with-kids-at-least are part of the weirdness package, but that isn’t stopping anyone. Farrah’s forgotten. Let the crocodile tears flow for The Gloved One. Because he was a kiddy-diddling perv with a plastic face.

    I’m just so disgusted. Can’t express it with words.

  • It is such a great loss that a man with great talent like Michael Jackson dies. RIP King of POP.

  • Michael Jackson is my favorite pop artist ever since i was a child. He is truly the King of Pop and i am saddened by this news.

  • btenney says:

    My claim to fame is that I must be the only human on Earth who has never seen or heard Michael Jackson perform. For this reason I expect to be appropriately eulogized when My time comes.

  • kinglifer says:

    What kills me about people is they must insist on speaking on hearsay.
    I do not know Micheal Jackson. I was not in the room when he allegedly touched those children. (BTW the boy admitted he lied. Google it) It doesn’t matter that in court he won his case…

    The negative words about someone who has done more than many is simply hate. Plain and simple.

    Personally I have meet so many people who have done so many good things. (And bad). I wouldn’t be surprised if the people that posted have raped a person or two… Not my place to judge them really… because I have no proof.

    If CNN or FOX says it… then I guess I would have proof. Or would I.

    Anyway. I must admit the over the top MJ marathon is nothing but fakeness. Because all these people was calling him names just days before.

    In a way… there is good in this. No more hate will fall upon him to see.

  • michael jackson is a very very talented person to the point that he rose as a pop icon. he would live forever in our history books and memories…

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