Predictable Knee-Jerk Reactions From Anti-Gun Left After Texas Church Shooting [VIDEO]

Predictable Knee-Jerk Reactions From Anti-Gun Left After Texas Church Shooting [VIDEO]

Predictable Knee-Jerk Reactions From Anti-Gun Left After Texas Church Shooting [VIDEO]

The details of what happened at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, are truly horrifying. A gunman walked into the church and killed at least 26 people.

First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX (photo: KSAT via AP)

What’s even more horrifying? The hot takes by the knee-jerk anti-gun left. The bodies hadn’t even left the scene when Chelsea Handler put in her bid for “horrible human being” status.

Wil Wheaton, naturally, added his pathetic two cents.

After taking heat, Wheaton issued an apology.

But it didn’t matter, because everyone else came piling on. A gun was used? Time to be political!

Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

And obtuse people who preen about being morally superior because they hate the NRA continue to preen.

Because everything is political now.

And let’s just reflect on one itty bitty teeny tiny FACT that just might be relevant in this whole “we must have MOAR GUN CONTROL NAO” monologue the left is having…

So, exactly which new gun control law do we need now? Because – SHOCKER – the shooter was a criminal who didn’t seem to mind breaking laws.

As the families of First Baptist Church try to grieve after this shattering criminal act, it would be prudent for the left to put the brakes on their rhetoric. But when has the left ever been prudent when there are bodies to stand on to try and reach a “moral” high ground?

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  • SFC D says:

    It’s hard to take Ms Handler seriously when her main claim to fame is spending a lot of time drunk with her legs in the air. Yah she’s a real expert on stuff.

  • parker says:

    Long ago lifetime NRA member and not an atheist like the mass murderer. Color me devoid of guilt.

  • GWB says:

    America is in the grips of a gun violence crisis.

    FIFY, dick.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Let’s see…

    Convicted spouse/child abuser. (That alone disqualifies someone from owning firearms. Period.)
    Bad-Conduct Discharge from USAF as a result.

    Somehow, this law-breaking, anger-ridden, sorry excuse of a man/husband/father ILLEGALLY gets access to a weapon and ammunition.

    Dem/Lib conclusion — BAN THE WEAPON!!! (*faint!* *gasp!* clutch pearls and hyperventilate until you soil your lace undies)

    No mention made regarding the SHOOTER part of this twisted equation, WITHOUT WHICH the inanimate weapon will forever just sit there, locked and loaded, and never, ever harm anyone.

    NEW FLASH — Violent-prone criminals are NOT apt to obey ANY laws that might hinder their executing (intentional use of term) the violent plans to which they are committed.

    Cue the usual duh and drool from demented Dems.

  • God bless, guide, and protect us all and may He further give comfort and patience to the people of Sutherland Springs.

    Fear mongering and finger pointing will not help us in our learning how to move forward.

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