Poor Michelle, she’s all out of hope.

Poor Michelle, she’s all out of hope.

Poor Michelle, she’s all out of hope.

Michelle Obama just told Oprah that we are all out of hope. Of course she is referring to the election of Donald Trump to be her husband’s successor. No Michelle, half of America just felt hope again! And I feel pretty confident in saying that most of the other half, which will include a ton of black people, will also be feeling a lot better in a few years. The rest will always just be discontented leftists, like you.

Michelle, you need to speak for yourself, because you do not speak for me. You may indeed be feeling hopeless, but you should embrace it. Now you will really be able to relate to the little people and see what we’ve been going through for the last eight years. So look at this as an opportunity to get woke.

It’s understandable you’d be down in the dumps. Your husband’s work has finally gotten a true evaluation. The American people have spoken and they just don’t like what he’s done with the place. They dislike it so much, that they were willing to elect Donald Trump. That must really smart. Really a slap in the face, eh? Losing control is always a humbling experience, but I have no sympathies for you. Sorry, that’s just what happens when you spend eight years slapping me in the face.

Michelle Obama is hopeless

So you go ahead and commiserate with your miserable friends. You need to go through the five stages of grief just like anyone else who’s had to face an ugly reality, but if you really cared about America you’d keep this crap to yourself. From day one, when you said you were never proud of your country, to the last day, you never let up about what a terrible country is America. From the slaves who built the White House, to calling museums “white spaces.” It was a constant stoking of racism and I for one will be glad not to hear on a daily basis how racist I am, not for any actions I have taken, but just because I was born white. Michelle, I am sure you wouldn’t like it if I assumed things about you based on your skin color, so as you exit the White House, you might want to stop thinking about color, and start cultivating a better attitude. That’s the thing that makes people beautiful or ugly.

These people are delusional.

It’s true, America’s got a lot of healing to do, but instead of using your eight years to advance this nation, you and your husband never let a crisis go to waste to advance your divisive agenda. It’s too bad you used your power for ill, but there is a silver lining. America IS the place I always thought it was. It is a meritocracy and values hard work. It is a strong leader for the world, and although there is a lot of damage to be undone, America now has a fair chance to make it happen. No thanks to you Michelle. But you go on enjoying the benefits of living in a nation you despise so much. None of us deplorables will fault you for it. It’s a free country.

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  • Younts says:

    A great post! She has NEVER spoken for me.
    Yes, she’s all hopeless because she won’t have the big jet to flit around the world in with her friends. Hopeless because she has millions of dollars to do with as she pleases while others don’t have food or a home. (Not that she could help any of them, especially if they’re white). Hopeless because she will be protected the rest of her life. Hopeless because she’s selfish, egoistic, racist and hateful. Good riddance to a very bad example of First Ladydom.

  • VALman says:

    GRATITUDE. (Caps for emphasis) I don’t know about Oprah. However, when it comes to Michelle Obama, I think she’s greatly lacking in it, gratitude that is.

    Generally, I’ve found that those who practice the woe-is-me routine are not very grateful persons.

  • Lisa Brown says:

    Poor Mooch, We know just how she feels – her and hubby pretty much kicked the hope out of everyone is the past 8 years. Say Bye-Bye!

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