Poor, Broke, Scrimping Hillary Clinton is JUST Like You!

Poor, Broke, Scrimping Hillary Clinton is JUST Like You!

Poor, Broke, Scrimping Hillary Clinton is JUST Like You!

Hillary Clinton, in her pre-presidential campaign book promotion tour, claims to Diane Sawyer that when they left the White House, they were “dead broke and in debt.”

Aw. My heart just breaks for them. After all, those vacation homes in the Hamptons, two mansions, and sending your only child to Stanford would leave ANYONE dead broke.

I wish I could be “dead broke” like them. Don’t you?

While they may have left the White House in 2000 with debts that necessitated some strange crowdsourcing loans from their political cronies, those money troubles went away pretty quickly with book deals, Bill Clinton’s lifetime presidential pension (being an ex-president, we now pay him for breathing to the tune of $200,000 a year, PLUS $96,000 to keep an office staff), and Hillary’s salary as a senator and as a Secretary of State.

When even Diane Sawyer has to point out that getting $200,000 per speech that you now give is more than “five times the median income,” Hillary is quick to say “hey, at least I didn’t become a lobbyist!”

“Let me put it this way,” Clinton told Sawyer. “I thought making speeches for money was a much better thing than getting connected with any one group or company as so many people who leave public life do.”

Oh, well then, you’re just a absolute SAINT, you are, Hillary.

I’m sorry, but if you are too stupid to not manage your own finances well enough to realize hey, maybe paying two mortgages on multi-million dollar homes isn’t a good idea when you’re still trying to pay off campaign debt and send a child to an Ivy League school, then I’m pretty sure that I don’t want you anywhere near this nation’s budget. We’re in bad enough shape as it is. And besides, you give speeches for free when you’re president, Hillary. Are you sure you want to go back to being “broke” again?

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  • Jodi says:

    Where’s the missing six billion of our tax dollars, Hill?


    • VALman says:

      You can just hear a question-and-answer now: Six billion dollars? Did you see it? I didn’t see it? I know that with the administration there were some difficulties which we did our best to deal with. But, six billion dollars! That is a lot of money. I’m sure the Republicans will come up with something. Most likely, they cooked the books. Next question, please.

  • VALman says:

    Are you listening to this revisionist narrative that will provide the background for a campaign. The good, loyal wife to that cad of a husband, yet I tried to be the best FLOTUS. We left the Wh as poor as church mice, yet we overcame property just as you can, too! I was the loyal, team player as Sec of State to that hard-headed POTUS who just wouldn’t listen to my profound insights. Are you sick, yet?

  • Mary Ellen says:

    She’s doing what we here in the South call “poor mouthing”!

  • Gothguy says:

    She wouldn’t know broke and in debt if it hit her in her lying mouth. Cry me a river!

    I know broke, and in debt, you unmitigated lying bitch! I lived off of potatoes and eggs for months at a time because that’s all I could afford, all the while paying rent at a ‘pay by the week’ hotel.

    I worked my way out of that situation, not through speaking fees and book deals, but through something you DO NOT KNOW…hard work!

    So, forgive me if I do not weep at your misfortune.

  • scr_north says:

    They were never broke, they were never going to miss payments and if Al Gore disappeared for a few years to lay the groundwork for the worlds largest fraud ever and didn’t let them in on it, well tough sh*t to you. She’s starting her revision of history as well as her run for 2016 by starting the lie that she’s just like the common folk.

    I wonder if the Dems will sandbag her again if a “cooler” candidate comes by. Her old noggin can’t take too many more thumps.

  • GWB says:

    And NOW one of her previous spokescritters says … wait for it…
    It’s because she isn’t just like everyone else!

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