Plans from the kinder, gentler Democrats

Plans from the kinder, gentler Democrats

Plans from the kinder, gentler Democrats

There are a number of reasons to get out and vote in Tuesday’s mid-term election. The economic upswing we’ve seen under the Trump Administration is one. The trimming of Obamacare is another (and, yes, some more pruning is needed). But, if you need more reason to stem the blue wave, just look to the Democrats themselves. Each time they open their mouths, they confirm they want little more than to destroy the very foundations of our nation.

Of course, the Democrats aren’t doing it all by themselves. They have a great deal of help from the media. According to a new poll, more voters feel the media has divided the country to a greater extent than President Trump. “Republican women cast the most blame on the press, with 83 percent saying media has done more to divide Americans than unite. Democratic men had the most favorable view of the news media, with 44 percent saying the press has done more to divide than unite.”

Set against that background, we have the so-called Democratic grassroot attempts to bring out the vote. The privileged elite of Hollywood tell us who we should vote for and what sort of sacrifices we should make. The “Grab Them By The Ballot” movement in Vermont is trying to drive people to the polls Tuesday with this ad.

Now, I don’t know about you, but as an informed voter, this image does nothing to inspire me to vote. In fact, it leaves me dumbfounded. Can you imagine the cries of outrage if it had been a group of conservative women to strike such a pose? Remember, it was Hillary Clinton, that paragon protector of women’s rights who claimed white women were pressured to vote for Trump by their husbands. Just imagine what she’d have to say about a group of women who posed in the nude to support conservative issues and candidates.

Of course, as our own Narcissi Craig reminded us, HRC has her own problems when it comes to connecting to voters. Then there’s her rather muddy history when it comes to how she views minority voters.

And let’s not forget good ol’ Nancy Pelosi. She who would dearly love to see our country saddled with single payer insurance. She who doesn’t care that her own party is quickly becoming disillusioned with her. She, the proud Democrat, who will do almost anything to once again be Speaker of the House.

Like so many Democrats–yes, I’m looking at you, Beto O’Rourke–she’s rarely met a late night talk show she didn’t love. Here’s her latest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After all, she has to make those all-important mid-term predictions.

Right off the bat, grinning like a loon, she predicts that the Democrats will win come Tuesday. According to her, “We own the ground. We’re not yielding one grain of sand. . . it will be a great night for America.” And then there’s Colbert, crossing himself as if in prayer.

Not long after that, Pelosi goes on to say that when they win, they will “honor the vows of our Founders.” You see, according to her, the Dems want to find ways to unify and not divide our nations. Funny, but I haven’t seen any real evidence of that, certainly not in the last two years. Pelosi herself has done nothing to narrow the divide and her fellow members of the Democratic Party aren’t falling in line with her pledge to make nice.

Hell’s bells, she has been leading the charge to divide the nation from her mansion in California, when she hasn’t been doing so from the nation’s capitol. Nor, by reasonable implication, is she willing to stop calling for upheaval if the Dems don’t get the blue wave they’ve been predicting since Clinton’s loss.

That doesn’t sound like someone concerned about the best interests of the nation to me. Does it to you?

But Pelosi’s not the only one. Maxine Waters made news yesterday with her promise to settle some scores after Tuesday. Again, assuming the blue wave actually materializes, she promises that she will take over as chair of the Financial Services Committee. She wants to go after financial institutions and their CEOs for actions taken years ago. She has a long memory and an ax to grind. As Kyle Olson wrote, “Governance by retribution. What could go wrong?”

But they aren’t the only ones. Beto O’Rourke, who claims not to have taken a single dollar from a PAC, calls the President’s plan to build a wall and secure our borders “racist“. Oh, and as for his claim not to take PAC moneys? That’s a bit cloudy when you look at his financial reports. Technically, he hasn’t taken PAC money. However, he has accepted money funneled through PACs from individuals. That’s almost like saying you’re a little bit pregnant.

There’s also the fact he condemns PACs because they represent businesses and other entities with business before the government, saying it is a way of influencing votes. Yet he has no problem taking donations directly from those corporations or other entities. Funny how we don’t hear about that in the media.

Then there is Diane Feinstein who wants to push for more immigration “reform” if she wins re-election. “The plan she is drafting with her colleagues in the Senate Judiciary Committee would offer a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and certain farm workers, prohibit the separation of children from their parents at the border and place a 20-day limit on children being detained in U.S. custody.”

Of the many questions this plan raises, first and foremost is how you limit children being detained to 20-days, especially if you aren’t going to separate them from their parents? Where is the money going to come from to add more ICE agents to process their applications to stay in the U.S. (assuming she leaves ICE alone. Let’s not forget ICE is one of those agencies the Dems would dearly love to do away with.) Even before we get to that, how do we confirm the child is with its parent(s) and not someone else?

These are but a few examples of what we can expect if the blue wave does manifest on Tuesday. If you want to prevent it, vote. This election is about so much more than Donald Trump. Never forget that. It is about the future of our nation. It is about the sanctity of our rights under the Constitution. It is about making sure our voice is heard. So speak long and loud by voting.


Featured Image: Nancy Pelosi/Susan Walsh (AP)

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  • Whoopie says:

    Well, if Republican women posed naked, at least they’d be attractive looking. Let’s face it, Leftist women are downright ugly. Their ugliness is more than just skin deep too. Like the ancient Greeks, I believe the ugliness in their souls manifests itself in their physical appearance.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I dunno. I think it is more that Republican women have more self-respect and self-confidence than most of the other side does. But, who knows, you may be onto something.

  • Nicki says:

    Dude! Warn a person next time, will ya?

    I haven’t eaten yet, and the coffee I had is threatening to come sloshing out at the site of the nekkid hags!

    • Amanda Green says:

      I would have thought the image of Queen Nan would have been enough to warn you. You know me well enough to realize a spew warning is always implied. VBEG

  • MikeyParks says:

    Wrong strategy Dems. You should threaten to show Pelosi, Feinstein, Hillary and McCaskill naked if the Republicans win. That would scare up a lot of Dem voters.

  • GWB says:

    and, yes, some more pruning is needed
    No, it needs to be cut down, burned in a bonfire, the stump chewed out with a grinder, and the hole filled in with fertile soil and a sapling from the Tree of Liberty.
    Then we start dismantling the other poison ivy, brambles, and durian trees of not-really-insurance, hidden costs, provided-almost-solely-by-employers, and state mandates.

    They’re hoping the images will encourage people to vote on November 6.
    Only if I’m over the hurling by then. Ugh.

    And then there’s Colbert, crossing himself as if in prayer.
    Of course. Progressivism is his religion. (Isn’t crossing himself cultural appropriation? But, honestly, how *do* you make the sign-of-the-aborted-baby?)

    “honor the vows of our Founders.”
    Well, that would be something different for progressives and Dems, at least. But sounds more like a lie.

    prohibit the separation of children from their parents at the border and place a 20-day limit on children being detained in U.S. custody
    I am perfectly OK with this. Because that means that if they don’t get adjudicated in 20 days, they get sent the hell home. Period. The whole “family” together.

    An off-the-cuff suggestion on immigration:
    If someone here in the US aids and abets an illegal alien, and desires not to see them immediately repatriated to their home country, then they may volunteer to take that person’s (or family’s) place in said country. An even swap is only fair, after all – American privilege needs to be fought, right? So, if you advocate for people to cross our borders uncontrolled, or to evade the law, you are volunteering to move to a random South/Central American country, Mexico, or possibly some place in Africa or Asia.

    add more ICE agents to process their applications to stay in the U.S.
    Nope. Sorry, but you’re applying for an exception. Which means that once the application is in, you get to go somewhere else to wait. You don’t get to presume that you will be successful. (That would be how *I* would handle it.)

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