Hillary invents “Super-Predators,” and panders to them for votes.

Hillary invents “Super-Predators,” and panders to them for votes.

Hillary invents “Super-Predators,” and panders to them for votes.

Hillary Clinton has a very uncomfortable position with Black Americans. On the one hand, she panders to their sensibilities when she needs their support. But the rest of the time it seems that she’s happy to engage in the most base of stereotypes. Be it in the 90’s when she ‘dog whistled’ about “Super-Predators,” to making a joke about being on “CP” time during her skit with the Mayor of NYC, or the frightful ease when she said, “they all look alike.”

Black Americans have long been the focus of American politics. Be it as a catalyst for Civil War to end slavery, or addressing the social and legal inequities of the Jim Crow era. Their plight has helped shape our nation for the betterment of all Americans.

In fact, anti-slavery is the foundation for the birth of the modern Republican party. A party that has stood shoulder to shoulder with Black Americans throughout history. Be it fighting their brethren during the Civil War, or taking on the KKK and their Democrat supporters in the Jim Crow South. The GOP membership gives no quarter to those who espouse bigotry, and they vilify those in the ranks who define an American by their pigment.

Then, we have Hillary Clinton. A woman who symbolized the “buy one get one free”  comment by her husband during his campaign. Her shadow co-presidency gave her opportunity to hold sway over policy. The same woman who famously ‘dog whistled’ about Black American boys being “super-predators.” Let that sink in. She labeled an entire group of Americans as predators. Black American males born in the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s would become Hillary’s definition for her “super-predator” comments in 1995. Someone better alert LeBron James that despite his accomplishments, he fits her stereotype of a “super-predator.”

“To clear up any misconceptions and correct any revisions, let’s make it plain: The term “superpredator” is absolutely a racist term that was specifically deployed to stereotype and target black children in the 1990s with the intention of locking them up to protect terrified white people from “bad [black] dudes.” Period.” ~ Kirsten West Savali Theroot.com

It comes as no surprise that Hillary continues to camouflage racist statements as jokes or mis-context editing. Her recent statement about “they all look alike” has no appropriate context. Her very supportive audience felt the cringe. Recently during a skit with NYC Mayor deBlasio, she made jokes about being late because they were on “CP Time.” Commonly understood as “Colored People Time” it implies a habit of Blacks to be late. This wasn’t off the cuff improve. It was a scripted skit, performed by a woman who spends more time choosing her words than a child does when choosing a single piece of candy. Imagine if you had made this comment at work, or during a job interview. Because let’s be honest, Hillary is absolutely testing the waters for another run. I would not hire someone who is so easy with this type of racial overtone. If she is comfortable saying something so dismissive and biased, what are her real thoughts behind that facade? Thankfully, we have foresight from her history. There isn’t a cloth in the world that can wipe the internet.

No place in modern America has a place where clumping together a group of people based on their skin tone is okay. Not ever. Especially not today, by a woman who has historically proven that looking a certain way defines one’s criminality.


There was another time in our history when a Democrat determined likelihood of criminal behavior by  people who “all look alike.” It was FDR and Executive Order 9066, calling for the imprisonment of Japanese Americans. Let that sink in. The party that enacted Jim Crow laws, imprisoned citizens, labeled millions of children “super-predators” has an exalted member that just yesterday made yet another racist “joke.” It’s no wonder that the #walkaway movement is growing. The modern day Democrat leadership seems as White and racist as it was back when it supported segregation and slavery.  Some of our best leaders have risen out of the worst times in our Republic, but that leader is NOT Hillary Clinton. Though I will caveat that she is intimately familiar with a “super-predator,” and he looks a lot like an old white Democrat.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Ms. Clinton certainly didn’t coin the expression CP time.
    I wonder who the folks are that “invented” it (or something similar) are, that she co-opted it from?
    Exactly how many anecdotals does it take to make up a stereotype?
    How many stereotypes does it take to make up a culture, ripe for appropriation?

  • CaptDMO says:

    Oh yeah, …I forgot….
    “The GOP membership gives no quarter to those who espouse bigotry, and they vilify those in the ranks who define an American by their pigment.”
    I’m “listed” as an Independent. (undeclared in the State of NH).
    Primarily because the current GOP isn’t conservative to The Constitution enough, nor liberal enough to stay away from it when called for.
    ONE of several other planks on my personal platform is that the above quote simply isn’t so.
    But “Isn’t it pretty to think so”.
    Let me know when it’s PC to simply ignore (eg) The Black Caucus, The Woman’s Affairs Caucus. and the rest…

    ONE of several other reasons is

  • Wfjag says:

    Nothing new here: If Jesse, Al and no one from BET or Ebony is around, Hillary, like most affluent white liberals, will sometimes say what she really thinks. She was just talking among friends and expected that remark to be edited out before broadcast.

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